Doris day autobiography

doris day autobiography

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But the news was even worse when son Terry acting as administrator for Melcher's estate, learned that Melcher had squandered millions of dollars of her money on "hair brain" get rich schemes and she was nearly a half a million dollars in debt. Melcher had been fooled by entrusting her financial assets to a lawyer who provided false, misleading and inaccurate financial information directly leading to the losses. Broke and needing money, she agreed to host a television series the, "Doris day show" on the columbia broadcasting System (CBS) from 1968 to 1973 and later "Doris day's Best Friends" on cbs from 1985-86. In 1976 she married for a fourth time to barry comden, who she had met at a beverly hills restaurant where he worked as a greeter. After a tempestuous marriage, they were divorced in 1981. Afterward, she became very interested in the welfare of animals and formed several organizations including the doris day pet foundation and Doris day animal league, which is located in Washington,.

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Day's motion picture soundtrack recording became a number one best seller and Sammy cahn and Nicholas Brodszky's "I'll never Stop loving you" also became a hit for her. In 1956, she starred in jbp Alfred Hitchcock's suspense drama, "The man Who Knew too much" and sang "que sera, sera" winning an Academy Award or songwriters jay livingston and ray evans. The song became a number one hit and sold over a million copies. In 1961, she appeared opposite actor Rock hudson in "Pillow Tal" and received an Academy Award nomination. The awards were given for best screenplay and story for this imaginative sex comedy about two people sharing a party line without knowing each other's identity. Day turned down the role of "Mrs. Robinson" in the film "The Graduate" because she felt it was not a favorable fit with her artistic talent. Anne bancroft later went on to win an Academy Award for the role. At the same time day was making Hollywood films, she engaged in recording hundreds of singles and albums for Columbia records that began in 1947 with her first 78 rpm singles through 1972 collaborating with arranger/conductors paul Weston and Frank devol. During the 1950s she frequently write teamed with male artists from the columbia label including Johnny ray, don Cherry, frankie laine, frank sinatra, andre Previn and her first gold duet hit with Buddy Clark, "Confess." Clark was killed in a private airplane when it crashed. When third husband, marty melcher died in 1968 at age 52, she learned that he had committed her to a television show without her knowledge.

On April 3, 1951 they were married on her twenty-seventh birthday in a burbank, california civil ceremony. Melcher later adopted Doris's son Terry and his name was changed to terry melcher. The marriage appeared initially to be made in heaven but as the years passed, many thought the reason Melcher married day in the first place was to gain control of her money. The very fine father-son relationship that began with Marty melcher and Terry dissolved over the years and deep resentment set in between the two men. Her work in films frequently produced top hits. In 1953 day played the lead role in the lively western musical, "Calamity jane and an Academy revelation Award was given to sammy fain and paul Francis Webster for their composition, "Secret love." day's recording made it a top hit with sales in the seven figures. In 1955 she appeared in "love me or leave me a biography of 1920s singer Ruth Etting opposite james Cagney.

doris day autobiography

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Then on the screen came doris day. I can only tell you, the screen just exploded. There was absolutely no question, a great proposal star was born, and the rest is history.". Over the next 20 years, day appeared in 39 films including at least one film each year from 1948 through her last role in "With Six you get Egg Rol" in 1968 with actor Brian keith. She showed her versatility by playing roles in suspense films, musicals, and a variety of comedies opposite actors such as Clark gable, rex Harrison, danny Thomas, Stephen boyd, rock hudson, rod taylor, james Cagney, louis Jordan, robert Cummings, james Stewart, richard Widmark, jack carson, jack. In the early 1950s, actor Ronald reagan divorced actress wife jane wyman and began to date day at about the time they were making the film "The winning team a biography of baseball great, Grover Cleveland Alexander of the. They dated but day had already changed agents in 1950 and had become involved with her new agent, marty melcher, who had entered in divorce proceedings with his wife, patty Andrews, of the famous Andrews Sisters. Melcher was a one time music song plugger from leeds Music Company.

In 1948 she auditioned for the part of georgia garrett, a singer in a sleazy nightclub for the warner Brothers film "Romance On the high seas." She won the part after singing "Embraceable you" and it opened the doors and paved the way for her. Two of her biggest hits, "It's Magic" and "Put em in a box, tie it with a ribbon, and throw it in the deep blue sea written by sammy cahn and Julie styne were major contributions to the recording industry. Her single of "It's Magic" topped over a million in sales and remained on the hit Parade for many weeks. "Romance On the high seas" was also nominated for an Academy Award for its film score. Sammy cahn recalls, "I'll remember this to my grave, we all walked into a room to see the screen tests. The first screen test was Marion Hutton's. Then came janis paige.

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doris day autobiography

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A local band leader, barney rapp, heard her on the air and before long, resume she was appearing for 25 a week at his newly opened Cincinnati nightclub "The sign of the Drum choosing her over 200 artists who had auditioned for him. In 1939, raine also encouraged her to audition for Bob Crosby's orchestra and his "Bobcats" in Chicago at the Blackhawk Club where she remained for three months during that essay summer. During a later Crosby gig at the Strand Theater in New York city, she was noticed by bandleader Les Brown and his "Band of Renown" She left Crosby and joined Brown where she remained from 19 when she married her first husband, Al Jorden,. The marriage was marked by frequent physical abuse, crazed jealousy and stalking. Her only child, terry was born in 1942.

They divorced in returned to cincinnati and again appeared on wlw radio and later rejoined Les Brown and his traveling band in 1943 in Columbus, Ohio. She remained with Brown until 1946 and during that period had two number one recordings, "my dreams Are getting Better All The time" and "Sentimental journey which eventually became Brown's theme song. She had 12 charted hits while working with e married george weidler, a saxophonist musician, in 1946. She also left Brown's orchestra and went with weidler to his home state of California in search of work in Los Angeles. Eight months later she was performing in New York and received a devastating letter from weidler informing her that their marriage was over. She returned to los Angeles but they could not reconcile their differences and were divorced in 1949. Weidler later played with the Stan Kenton Orchestra and formed his own band in the early 1950's.

Conversely, her mother loved the sounds of country and Western music as well as Hillbilly tunes and later worked in the welz family bakery. As a child she attended ballet and tap dancing schools at the hessler Dancing School and by 1936, she and dancing partner Jerry doherty had won a local amateur contest enabling them to travel to hollywood and advance their careers with the prestigious and professional. Her parents divorced in 1934 and her mother played a dominant role in directing her career. The family returned to cincinnati and movde their belongings to hollywood to further advance their daughter's careers by touring with the fanchon and Marco vaudeville circuit. On October 13, 1937, day the car day was riding in became involved in an accident with a train in Hamilton, Ohio.

The accident shattered her right leg and inflicted a double compound fracture. Her condition was further exacerbated during a lengthy 14 month recuperation when she fell causing additional damage to her leg. The second injury served as a catalyst for her to begin studying singing and abandoning any hopes of furthering her dancing career. She was kept away from attending school and turned to the radio where the voice of Ella fitzgerald helped inspire her to develop her singing voice. Her mother took her to Grace raine, a local voice coach, where she took three lessons a week. Through contacts raine had with local radio station wlw, day appeared in a 1938 radio show without pay.

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09 movie, film and celebrities related databases Film awards (Oscar, bafta, afi, cesar, golden lion, palme d'or and Sundance awards belgian Film posters (for sale celebrity cartoons, harry remote potter movies, Squirrel movies 10 Television related databases American and British sitcom databases 11 Historical events Today. Doris day (born Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff) is an American actress, singer and, since her retirement from show business, an animal rights activist. The post World War ii period brought out some of the finest musical entertainers in this century, but one of those not only enhanced her career through her singing, but also with her talent as an actress in the film industry. Doris day was born in the middle class Cincinnati suburb of evanston, Ohio to first generation American parents, Frederick wilhelm (William) and Alma sophia welz, whose parents had immigrated from Germany. Her mother named her Doris after her favorite silent film star, doris Kenyon, and her professional name "Day" was suggested by a local parts bandleader, barney rapp, because she frequently sang a requested song entitled "day after day" and also felt von Kappelhoff was inappropriate for. Doris expressed dissatisfaction with the name "Day" likening it to the headliner at the gaiety burlesque house in Cincinnati. Her father was a piano and violin music teacher,. Mark's Catholic Church organist and choral master who enjoyed classical music and listening to the opera.

doris day autobiography

Doris day films list the doris day show (tv series) 1970 The governor. (tv series) 1968 With Six you get Eggroll - abby McClure 1968 Where were you when the lights Went Out? margaret Garrison 1967 Caprice - patricia foster 1967 The ballad of Josie - josie minick 1966 The Glass Bottom boat - jennifer Nelson 1965 do not Disturb - janet Harper 1964 Send me no flowers - judy kimball 1963 move over, darling - ellen. 'dynamite' jackson 1952 The winning team - aimee alexander 1951 Starlift - doris day 1951 I'll see you in my dreams - grace leboy kahn 1951 On moonlight bay - marjorie winfield 1951 Lullaby of Broadway - melinda howard 1951 Storm Warning - lucy rice. Albums, you're my thrill (1949 day dreams (1955 day by day (1956). Day by night (1957 hooray for Hollywood (1958) Cuttin' capers (1959) What every girl Should Know (1960) Show Time (1960) Listen to day (1960) Bright and for Shiny (1961) i have dreamed (1961) duet (w/ Andre Previn) (1962) you'll never Walk Alone (1962) love him (1963). 04 Tennis tournament winners databases Wimbledon, australian open, davis Cup, miami masters, roland Garros, us open 05 Music related databases All Frank sinatra recordings, All beatles albums, All solo albums from John Lennon, paul McCartney, george harrison and Ringo Starr, All beatles songs, list. 06 Computer related databases sought after dll files, nutworks magazine (retro worldwide iso and tld codes, file extensions database, the hackers dictionary, free software for the Atari, amiga and Macintosh, nokia smartphone, pocketpc, list of all basic programming language commands, list of all dos commands.

recording label. The contract lasted from 1947 to 1967, and included more than 650 recordings, making day one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 20th century. In 1948, after being persuaded by sammy cahn, jule Styne and her agent at the time, al levy, she auditioned for Michael Curtiz, which led to her being cast in the female lead role in Romance on the high seas. Over the course of her career, day appeared in 39 films. She was ranked the biggest box-office star, the only woman on that list, for four years (1960, 1962, 19) ranking in the top 10 for ten years ( ). She became the top-ranking female box-office star of all time and is currently ranked sixth among the top 10 box office performers (male and female as of 2012. She received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Pillow Talk, won three henrietta Awards (World Film favorite received the los Angeles Film Critics Association's Career Achievement Award and, in 1989, received the cecil. Demille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. Day made her last film in 1968 (source: wikipedia.

McFarland company, inc., 2005. Patrick, pierre and Garry McGee. Que sera, sera: The magic of Doris day through Television. Bear Manor Media, 2005. The doris day companion: a beautiful day (One on One with Doris and Friends). (Federal Census 1930, Enumeration District london 55, roll 1808,. Doris day biography film list. Doris day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff; April 3, 1922) American actress, singer, and animal rights activist. Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939.

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Day at a time: An Indiana girls Sentimental journey to doris days Hollywood and beyond. Doris day: Reluctant Star. Day, doris, as told. Doris day: Her reviews Own Story. William Morrow., Inc., 1976. Doris day: The Untold Story of the girl Next door. . — new York : Virgin books, 2008. . Doris day: Sentimental journey.

Doris day autobiography
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  3. Date of birth : date of death : - birthplace : Cincinnati, ohio,. Nationality : American Category : Arts and Entertainment Last modified : Credited. Doris day biography film list. Doris day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff; April 3, 1922) American actress, singer, and animal rights activist.

  4. One of the premier postwar vocalists and actresses, with a strikingly pure voice that sums up American music's glamorous era. Doris was born on April 3, 1922. She is currently 96 years. Eddie fisher biography, marriages, wives, Children, Grandchildren, Age at death, autobiography and Songs. Doris day, april 3, doris day is an American Actress that is highly renowned for her animal rights activism as well as her music. This biography of Doris day provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works timeline.

  5. Today, she runs the doris day animal league in Carmel, california, which advocates homes and proper care of household pets. By coincidence, in the mid-'70s when day wrote her autobiography. Doris day was a popular singer and one of the biggest box-office draws of the 1950s. Learn more about her career. Biography by Bruce Eder.

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