Men are better leaders than women essays

men are better leaders than women essays

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Here again, women outperform men: 38 of respondents say women are smarter than men, while just 14 say men are smarter, and the remainder say theres no difference between the sexes. Men and women tie on two of the next three traits on the publics ranking of leadership qualities measured in this survey — hard work and ambition. Men prevail over women on decisiveness (their lone victory in the battery of eight traits with 44 of respondents saying that men are more decisive and 33 saying women are. Finally, women have big leads over men on the last three traits on the publics rankings of the eight items measured: being compassionate (80 say women; 5 say men being outgoing (47 say women; 28 say men) and being creative (62 say women; 11 say. For anyone keeping score, thats women over men by five to one, with two ties, on eight traits, each of which at least two-thirds of the public says is very important or absolutely essential to leadership. Notably, nearly all of these gender evaluations are shared by men as well as women, though the margins are more heavily pro-woman among female respondents than among male respondents. The survey also asked respondents to assess whether men or women in public office are better at handling a range of policy matters and job performance challenges.

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Nevertheless, a mere 6 of advantages respondents in this survey of 2,250 adults say that, overall, women make better political leaders than men. About one-in-five (21) say men make the better leaders, while the vast majority — 69 — say men and women make equally good leaders. The paradox embedded in these survey findings is part of a wider paradox in modern society on the subject of gender and leadership. In an era when women have made sweeping strides in educational attainment and workforce participation, relatively few have made the journey all the way to the highest levels of political or corporate leadership. In the survey, the public cites gender discrimination, resistance to change, and a self-serving old boys club as reasons for the relative scarcity of women at the top. In somewhat smaller numbers, respondents also say that womens family responsibilities and their shortage of experience hold them back from the upper ranks of politics and business. What the public does not say is that women inherently lack what it takes to be leaders. To the contrary, on seven of eight leadership traits measured in this survey, the public rates women either better than or equal to men. For example, half of all adults say women are more honest than men, while just one-in-five say men are more honest (the rest say they dont know or volunteer the opinion that theres no difference between the sexes on this trait). And honesty, according to respondents, is the most important to leadership of any of the traits measured in the survey. The next most important leadership trait, in the publics view, is intelligence.

In Senegal, for example, a slight majority of men (51) say men make better political leaders than women, but fewer than a quarter (23) of Senegalese women share that view. Women in that country are much more likely to say both men and women are equally good as leaders (59 of women express that opinion. In the United States, where hillary Clinton currently leads the democratic primary field in national polls, opinions about gender and political leadership reflect partisan rather than gender differences. Nearly three-in-ten (29) Republicans say men make better leaders, compared with one-in-ten Democrats. A similar proportion of Democrats also say women would make better leaders (9 and nearly eight-in-ten (78) say both men and women are equally good. By contrast, only 2 of Republicans say women make better political leaders and about two-thirds (65) say both are equally good. August 25, 2008, a paradox in Public Attitudes, americans believe women have the right stuff to be political leaders. When it comes to honesty, intelligence and a handful of other character traits they value highly reviews in leaders, the public rates women superior to men, according to a new nationwide pew Research Center Social and Demographic Trends survey.

men are better leaders than women essays

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Opinions about women in revelation political leadership positions are somewhat correlated with the extent to which women play leadership roles, as measured by the world Economic Forums political empowerment index. The index is derived from three sets of data: the ratio of women to men currently in cabinet-level positions in the country; the ratio of women to men in parliamentary positions, and the ratio of the number of years out of the last. Publics in countries that receive the highest scores on the political empowerment scale are generally more likely to say that men and women make equally good political leaders. For example, in Sweden, the highest ranking country in terms of female political empowerment, fully nine-in-ten say men and women are equally good leaders. In Kuwait, on the other hand, where women were given the right to vote and to run for office for the first time in 2005, only one-third say men and women are equally good as political leaders while more than six-in-ten (62) say men are. Views of political leadership often split along gender lines as well, with men more likely than women to say men make better political leaders and women more likely than men to say either that women make better leaders or that both are equally good. This is especially the case in Africa as well as in several Asian, middle eastern, and Eastern European countries.

The senator and first lady will join 11 other women who currently serve as their countries presidents or prime ministers, including Michelle bachelet in neighboring Chile. But while women worldwide are making gains in all levels of government, the most recent Pew Global Attitudes survey of 46 countries and the palestinian territories finds that publics around the world express mixed opinions about women and political leadership. The countries of Western Europe, north America and Latin America generally include the highest proportions of respondents who rate men and women as equally good political leaders. Roughly two-thirds in Kirchners country (68) express that view, while 17 say men are better leaders and 9 prefer women. In the United States, fully three-quarters say men and women make equally good political leaders, and that opinion is even more widespread in Western Europe. By contrast, majorities in Mali (65 the palestinian territories (64 kuwait (62 pakistan (54 bangladesh (52) and Ethiopia (51) say men make better political leaders than women, as do nearly half of Jordanians (49) and Nigerians (48). Russians are also divided: 44 say men and women make equally good leaders while 40 say men are better. Only in Brazil do more people say women make better political leaders than say men do: 15 of Brazilians say women make better political leaders and 10 say men are better leaders.

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men are better leaders than women essays

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Most relationships are nowadays extremely consultative where the deals opinions of both partners carry equal weight and no partner has authority over the other partner. Men are no longer the masters while women are relegated to being their servants, in many situations, men will be found carrying out some of the chores such as cleaning the house or even doing the laundry. Why is it words so hard for men and women? In conclusion, it is clear that the roles of both the female and the male gender in society are changing significantly as has been demonstrated above. Men are no longer the sole providers as more women are now working and have top leadership positions in major companies, which mean that women are also acting as providers for their families.

It is also clear that women are no longer the sole caregivers for their children as more men are choosing to become stay at home dads so that they can take care of their children. It is clear now that the definition of gender has evolved greatly over time. Do you need an original custom definition essay on this topic? Our essay writing service can write a high-quality non-plagiarized definition paper for you. Rating ( 80 score) - 1 vote. December 5, 2007 by juliana menasce horowitz, research Associate, pew Global Attitudes Project. On December 10, Cristina fernandez de kirchner will be inaugurated as Argentinas first female president.

In the current society we have many women who have top leadership positions in big corporations, and these companies have succeeded even under female leadership tom prove that women are just as good as men if not better. In the past it was the role of the women to be the primary caregiver to the children, who also included taking care of their husbands, however, this role, is no longer reserved for women as more men choose to become stay-at-home dads so that. These men who stay home and take care of their children take on a role that has been shunned by men for centuries as it was believed that men did not possess the quality of nurture. It was strongly believed that only women could nurture children, especially during their formative years when they are fully dependent on their care givers. However, many men are now taking over the role of nurturing their children and research indicates that they are excelling at this role.

This means that men too can nurture a young child and give it the same care that a woman would give to the same child. Although men may not be able to breastfeed a child, which was the main reason that most of society believed that only women could care for infants, they can provide care in many other ways. It is now evident that men too can nurture a young child as the primary caregiver and that this role is not only reserved for women, which is another changing face of gender. A third role that was designated for women was that they were supposed to be subservient to men, attending to all the needs of their husbands and supporting them. This role included things such as washing their husbands clothes, cooking for their husbands, cleaning the house as well as washing the childrens clothes. It was clearly defined that the husband had executive power in the household and that his every wish was to be obeyed without question. However, this power has shifted greatly in recent years as women no longer have the lesser role in relationships, but are considered as equals with men.

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What are men good for? The primary role reserved for men as providers was the defining role that has been the guiding principle in society with regard to what society expects of the male population. However, this role has been usurped by women in modern society who now work and business also provide for their families. The time for women to stay at home while their men go to work is long past as women hold top positions in many big organizations worldwide. Women have proven themselves as able workers who are able to deliver at the workplace and in many cases have even performed better than men in positions such as customer service representatives and even as secretaries. However, the transformation of women from housewives into corporate leaders has not been without struggle as women have had to fight for their position in society as equals with men. The initial discrimination they faced in past decades as most employers preferred male employees to women has been eroded through a fighting spirit and determination to prove to society that they too can work.

men are better leaders than women essays

However, the word gender in modern times is used to refer to the debate on the role of both male and female members of society. In the past years the roles of both men and women were clearly defined with the men being the breadwinners while the women were the care providers for both the children and the men who were their husbands. Why i night's want a wife, however, with the structure of society having changed so drastically in the past few years, the clear line that defined the role of both men and women has now been blurred as their roles have overlapped with time. It is no longer sufficient to classify the male gender as the provider for the family or the female gender as the caregiver for the family. The definition of both male and female sexes is no longer clear with members of both sexes performing roles that were initially reserved for the other gender. Men are no longer the sole providers for their families as women have been economically empowered and are now running big companies competing with their male counterparts. Women are also not the sole caregivers for their children as more men are now opting to become stay at home dads so that they can take care of their children.

skills, but veterans of the corporate world know that such an attitude helps in the long run. Creativity, women are seen to be more creative when it comes to contributing to a firm in any way they handle both clients and employees better, are not only creative in terms of contributing to the business and improving it, but also at encouraging other. Instead of always providing solutions and imposing them on others like men do, they create an environment that makes people come up with a solution collectively. Debating, women often possess the capacity to be able to process the information available to them better when it comes to leading a debate. However, they often lack in terms of listening to the other persons point of view and end up cutting people short, thus earning the title of a bad debater. On this point, men score higher as they do not cut people short too often and debate quite maturely. Women often shout at the top of their voices and refuse to listen to another persons point of view. Introduction, the English dictionary defines gender as a word that is commonly used to refer to the quality of a human being either masculine or feminine.

Men, on the other hand, may want to have less to do with other peoples personal differences and may even pretend that no problems exist. Or else, they may pass judgments when they should actually be listening. Team Spirit, women are better at inculcating in themselves and in others the feeling of belonging to a team and standing up for each other in a team. They will often intervene if someone is being unfair with any summary of their team members, will regularly stand up for them if they are being wronged and make them feel that they are not alone. Men, on the other hand, may not always stand up for their team members and will expect them to fend for themselves. The same men, when under the leadership of a woman and when they have an issue with another team member, do not hesitate to ask for her intervention, instead of fending for themselves! Women almost always end up choosing the right kind of words when it comes to talking to juniors they delegate work better and make sure the talents of each of their team members do not go unnoticed or unnurtured. They will act like a coach rather than a player caring more for the development and glory of the team as a whole rather than personal goal-scoring or personal glory. Men are often more interested in personal glory, sometimes to the extent of self-aggrandisement and even as they lead a team, try to score a few goals on their own to get ahead.

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Virginia woolf had once"d, women have to work twice as hard to prove themselves half as good as men only to add as an afterthought that thankfully, its not a difficult task at all! This" could not be listing truer anywhere else as it is in the corporate sphere, where a person is judged in terms of deliverance, rather than gender or the traditional roles of a man and woman. Leaders of top firms have increasingly begun to prefer women as a part of their organization as compared to men, for the soft skills and team building skills they bring into the organization. Because of the skills that are considered traditionally female, often brushed under the seemingly innocuous phrase soft skills, they are bringing a sea change into the whole corporate scene, but can they be considered better leaders? Do women make better leaders? Here are some points that we might consider when trying to find out which of the two sexes is better at leadership. Motivational skills And Mentorship, the ability to be able to inspire the team into performing better and actually internalizing what is being expected out of the team members is a quality that most women possess. They are often seen to be better at inspiring their team members into performing better, give up their personal differences and function as a team.

Men are better leaders than women essays
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  5. What Women leaders are better at Than Men. Posted in Jen Valore tagged leadership, women, women leaders Permalink. World Publics Hold Mixed Opinions About Women Political leaders.the palestinian territories (64 kuwait (62 pakistan (54 bangladesh (52) and Ethiopia (51) say men make better political leaders than women.

  6. However, the transformation of women from housewives into corporate leaders has not been without struggle as women have had to fight for their position in society as equals with men. Very readable essays to document the changing challenges facing women in science, delve into gender differences, examine the underlying causes and theories about women s status in science and present some proposals for change. These essays resulted from a study called Project Access, which was the subject. M is the ultimate solution for all those students who either don t have time or can t write. Download free care summary essays and enjoy. E-ir publishes student essays dissertations to allow our readers to broaden their understanding of what is possible when answering similar questions in their own studies.

  7. Men, are, better, leaders, men are, better, leaders. Women in high-level leadership positions, such as corporate ceos, when studied, seem to exhibit the same sorts of leadership behaviors. Are, women, better, leaders than, men? Or else, they may pass judgments when they should actually be listening.explanations is the time pressure that comes with trying to balance work and family; 27 of the public cites this as a major reason there arent more women leaders in politics. women leaders worry a lot about these things, complicating the labyrinth that they negotiate. Essentially, a set of widely shared conscious and unconscious mental associations about women, men, and leaders.

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