Internship final report

internship final report

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Just like any other student, i have held several odd jobs in the retail industry in attempts to earn some extra spending money. Any successful company focused on creating value for the customer, turnover, and making a profit. Bolthouse farms concentrates on producing quality, superior products in order to outperform their competitors and gain loyal consumers. The supermarket retail industry is very fast paced and competitive. There are several other juice brands along the same lines as Bolthouse farms all fighting for market share. However, because bolthouse farms juice is such a young product, it is harder for the company to enter and establish their name in the market. Thus, they needed a strong marketing strategy in order to win over customers of the other brands, such as Odwalla or naked. All together, bolthouse farms has a winning product and strategy.

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In terms of planning, there are a number of things that needed to be done beyond just planning the technical components, hardware and software, and configuration of a new server/system. We had to call a number of different representatives from various companies such as utility companies, computer and server supply companies, property owners, and others to ensure all of the proper. Brief description of the company and its marketing strategy. Bolthouse farms is a family company known for their quality premium fresh produce and innovation. They are a 4th generation family farm since 1915. As a leader in their industry, bolthouse farms is the 1 baby carrot producer in the world. With mattress over 2,400 employees, the company produces over 35,000 tons of carrot products every month. After more than 85 years of farming, the company recently developed a new line of delicious yet healthy fruit and vegetable juices. They figure that what better way is there to get the five servings of fruits and vegetables a day than in a convenient show more content, this demonstration responsibility never changed throughout the course of my internship. Educational Value: describe what you learned about your career field and the business environment through the work you performed. After completing my internship experience i believe the work that I performed with Bolthouse farms has supported everything i ever learned about the retail industry and about marketing.

I am also deeply thankful for the Edna bailey sussman foundation and their generosity, which made my fieldwork possible). This internship required a lot of research and various tasks to complete and provided an excellent learning experience around the various activities required to install a new system in a new satellite branch office. This report will outline the following: Overview of the 3 Primary Phases completed. Explanation of what was learned, project Task list, associated Costs Breakdown and Explanation. Hardware Invoice, basic Network diagram, floorplan of New Office, finished Installation Pictures 3 Project Phase Explanation. Planning, as mentioned in the first business report, most of the planning process was completed before i began working on the new site project. I spent time with my supervisor to get a better understanding of the requirements of the company, proposed task list for the project, and begin planning the remainder of the project before ordering and installation.

internship final report

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The same protocol for the vegetation survey will be used. Soil samples will be collected at all paper of the sites to analyze differences in ph, soil moisture, n, p and organic matter. Soil samples will also be collected from the dredge spoils to be used for a seedbank germination experiment comparing the species diversity of the dredge spoils with the surrounding area. Acknowledgements i am thankful for my major advisor. Donald leopold for his input and guidance for my research. I would also like to thank. John Farrell, who is the principal investigator for this project and a member of my steering committee. I am extremely grateful for Sarah Fleming of Ducks Unlimited for agreeing to be the sponsor for my host organization.

It was also found there was a stronger direct relationship between Typha spp. Coverage and species richness in restored sites compared to reference sites. Restoration allowed more species to germinate where there was more typha spp. This relationship could be due to increased competition for resources made available by restoration. The high water levels of the water-manipulation sites may increase competition at higher elevations that werent flooded. Future work a second field season will be planned for spring and summer of 2013. Vivian will have more excavations completed and a fish ladder installed to manipulate water levels.

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internship final report

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Vivians high species richness could be due to the effect of nutrient loading from the surrounding landscape. Vivian is in close proximity to residences with large lawns that may provide nutrient inputs that stimulate plant growth, especially from the exposed seed bank. The mean species richness per site was highest in the excavation sites when compared to the water-manipulation sites and control sites. This initial difference junior could be due to the recruitment of species from the dredge spoils. The high water levels at the water-manipulation sites might be more effective at reducing the presence of Typha spp.

Than increasing species richnes. Differences in mean species per plot were analyzed. There was a statistically significant difference in species richness when comparing Carpeneters Branch to deferno Branch (p0.00177,.05 and when comparing Delaney to Plum Tree (p Analysis of variance (anova) was used to analyze if there were differences in species richness per plot. There was a significant difference in species richness per plot compared among all sites (p Preliminary linear models looked at the effect of Typha spp. It was found there was a stronger direct relationship between the number of Typha live stems and species richness in restored sites compared to reference sites.

We recorded the number of live and dead stems, flowers, maximum height and visually estimated the percent coverage of live stems and fallen leaf litter. Observations on the water depth and soil moisture were recorded. All vegetation plots were surveyed once from July through August 2012. A total of 168 1 m2 plots were surveyed on the elevation transects. An additional 85 1 m2 plots were randomly selected on the spoil piles. Vivian, French Creek treatment 1 and French Creek treatment.

Both habitat mounds that were part of the original restoration design plan and smaller spoil piles leftover from the channel excavation were surveyed to capture the vegetation response from seeded and non-seeded dredge spoils. Site descriptions, site name, location, geomorphology, treatment. French Creek treatment, clayton, ny, drowned, river-mouth. Excavations and dredge spoils, french Creek reference Clayton, ny drowned river-mouth None carpenters Branch Clayton, ny drowned river-mouth Fish Ladder Deferno Branch Clayton, ny drowned river-mouth None. Vivian Alexandria bay, ny protected Embayment Excavations and dredge spoils Swan bay alexandria bay, ny protected Embayment None delaney grindstone Island, ny protected Embayment Fish ladder Plum Tree grindstone Island, ny protected Embayment None preliminary results and discussion species richness was recorded for each site. The site with the highest species richness was. It is hypothesized that.

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Summary of work completed, the vegetation was surveyed at four reference sites (French. Creek reference, swan bay, plum Tree and Deferno) and four treatment sites (French Creek treatment 1,. Vivian, delaney, and Carpenters Branch). The two treatments were fish ladders to manipulate water levels (Carpenters Branch and Delaney) and channel excavations to restore habitat connectivity (French Creek treatment 1 and. We established three transects per site; ranging from 35 to 275 meters, and seven permanent plots per transect on an elevation gradient (75.80;.34;.04;.89;.73;.58;.) using a trimble 5800. Pvc pipes were installed at each transect point, flagged and recorded with owl a gps. A 1 m2 pvc quadrat was used father's to survey vegetation at each sampling point. We identified plants by species and recorded their percent coverage by ocular estimate within the 1 m2 quadrat.

internship final report

water level manipulation from fish ladders, mechanical removal. Typha spp., channel excavation, pothole excavation and habitat mound creation. Four wetland sites were chosen for restoration treatments and four reference wetlands were left unaffected by restoration to serve as reference sites (Figure 1). A monitoring program was developed to evaluate the effects of the restoration project. Summary of proposed research, i proposed to evaluate different methods of wetland restoration by monitoring the plant community. My objectives were to compare water-level manipulation and the use of dredge spoils for restoring a wetlands plant community. Data collected would be used to help understand the vegetation dynamics of a wetland after re-introducing high water levels and the early colonization from an exposed seed bank.

The plant species composition of wetlands is the result of the interaction between a diverse seed bank and fluctuating water levels. Lawrence river experienced much anthropogenic disturbance in the 20th century. Its hydrology was altered to allow for navigation, hydroelectric energy, and the management of shoreline development. These activities were made possible by the construction of the robert Moses Robert. Saunders Power Dam in Cornwall, on and Massena, ny in 1958. Since its creation, the dam has reduced the variability of water levels. These stabilized water levels have resulted in the expansion of invasive. This research is part of a larger collaborative restoration project between Ducks Unlimited, suny-esf, us fish and Wildlife service, natural Resource conservation Service, new York department of Environmental Conservation and private landowners.

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Matthew Regan, sussman, internship final report, restoring the plant diversity of freshwater wetlands of the Upper. Introduction, hydrology is one of the most important factors affecting the ecology of coastal wetlands of the Great lakes-St. The seasonal and yearly fluctuation of water levels results in the diversity and zonation of plant communities in wetlands. High water levels flood many trees and shrubs that have mini encroached into lowland areas since the last period of high water levels. Low water levels that allow herbaceous species to germinate from buried seed banks. Wet meadows composed. Develop in shallower waters compared to marshes composed.

Internship final report
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  1. Its crazy how fast the past 3 months have gone by, but Im in the final week of my outreachy internship with the wikimedia foundation!

  2. Sussman internship final report. Restoring the plant diversity of freshwater wetlands of the Upper. Mkt 353 Marketing Department Internship. Brief description of the company and its marketing strategy. Mkt 353 Marketing Department Internship Final Report Fall 2004.

  3. Where will the final take place? The luzhniki stadium in Moscow will host the finale to the 2018 World Cup. Read his full match report here. Who are the previous World Cup winners? A final Report Form should be accomplished by the intern and the Primary supervisor when: At least the minimum number of hours of Internship Experience have been acquired and.

  4. I have been working as an Intern at kaz software limited this semester as a part of our course, se 701. 4 Internship final report 2006. C Addis Ababa institute of technology School of civil and environmental engineering. An internship report reflects ones experiences during the program. It is important to know just what to write on such report and how.

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