Blind person writing

blind person writing

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When i am talking about the books I love, i need to be sure to mention them all, not always just the ones I think the other person will understand or be willing to read. Im not saying I need to get to a 50/50 split, but Id like to get to a place where i can do the math and not be disappointed in myself. Ill leave you with a challenge, look over your own shelves, If youve been tracking already, do the math and see what you get. If youve not been tracking, try it, and come back here next year with what you find. I hope to see some of your stats and the like in the comments and sincerely hope you all do better than I did. Note: when doing the math for this post, anthologies were counted by the editor. In cases where i knew the gender of a pseudonym was different from the actual authors gender I counted it as such. Now I did promise that link to the guardian, and i am a man of my word.

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In our minds, we are being completely reasonable, but outside the effects can be memory far reaching and hard to thesis combat. But lets bring things back to books, because i fear I may be heading down a dangerous digression for a man who wishes to avoid a major argument, and anyway i dont wish to diverge from my original goal too much. Though I may revisit that thought in greater depth later. On the subject of my own biases again, ive been browsing through books, both in the store, or online, and said that books not for me, over and over again, as I brows the options before me, but only after the fact thought about some. Part of it can be chalked up to mood at the time, but disturbingly, these are books that later ive picked up, because a friend, or someone in passing even, gave me no more than the same blurb on the back of the book that. So again, why did I pass it up, and what changed? Part of it again can be that someone else was telling me about it, an endorsement in and of itself I guess, but part of it has to be, that when we talk to people about books, we tend to not say the title. Some part of my brain thinks this science fiction must not be for me, because it was written by a woman, because in most cases thats the difference, in one case i know the authors name, and in the other i dont. Now you can except my conclusions, or you cant my goal was never really to convince anyone, my goal was always to try and figure out why the imbalance might be there in my own reading, and I think ive found it, And having found. I need to make an effort to do better. I need to start asking myself, when I pass up a book, why i am doing that.

I can hear you asking. So why then did i immediately thereafter say it wasnt ok either? The answer is simple, because while we all have them, the only way society progresses is if we can learn to see them, and then work on them. Its like the avenue q song, everybodys a little bit Racist, but its not just racist, its sexist abilist too. We may not hate black people, but we may also be more likely to think they are up business to no good when we see them walking down the street at night. We may love women, but still think a man would be better suited to a job, or position. These are biases and they can be insidious, because we dont always realize we are being swayed by them.

blind person writing

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So even there, you see me acting as another filter. Does this make me a sexist? I personally think it does, but for entry the sake of avoiding an argument, assuming thats possible, lets not use that word. Instead lets keep using the term internal bias, it sounds better, and feels less accusatory. We all have these biases, there is nothing in and of itself that is bad about that. Its part of life, we pick up so much from society, and we dont always think about it, but that doesnt mean its ok either. But wait, i thought you said there was nothing wrong with having biases?

Part of it is likely due to the double filter, i dont go looking for reviews as a rule. I can give you my thoughts on that another time. But with the double filter, we get two sets of internal biases at work. The reviewers and the people talking That is to say, if a man is more likely to get the attention of the people doing the reviews, than we can extrapolate from that a wider societal bias. So you have multiple layers of readers filtering out the non-male and leaving only male, or close. Now this sounds like i am letting myself off the hook, like im saying its not me, its society, but thats not. When i extrapolate out A bias, i am including myself. I talk to people about books all the time, and while i love many books written by women, for whatever reason I tend to recommend the books by men, with only a few women getting mentions and even then, only likely to female readers,.

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blind person writing

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Again these issues have been discussed by people closer to the issue and better informed than. The point of this post is to more analyze my own habits try to spot some trends and consider anything we find. Ive gone through my bookshelves on goodreads, going back to 2012, the first year I really started keeping track of what I was reading, rather than just picking up a book, reading it and forgetting about. Ive looked at the authors of each book and story ive added, and the results were a little bothering, but before i get into why they were, i think its best to show you the numbers I came up with. 2012: 27 books out of 240,.25 2013: 51 out of 229,.27 2014: 26 out of 159,.35 2015: 13 out of 64,.31. Now obviously 2015 isnt over yet, but it looks like we are still starting to see a pattern. In my best year, i just managed to top 22 and in my worst year I managed just over.

Now I cant speak to the number of women published vs men, as far as i know, no one has compiled those figures across all publishing houses, but thanks to the guardian, i do have an interesting survey of major review publications and their gender. Ill link the article at the bottom of this post for anyone whod like to read it, but what matters to my train of thought is this, of all the publications surveyed, the best publication, the new York times, managed 35 female written books reviewed. Its probably not surprising then that my numbers tend to fall someplace in the low middle of those when averaged out, As bad a s the mainstream publishing world can be, the genre one can be a little worse. Though I cant offer stats there, as far as i know, no one has taken the time to collect them for the major Genre publications, so for now we need to work with the statistics above. So now ive gotten the number stuff out of the way, and am only a little dizzy from the math I had to do, lets start the conjecture about why they are the way they are. The truth is I dont know, part of it has to just be what books I hear people talking about, If a book written by a man is more likely to get reviews, then it stands to reason that they would be more likely.

I choose the highwire. My trust is in the rope, this body, you. I'm still finding my balance, still choosing my steps. I can, will, make it to the other side. Cross your fingers, hold your breath, don't look down.

Keep your eyes on me, i'm almost there. I often read, and sometimes talk and write about female authors, the trouble they find breaking into the publishing world, romantic fiction being one possible exception. I read and talk about it, because it is true that often simply being female presents a barrier to publication that simply isnt there for males. While i have not experienced the discrimination that they go through, discrimination is a topic near and dear to my heart. As a blind man I too experience quite a bit of discrimination, and am a firm believer that when the playing field is truly leveled our collective quality of art will hit new heights. Im not going to talk about why its harder for women to get published, or people of color, the disabled, etc., for that matter either, thats a topic thats been talked about for some time, and by people who are far better informed than. Im not even going to talk about the whys of when a woman is published, its far harder for her novel to get reviewed by the major critics, advertised by the publisher, or even read by the people who see it sitting in the store.

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It's about learning to trust the person on the other end and knowing that plan there is still a chance you could fall. I was never impressed by the ones who worked without a net. It seemed foolish to me, to risk so much. Now I see that a net doesn't always guarantee safety and that there are risks worth taking. And now I'm here, waiting on the platform, the crowd below a single moving blur. The choice plan is mine, the tightrope or the trapeze. I can fly into nothing and fall safely in the net or I can step out into open air with only my own faith to catch.

blind person writing

My favorites were armstrong the trapeze artists, those beautiful girls with their glittering costumes and wide smiles. The ones who dazzled the crowd with their beauty and the way they flew through the air, weightless shadows. They were always the stars, the ones who received the longest and loudest applause. I wanted to be one of them, to know what it was to live in the spotlight, to be the most loved. They were always so much more glamorous than the tightrope walkers. The trapeze is about timing and reflexes and showy movements. The tightrope is different. It's about concentration, focus, balance.

their head in the lion's mouth, sending oohs and aahs through the crowd. I never understood it, was never impressed. My idea of bravery, of courage, was and still is something different. There were the fire-eaters and the sword swallowers, testing the limits of their bodies, choking on the taste of fire and ash and steel. The clowns, with their permanent smiles and plastic flowers pinned to their lapels. The tiny car which managed, impossibly, to hold them all. I have a friend my age who is still afraid of clowns. I used to think this was silly but maybe he's right not to trust something whose smile is always painted.

Bodies squeezed onto cheap wooden bleachers, the smell of salon slightly stale popcorn and the crunch of peanut shells under my feet. Hands and face sticky from too much cotton candy, waiting anxiously for the lights to drop. The elephants were always first, a train of tails and trunks, skin like old newspapers, faded and mottled gray. They moved through their routine with a kind of dull grace, the same slow, lumbering steps over and over. Once, i rode on the back of one, terrified at the feel of muscle and bone shifting beneath. I was afraid of them, afraid of their size, at what moved in their eyes. Now when I see the elephants I feel only sadness for them and I wonder if they remember, if they know, what it was to be wild.

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On television, they're running the same ad, over and over. Come see the Greatest Show on Earth! I haven't been to revelation one in years but I still remember the feeling of panic and fear and excitement the circus used to bring. When I was little, we used to go to a ragtag little show set up in the parking lot of a flea market. Three red and yellow tents, creased and faded, worn through in places. Paint-chipped wagons, the letters faded from too many shows, too many towns. It wasn't much but to us, to a bunch of poor kids who didn't know any better, the circus was a treat. It was always the same, the ringleader in red coat and black top hat, mouthing words I don't remember at a crowd of indistinguishable faces.

Blind person writing
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  2. Describing Colors. Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, talks about describing colors to blind people., blind person touching book, written in braille writing, reading. Braille is a tactile writing system. I finally had time away from my busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing and being a lazy person. Writing and being, blind or Visually Impaired. Dealing with Crime or Domestic violence.

  3. How do a, blind, person a deaf, person. Can, blind, people Open Their eyes? What Are The differences Between Born. It's about concentration, focus, balance. It's about learning to trust the person on the other end and knowing that there is still.

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