Golf ball reviews

golf ball reviews

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Shot stopping short game control like more expensive balls. Srixon TriSpeed tour Spin Performance in a premium 3-P construction. Low compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core. Softer feeling ball construction (64 compression). High launch, low spin for extreme distance. Bridgestone e6 3-piece multilayer performance with soft surlyn cover. Dual dimple design promotes more roll on ground contact Inner layer reduces hook and slice spin for straighter shots. Skilled Golfer you are a skilled golfer and have a handle on most aspects of the game.

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Your scores range from the higher 80's to the mid 90's. You have a pretty good handle on sales your game and are looking to become a little more consistent in order to shoot in the 80's consistently and begin to flirt with the 70's. At this level you have a decent handle on your side spin. You have a basic shot shape (straight, fade, or draw) on your base "good" shot. This means you are beginning to control the spin of the ball. Therefore, you can benefit from a ball with higher spin, particularly on shots into the green. You would benefit from a 3 piece ionomer covered golf ball. This category of ball, hybrids, will afford great distance with a bit more iron and greenside spin. Recommended 3 piece ionomer (soft plastic) covered Golf Balls: Titleist nxt tour Updated with new multi-layer (2 piece) core. Longer distance with great forgiveness on mishits.

Soft feeling Fusablend cover with great durability. Trademarked alignment aid (double arrow) side stamp. Bridgestone e5 A soft 2 piece distance ball with great greenside control. The only 2 piece, urethane (like a tour ball) covered product. Golf Digest "Hot List" award winner. Dimple design promotes shallow ground attack angle for incseased roll. Intermediate golfer you are fairly accomplished but suffer from the occasional big number (a 7 with or 8). You're basically a par and bogey golfer with an occasional birdie.

golf ball reviews

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Softened Ionomer cover apple for plan enhanced greenside feel. Medium trajectory for optimal carry and roll. Long in independent testing (90 mph swing speeds). Recommended 2 piece golf Balls for Moderate/Faster Swing Speeds ( 90 mph Srixon q star New model with more distance and accuracy off the tee. Large Energetic Gradient Growth core for more ball Speed. Soft Pana-tetra enhanced Ionomer cover for excellent feel. Spinskin proprietray cover coating for greenside control. Titleist nxt tour s new Design with high velocity, low spin core. Low spin construction for straighter ball flight.

Your score is typically 97 or greater for 18 holes and your handicap is over 20 (about 50 of recreational golfers fall in this category). To reduce some of that unintended side spin and compress the ball more efficiently, then you can benefit from a lower spinning, 2 piece golf ball. Since your goal is to compress the ball most efficiently for your swing speed, 2 piece balls come in a variety of ball compressions. Recommended 2 piece golf Balls for Moderate/Slower Swing Speeds ( Expert's Pick taylorMade noodle long and Soft Soft, extremely efficient core for maximum ball speed. Soft and durable ionomer cover. Advanced aerodynamics for increased carry and distance. Very long in independent testing (90 mph swing speeds). Nike power Distance soft Moderate/slower swing speeds (lower compression core).

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golf ball reviews

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4-5 piece balls are typically for players with higher swing speeds that generate higher spin. The additional layers allow for a more optimal ball flight to counteract the traditional effects of excessive spin. They also reduce the spin off the driver for maximum distance. Additional mantle or casing layers (compared to 2-3 balls) also enable engineers to maximize performance across a wider range of clubs in the bag. Hence, each ball component may affect individual club performance optimally (an added luxury).

The manufacturing process is more intricate and the urethane cover material is costly, hence the price jump for this category of balls. Yet, for the players that they benefit, they are worth every penny. So what kind of golfer are you? Golf ball selection should begin with an honest assessment of your game and your goals. Let's look at some categories: novice or Inconsistent Golfer If you are new to the game or have wallpaper been playing for some time but still have inconsistency then this is your category. Your misses may consist of frequent slices, hooks, topped shots, pushs and pulls, etc.

It is very soft, but typically not as durable as ionomer. Mantle or inner layers lie between the core and the cover. They give ball engineers another variable that can be used to optimize the performance of the golf ball. 2 piece golf Balls: In general terms, 2 piece balls are your distance balls. They come in different compressions from very soft to higher compressions (typically used in long drive competitions). Because they are made from 2 components, a core (engine) and a cover, they are less costly than the other, more elaborate constructions.

2-piece golf balls are also lower spinning, which is a blessing and a curse! Off the tee, the low initial spin reduces hook and slice spin, a great benefit. However, on approach shots and green side, the firmer covers and lower spin can be challenging. This is one of the reasons you don't see the pros using 2-P balls, even though under some circumstances, they may be longer off the tee. 3-5 piece golf Balls: There are almost limitless possibilities when a construction has this many components. These multi component constructions vary from 3-piece hybrid balls (plastic covered) to premium, "Tour Balls". The latter have very soft urethane covers for enhanced greenside feel, responsive mantle layers, and variable compression (soft or firm) cores.

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Look at the deformation in that core. This golf ball is ready to explode off the face of that club powered by the core (the engine). You can be essay sure the difference in distance will be dramatic compared to the first inefficient hit ( even if both swing speeds are identical ). So it is critical that every golfer compresses the golf ball to the full extent of their swing speed. Compress the core, maximize your momentum transfer through that core, watch your distance jump dramatically. Power leaks in the downswing and through impact are the biggest reasons for loss of distance potential. It can't be overstated (more on this later). Now let's look at the types of Golf Balls on the market today and their constructions: Golf Ball Constructions 2 piece balls 3-5 piece balls Large rubber Core cover (ionomer or urethane) Core (single or dual rubber core) Mantle or boundary layer (in green) cover. Urethane is a rubber material used for covers.

golf ball reviews

The core gives life to the dog total ball construction. The ability to which you can engage the core with the club face determines how fast the ball leaves the club face, ultimately resulting in either optimal distance or poor distance for your swing speed (SS). In fact, if you are not maximizing the compression of the golf ball given your specific swing speed, then you will not come close to benefitting from the fantastic engineering and performance built into today's golf balls. Look at the golf ball and its blue inner core in the picture below. It is hardly being deformed and retains most of its circular shape. Maximum energy is not being transferred to the core. The result is a loss of distance and poor spin control : The ball in the picture below is being compressed much more efficiently!

is available on this page and study the images therein as you will be able to put this simple tip into use this weekend or the next time you play or practice. Get the Special Report here: Now let's look at some of the keys to maximizing distance and unintended side spin control. Optimal Performance from a golf ball relies on several factors. Here are the most important: Of these 3 factors, by far the most important for golfers is to maximize the compression of the core of the golf ball in order to take advantage of the maximum spring effect of today's incredible drivers. Think of the core as The Engine of a golf ball. A car doesn't move until the engine is engaged. In a similar fashion, a golf ball doesn't fly until the core of the ball is engaged.

You also want a ball with good green side and putting performance for your short game improvement. Now, the average pga pro driver swing speed is 112 mph, the average handicap golfer's swing speed is about 83 mph. So immediately we can see the need for the wide range of golf ball constructions to accommodate the higher collision speed of the pros, not to mention their different spin requirements to hit all those high skill level shots you watch on the weekends. If you watched, jordan Spieth's brilliant win at the Open Championship, patrick reed's breakthrough at the 2018 Masters (or Sergio's last year. Brooks koepka's domination at the. Open, you witnessed top players getting everything out of their abilities, swing speeds, and equipment. In fact, at only about 5'9 sergio garcia defies logic with his prodigious driving distance as evidenced by his 301 yard driving average during the 2017 Masters including a 376 yard blast on the 9th hole en route to his emotional win. Regardless of the balls the professionals use, they also have a few tricks up their sleeve to maximize distance not only off the tee but off the rest their clubs. Due to the amount of notes I get from determined golfers who are looking for more distance without swinging harder, i just the completed a new.

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An Instant Golf Special Report by robert Cotter, professional Golf Ball Engineer, director of Swing Instruction, Instant Golf. Welcome to a season of great golf, wherever you are playing in 2018 and beyond. By requesting this report you are most likely looking to answer the question: "What's a great golf ball for my game?". First off, it's important to think of any golf ball you tee up as a game improvement ball, whether you are a 30 or 3 (breaking par) handicap golfer. Your golf ball should maximize your potential, not work against. As a professional golf ball engineer, i have designed balls for golfers ranging from top touring pros to high handicap golfers. Whichever category you find yourself in, i can tell you that it is very important to define what the proper ball should be doing for your game. Interestingly, the goal is quite similar for golfers at both extremes of the skill and experience scale. You should be using a product that allows you to maximize driver distance for your Swing Speed (SS) while controlling any unintended side spin (slice, hook, etc.).

Golf ball reviews
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  4. Golf Ball reviews and recommendations on the best and longest balls from a golf ball engineer. Read the latest Golf Ball reviews and get Golf Ball buying advice from Golf Monthly reviewers. Golf Ball reviews For taylormade, callaway, titleist, nike, srixon and other golf ball reviews. Golf equipment reviews & Golf Forum. Bridgestone tour b rx golf BallsAdvanced Technology fueling tour-Caliber PerformanceBridgestoneatms new tour b rx golf ball.

  5. That was our top criteria for. Find the best golf balls with the golf ball comparison chart from Golf Galaxy. Compare features, performance and core to find the right ball for your game. Looking for the best golf ball to fit your game in 2018? Click here for the best reviews of the top models. What do you need?

  6. Turns out they found an expanding universe of golf balls highly acceptable for full shots, and many that felt soft on full and partial swings. Best Page for: golf ball reviews, tests & fitting our Golf Ball reviews, fitting guide is a great starting point for matching your game with the perfect ball. The key phrase being "starting point."To begin with, you've got three golf. Top 10 Golf Balls 2018. The following list of the best top ten golf balls was determined from the authors opinion using the following criteria: Consistency in length off the tee, spin control and the ability to hold greens, feel of the ball around greens for chipping and putting, durability. Any golfer can agree, choosing the right golf balls means that they have the right casing material, design, and cover thickness.

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