Buy here pay here business plan

buy here pay here business plan

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Better yet, see what you can find out about their pay by the minute plans. The information is scattered. That said, it appears that the virgin Mobile canada pay as you go (pay per minute) is very similar to that of pc mobile. This makes sense because both pc mobile and Virgin use the bell network. For me, im looking at Virgin. I couldnt establish whether Virgin Mobile prepaid gives you call forwarding and voice mail as a free feature. I can say that their per minute charge.35 cents in comparison to pc mobile.20 cents.

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Pc mobile (see below) does have it as a free feature. Petro canada mobility, im sure some of you are just learning for the first time that Petro-canada has mobile phones. They run on the rogers network. I think the closest comparison would be 711 Speakout which means this is a good option. For me, they unfortunately dont offer call forwarding and do not allow data tethering. That said, this may be good option even though its essentially the exact same thesis as 7-11 Speakout. You can add 10 for a month of unlimited mobile web browsing, but with 7-11 ditching their similar web browsing, i would think petro-canada will be changing or removing this option in the near future. The reason Petro canada mobile gets a decent review by me is because they have a bit more flexibility with their Anytime Plans and the airtime you buy. Spend 15 you get 1 month expiry, spend 25 you get 4 months expiry, spend 50 you get 6 months expiry and 100 gets you the industry standard 365 days expiry. In a head-to-head comparison, 7-11 Speakout still is the best option because they allow for a 365 expiry on a 25 top. If you want an exercise in frustration, go to the virgin Mobile canada website and try to collect the information about their prepaid plans.

There plan is one major issue with 7-11 Speakout. As of June 30, 2013 they are discontinuing their web/data plans. Their website suggests soon they will announce a new pay as you go data plan but on the phone they cant give an idea when the announcement will come. Right now, i can confirm that 7-11 Speakout does not allow you to tether or create a wifi mobile hotspot. Its hard to say whether this upcoming Speakout Data plan will include the option to tether. If it does, the 7-11 Speakout is a pretty clear winner in the canadian prepaid market. For my set of criteria, call forwarding doesnt come with 7-11 Speakout. Perhaps not a deal breaker for you, but I really want that flexibility.

buy here pay here business plan

Buy here pay here business plan

Im working on a pc mobile review because the experience so far is worthy. Lets just say its been essays interesting so far! I did get a 10 credit so that sim card which cost 10 basically was free. 7-11 Speakout, as I mentioned earlier, 711 Speakout is pretty much the best thesis solution out there for the cheapest prepaid plan or pay as you go solution. The biggest selling point is that you get a 365 day expiry date on airtime, regardless if its a small top. Its very unfortunate that the lack of competition in Canada for mobile phone plans has led to this situation. Perhaps you can suggest a theory why it is that for almost all the pay as you go plans in Canada, the only way you can get 365 day expiry is if you spend 100 for airtime. Considering that its across the board, it appears that these companies are cooperating with each other in this regard.

When i asked them about the pc mobile prepaid phones they suggested they didnt even have any. To anyone looking at pc mobile, just be forewarned that their website and support appears to be on a completely different page than these new Superstore in-store mobile shops. I spoke to many different people at many different Superstore locations trying to track down the self serve kiosks and not one location said they had them. Based on my experience with the staff at these in-store mobile phone shops, i dont know where you can buy the phones that are shown on the pc mobile website. Good luck, youll need. I should give credit for the phone support because they were excellent and able to answer my questions. The issue appears to be in the superstore locations. Get on the same page people!

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buy here pay here business plan

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It meant a lot of anger and frustration. Understand that I came from 7-11 Speakout where your added airtime has a 365 day expiry. Imagine my surprise after speaking to pc mobile support and they said the 100 card is valid for a year (balance can be carried over provided you spend on another top up the 25 card is good for 60 days and the 15 is good. Given that information, what is the point of bothering? Its a good as a monthly plan.

I call that misleading and aggravating for somebody like me who ignorantly expected more flexibility in expiry dates. I will say that pc mobile is disorganized. Their website is outdated and those self serve kiosks dont even exists in any store i contacted. Instead they are being replaced with new in-store mobile phone shops/counter. Nice, but the staff were clueless about the pc mobile sim cards.

In fact you would be surprised just how short a time you have to use your minutes. What Im discovering is that the less you top up on your phone, the less time you are given to use your minutes. In general, pay as you go plan top ups at 100 generally get you a 365 day expiry. The more you spend, the more generous the expiry. If youre thinking of spending a small amount for airtime?

Expect that your expiry will happen quickly unless youre with 7-11 Speakout. Pc mobile, pc mobile was my first choice this week. I was excited and they have one of the cheapest per minute charge.20 cents. After an ordeal in actually getting a pc mobile sim card, it wasnt until I sat down and looked at the 25 talk time minutes card fine print that I realized my mistake. Sure its printed on the front of the card, but somehow that white print on gray background at the bottom of the card hardly seemed obvious. I didnt see this information on the website when checking plans. That said, the card says that airtime expired 60 days after activation.

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Here is what ive discovered about pay as you go or anytime plans in Canada. Im going to possibly save you some real frustration but perhaps Im in the ignorant minority group on this. The fact is a lot of the pay as you go plans give you time limits to use type your minutes. Think for a moment about this. You wanted the phone to save as much money as possible, yet you have to use the minutes you paid for in a certain time limit or they go bye-bye. If youre attempting to do what Im doing, then this should apple be your 1 consideration in which pay as you go plan to choose. In other words if youre very clever and very efficient in using your any time minutes, youre not going to be benefiting because the clock is ticking.

buy here pay here business plan

What ive found is that tethering (using your phone as a wifi connection for another mobile device such as a tablet or laptop) is not typically a feature in these plans. Petro canada mobility confirmed with me that no, they do not support or allow tethering or wifi hotspots with their data addon. This is also the policy of 7-11 Speakout. Let me just say that ive had a 7-11 Speakout phone for a couple of years. No real issues other than I interview gave that phone to a relative and they own. Im back in the market for the cheapest possible pay as you go phone in Canada. With my recent experience in the past week, i am regretting simply not going back to 711 Speakout.

can have the advantage of a mobile phone but avoid the constant nagging bills that come with. Right now Im wanting the following features: pay by the minute call display call forwarding voice mail flexibility to add data on any given month data tethering / mobile wi-fi hotspot. Of course most of the prepaid or pay as you go plans also offer 3-way calling and call waiting as a freebies. So right now based on my criteria i cant look at Wind Mobile because they want an absurd 8 per month for voice mail. In addition they have the worst coverage out of all the pay as you go options out there. Email me if you find any worse coverage please! Data is something thats critical for what I want in a pay as you go plan.

See thats the trick with mobile phones and the plans that are offered. You get sucked into a monthly commitment because frankly thats just a good business model. You cant write blame the companies like telus, rogers or Bell for that. They exist to make money. Ultimately i want complete control over what I pay for my mobile phone. Yes I need to buy a cell phone or smartphone but once i own it, i want to limit my calls as much as possible in an effort to save money. In reality we use mobile phones all the time, but in realistic terms we can limit the use substantially. For starters how about keeping your mobile phone number to yourself? Thats trick 1 but naturally its too late for most of us to do that now.

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By, president, techaholic Inc. On in, uncategorized, okay, im reviews hot and bothered right now. Over the past week, ive had one sole purpose. I want a secondary mobile phone. Perhaps you want a mobile phone in case of emergency or you want a phone that provides a greater coverage area than the service you currently have. If youre greedy like me, maybe you want a mobile phone that can double as a data stick. The question Im trying to answer is this: If I want a mobile phone in Canada, what is the very least that I can pay? If youre like me, youre wanting a smartphone or cell phone but you simply do not want to be sucked into the monthly expense.

Buy here pay here business plan
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