Are we happier than our forefathers essay

are we happier than our forefathers essay

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Our entire life-style has undergone a complete transformation. Even the position of women is very different now. They are no longer confined to the four walls of the home but work shoulder to shoulder with men. Art and culture are now highly developed. In fact, no aspect of life has remained untouched these days by modernization. But the tragedy is that in spite of all this progress, happiness and contentment are still eluding. We have lost peace of the mind, contentment and tranquility that was the hall-mark of life of our ancestors. They had to labour for their food and shelter.

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The washing machine, the semi dish personal washer, the vacuum cleaner, the mixer-grinder, the micro-wave oven and so on have all been designed to help the housewife complete her work in the shortest possible time. Our ancestors could not even dream of such highly useful appliances. And to keep us joyfully busy during our leisure-time, we have the television and video to entertain us, if we do not have inclination to go to a cinema show. We can pursue hobbies, like photography, which again was unknown to our ancestors. Advertisements: The highly sophisticated inventions at our disposal today would seem like miracles to our forefathers. The progress medicine has increased our life-span and conquered the most devastating diseases like smallpox, cholera, polio and tuberculosis, which were considered fatal in earlier times. We have the most remarkable machinery such as the cat scan, electro cardio-gram and so on to check-up the organs of the human body. The x-ray gives an accurate photograph of any internal part of the body. Progress in technology has given us the best of roads, bridges, cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes and contributed a lot to the industrial development. All this was missing in ancient times.

Today, we have the most sophisticated means of transport and communication. We can travel long distances not only on land by means of a remote motor car or a bus but over the sea in ships and through the air in aeroplanes. The barriers of distance, high mountains or long stretches of deep water, have lost their importance. We can converse with our friends and relatives anywhere in the world using telephone, telegraph, fax, e-mail, or internet. Image source : m, advertisements: we have strong, sturdy, comfortable houses in which we live in, whereas, our ancestors lived in mud houses, which were, of course, naturally, warm in winter and cool in summer. However, they were airless and far less comfortable than modern houses. They also tended to collapse and dissolve during the rainy season. We have amenities like the refrigerator to preserve and cool perishable food stuffs. We have all kinds of electrical gadgets to help us swiftly complete our work with ease and speed.

are we happier than our forefathers essay

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The balance is lost. Instead of thinking on whether we or our ancestors were happier, we should focus on making a balance between tradition, modernity, and growth. It cant be denied that the world has progressed in all spheres of life by leaps and bounds. Our life, these days, is certainly more comfortable than that of our forefathers. And yet, the question is we happier than them? A comparison the life at the time of our forefathers and the life as it is lived today will, undoubtedly, raise the mystery-curtain. In the by-gone days, our forefathers had to travel on foot for long distances, or used the bullock-carts for this purpose; therefore, communication and personal contact between people of different villages was very limited. But now the situation is absolutely changed.

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are we happier than our forefathers essay

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The modern age has taken its birth on the past systems and values. We follow fashion and knowledge together. The world today is essay thinking to live happily like a family of the human. The modern people want to live happily and dont believe in superstitions, other narrow beliefs. Happiness for all is the modern philosophy. It is the light of modernism that caste system has been abolished in many countries.

We cannot stay happy with social evils such as caste system. It is true that Modern world has moved forward. The atomic tests and explorations into the space bring in its wake some incurable curses like ozone layer, green-house effects. The consequences are too terrible to recount. Critical diseases like cancer, brain tumor, unnatural births, etc. Are like a monstrous threat.

We cannot move out for evening walk as the roads are crowded with vehicles. The air pollution makes the situation bitter. Even small towns become over laden with smoke and fumes due to the explosion of the modern industry. The environment in which our ancestors used to live was much clean that that of ours. The progress of science has brought the earth and even the sky close together. The gifts of science, like the mobile phone, car, airplane, telephone, internet, electronic mails, etc.

Have great impact on our lives. We cannot stay for a single day without our cell phone. The satellites have expanded the scope of human knowledge. Meteorologists give accurate data about weather and ground conditions for plantation and agriculture. As against this our ancestors lived a life of miserable situation, they would complain. They completely lived at the mercy of nature.

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Trains, roads and other media of transportation were not packed to suffocation. But at the same time the life of our ancestors were crowded with superstitions, mass illiteracy, child marriage, etc. We are at least able to mitigate some of the social evils practiced in the society. Thus, our social life doesnt seem to be as complex as our forefathers. Our forefathers used to live friend in open environment. They could take breath in pure atmosphere. But, we have narrow apartments.

are we happier than our forefathers essay

To improve himself and progress because now there is hope and hope brings happiness. The youth people feel that they are happier than their ancestors. . The present age of India is witnessing tradition along with progress. The young generation is brought up in the culture of smart phones, gadgets, computers, etc. Some people say that our ancestors lived a stable life and were more happier than. Science has made our life complicated. Our ancestors had respect for elders, joint family, love and affection for juniors and sympathy for the disabled and those in poverty. Air pollution, random fatal diseases, political violence, and terrorism were not even round the corner. Men lived in peace and amity.

the days where he couldnt dream of life outside of his village. Where man resigned himself to his fate. Isnt happiness about physical and mental well being? The 21st century brought in hope. It brought in hope for advancement and hope for an improved life. It brought in hope for every boy and every girl for a bright, prosperous and happy future. The light in every man burns brighter than ever before.

Diseases that crippled world populations a few score years ago are no longer a threat to mankind. Some may say claim that were being sucked into a black hole of technological gadgets that ensnares our very soul and captivates our being. Honestly wed be lying if we said that such inventions havent made our life comfortable. Nearly every villager now has a water tap, electricity, a telephone and a roof over their heads. Their children have access to education and hence, a dream. The standard of living of every individual has steeply risen. Every man now has more to his life than simply work and earn, he the has the incentive to hope for a better, future.

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Happiness comes into our lives through doors we dont even remember leaving open. Happiness is about perception. Today my freedom, my rights, my comfortable environment makes me listing happy, satisfied and content. Isnt the very fact that we have a much longer life to enjoy our freedom a source of happiness? Modern medicine has improved longevity from a mere 45 years to 70! Many children perished before the age of 5, a happy childhood for them was a distant dream. Those days are mercifully long gone.

Are we happier than our forefathers essay
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  1. Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. If we think that happiness consists of material comforts, no doubt we are happier than our forefathers. We still feel doubtful if we are really happier than our forefathers. Material civilization has, no doubt, made a wonderful stride but the moral development of man or moral values has been totally neglected. It has nothing to do with happiness, goodness, beauty, courage, adventure justice, friendship. Some people say that our ancestors lived a stable life and were more happier than.

  2. Spent time with nature built strong bonds in society. Report Abuse home opinion current events / Politics we are happier than our forefathers! Isnt the very fact that we have a much longer life to enjoy our freedom a source of happiness? Modern medicine has improved longevity from a mere 45 years to 70! Our forefather worked very hard physically in the field of agriculture and travelled through long distances by walking which maintained them healthy. 16 responses to do we live better Than Our Forefathers.

  3. Our forefathers defined happiness as contentment and fulfillment from life long relationships. The new definition of happiness is events of pleasure. In this concern, our forefathers were at much better place as heredity occupation system was in existence and children very often applied the same profession of their forefathers. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Are we happier than out forefathers? If we desire to live like our m/2010/01/essay -are -we -happier -than -our.

  4. 798 Words 3 Pages. Are we happier than out forefathers? Are we happier Than Our Forefathers? Surely material possessions have never been a recipe for happiness. Because of this materialism our hearts no more leap up at the sight of a rainbow, the glorious sun rise or the other charms of nature. Yes our forefathers were happier than.

  5. Our life, these days, is certainly more comfortable than that of our forefathers. And yet, the question is we happier than them? Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Our forefathers lived a stress free, contented happy life but today these words are only seen in the dictionary. We will write a custom essay sample. Are we happier Than Our Forefathers?.we are happier Than Our Forefathers The definition of happiness varies from one to another; we cannot be so sure about which one is correct.

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