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hip hop writers

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I suggest you take some of that star power you have and blow up some of these places. Try buying a couple of ads in your local community paper as opposed to shelling out a few thousand dollars for some big ass magazine. Also don't limit yourself. For example, lets say you have a tape your trying to promote-try buying a couple of ads in the local Black paper and then head on over and buy some ads in the local Asian or Latino paper that hits those communities. You'll save money and may even make some big impact. They're likely to even do a story on you because you're local.

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Several thousand people opinion attended. Lee was awarded this honor from best a committee of his journalism peers who respect his provocative writing and keen insight on today's social issues. We're proud of him because he comes out of the hip Hop arena. Folks, hip Hop kids is coming up in this world. We're doing more then just rapping, we're making moves. o n a side note, aspiring artist trying to get seen and heard in this industry, keep in mind that there are hundreds of community based media outlets. Don't be so quick to go straight to the big magazines and radio stations who don't always show love. You can do some major damage by hitting up these 'smaller' mediums. One of the things they kept bringing up was how so many mainstream outlets are losing readers and listeners to ethnic based media outlets. Folks are growing tired of the lack of coverage and respect the mainstream media often shows.

If you can get a bunch of kids from the remote inner city influencing the entire world with this Hip Hop stuff, imagine what will happen when they start influencing people about the internet. Grand Master Flash, chuck d of Public Enemy, naughty by nature, heiro, trick daddy, ice t and The roots all got some major stuff jumping off on this world wide web. And they are just the beginning. Wait until some of their projects kick. If I heard correctly jesse jackson is supposed to be gathering up a bunch of Hip Hoppers for a big convention in August. This whole digital divide thing has been his main issue as of lateЉ so i can only imagine that there will be some connection made. C ongratulations to hip Hop writer lee hubbard who some of you all may be familiar with because he frequently contributes both to the fnv newsletter as well as davey d's Hip Hop Corner. Lee has also been featured in publications like rap pages, The source, sf examiner and of course the sf bayview Newspaper which is his regular gig. Last night he was named Outstanding young journalist of the year by the new California media who held a one day expo here in San Francisco for California's burgeoning ethnic media outlets.

hip hop writers

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Prior to that he was out there in the very beginning, putting in work and night helping lay down the foundation for Hip Hop culture. With dj red Alert coming into the digital age you can expect him to have a big impact. His influence is tremendous as he is known and admired all around the world. In addition the amount of people he can reach everyday when he spins on Hot 97 in New York is incredible. Somebody better get smart and let that man start doing some advertisements. Have you noticed a lot of these computer companies have not really been breaking bread with the hip Hop community? Shame on them, it's gonna be their loss after some of these guys start blowing up their sites.

Russell Simmons or, suge Knight? Or was it emcees like rakim or Mele-mel? Hit me off with 5 people who best represent Hip Hop. A sentence or two explaining why would be nice, because i would like to include testimonies. Mailto: Props to my man and hopefully future hall of Famer Dj Red Alert. He is now the latest addition to the hip Hop online community. He has just set up his website. For those who don't know, red has been spinning Hip Hop on radio for over 15 years.

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hip hop writers

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Hip Hop Hall Of Fame. If all goes well it should coincide with the release of my book 'the hip Hop Chronicles'. Anyway, this new section will be generated by you and your response or lack of response. So arms here's the question. If there were 5 people you could vote into the hip Hop Hall Of Fame who would they be? They don't have to be rappers. They could be anyone who represents the culture.

Hit me off with your the 5 who absolutely should have a plague in the hip Hop Hall of Fame. Was it graf artists like. Was it djs like grand wizard Theodore or Master Don? Was it breakers like. Crazy legs or, mr Freeze? Was it record real executives like.

The ironic thing about this incident was that it was caught on film as the group was making a video at the time. The group intends on including the footage into the video. Not all the details have been relayed as to what exactly happened. We'll keep you posted on this as things unfold. O n a different note, master P was in the bay earlier this week.

He kept true to his word and opened up a no limit office. He noted a while back that he was gonna return to the bay and set up shop. We'll he now has an office situated out in East oakland. I don't think p himself will be permanently relocating. However, his new record Hottie hoo' is getting ready to blow up big time as all sorts of djs from the straight ahead Hip Hop lovers to thug types are starting to rock this joint. I n about two weeks I'm going to open up another section on my website that pays tribute to hip Hop's founding Fathers and Mothers. It will be a virtual.

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I had no idea they could do that, especially since the warrant was for weed possession. I'm not a weed smoker or anything like that, but damn they went across state lines to get this kid for weed possession? Four marshalls came into book his house and placed with him under arrest. He was released after posting bail. Layzie joins the increasingly long list of rap stars who have wound up in handcuffs. B ad News for members of the west oakland based rap group. Y'all may because they were down with Master P's label no limit. At the time of this writing, details are sketchy, but the word is they were jacked up by oakland police earlier this week.

hip hop writers

Book of love ' which is described as being a male version of '. Waiting to exhale '. Treach is also getting set to start filming a new movie called 'boriqua's Bond'. From the title, it sounds like a flick you would expect to find. Fat joe and, big Pun featured. B ad news for, layzie bone of, bones Thugs harmony. He was arrested the other day in Ohio for a 2 year old warrant that was issued in Detroit.

mailto: The fnv newsletter written. I ce cube is getting ready to film another movie. It'll be the sequel to his hit comedy 'friday'. The new flick will be called 'next Friday'. In this movie, cube's family moves from south Central out into the suburbs. Comedian Don 'dc' curry will play the role of Cube's Uncle Elroy. Everybody is still waiting for the release of his album 'peace' which is scheduled to drop this summer. Let's hope it winds up being the bomb with the old Cube back in effect. S peaking of movies, Treach of naughty by nature is rapidly becoming an on screen heart throb. He just completed a filming a flick called '.

But, three years have passed since a new album came from young jeezy. Most recently, his, tM103 album was given a new release date of December. I., who is featured on young jeezy's new single, "F.A.M.E. With young jeezy trying to write put together the right album,. Said the situation could be out of young jeezy's hands as the people do not know what goes on in the offices of Def Jam. I.'s interview with Power 105.1 below: read more. Fnv newsletter, may 28 1999, in this issue of the fnv newsletter ice cube Starts Filming 'next Friday' *Treach is making movie moves *layzie bone gets Arrested On a weed Warrant *West oakland Rap Group jacked by the popo?

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He killed tha whole car. We used to get up in that yard a lot back in a day. By the hip Hop Writer, hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer, since coming out of prison,. Has had several projects coming at once. Among his most surprising activities is his literary workings. Is currently promoting his book, which is called. Has had legal issues, fans know to expect. At one point, young jeezy fans were to expect the same thing.

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  6. Over the weekend, rick ross had two seizures, which shook the hip hop community. Rick ross has been touring and was scheduled to do some high-profile. Hip hop essays government and has the e-mail services that will keep the hip hop essays up academic writing. And we are such paper writers online. Then, some dude rolled up with his blacked out car with his windows down, blasting some club hip hop the loudest he possibly can to do the same.

  7. However, his new record Hottie hoo' is getting ready to blow up big time as all sorts of djs from the straight ahead. Graf writers in the city. Type, writer, audio has released Rude boy, a free hip hop sample pack featuring different sound elements including drums and sub-basses. We constitutional a robot team of skilled workers who always make sure all the customers that our writers draft are well essay paper on hip hop and. Dont Let Anybody tell you no: mk asante on rejection, hip hop, and writers who are better than you. M (formerly hip - hop m) is looking for editors, authors, reviewers.

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