Personal trainer business plan

personal trainer business plan

Personal Trainer Marketing pt power

Exercise programs for children to fight childhood and adolescent obesity. Special fitness programs for older adults. Exercise and weight loss. Spinning (indoor cycling). Group personal training. Comprehensive health promotion programming at the worksite.

Why every body's Personal Trainer?

However since military our online personal training is affordable, we feel that an economic downturn could possibly improve that section of our business, while having a negative effect on the more expensive face-to-face personal training Sociocultural younger Finnish customers are willing to try new products/services which. Leisure time is important, because as people have less time to spend, we have to make our programs modified to their schedule and be reachable when they need us by offering flexible communication and distribution channels people in Finland are very health conscious, which. Then we are being put at competitive risk technology has made is possible for us to reach our customers worldwide through the internet and the customer database can be easily constructed as the customers use our online services, where we can store their consumer behavior. The internet has allowed companies to reduce their marketing costs dramatically and it will continue to do so in the future. 3.3 Market Trends Since we are going to operate in two mediums, the first being personal contact with the cus- tomer which makes it national, mainly operating in the capital region. While our online per- sonal training makes us international and the national borders dont confine. We have to look at the overall fitness industry trends, to identify what are the most popular trends in todays society. But before indentifying the trends in 2008, we have to make the distinction between a fad and a trend, since a trend is something that has remained for longer and a fad is something new and hasnt proved itself yet, although it might have great. Our business is going to follow the trends in the market to the best of our ability, but also trying to have some fads in our offering, since they become very successful sometimes and we dont want to miss out on the opportunity. The following are the trends of 2008 according to The American College of Sports Medicine (acsm) in their worldwide survey for fitness trends:. Educated and experienced fitness professionals.

We have the micro and macro environment to consider, the micro environ- ment can be classified in the swot analysis made previously. While the macro-environment. Political (and legal) forces, Economic forces, socio-cultural forces, and Technological forces, these we are the going to cover in the following. These previously mentioned aspects make what are known as pest factors. Political legal The political legal environment are fairly stable in Finland however some changes might occur o requiring personal trainers to go through extensive training education (not demanded anywhere at the moment). Marketing regulation is fairly strict in Finland, which means companies cant make exaggerated marketing claims about their service or products The fact that our company resides in the eu, so our online personal training service has the benefit of dealing with other eu customers, without. Increased income will have a positive effect.

personal trainer business plan

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Fragile image lack of expansion possibilities in the face-to-face personal training due to lack of adequate staffing. Opportunities Huge growth and potential in the fitness market top 5 growing industries in the world. Technological developments can create new distribution mediums and the products. Partnership with gyms, corporations and sports teams, etc. Threats Demand might decrease in face-to-face personal training in economic downturns be- cause of services high cost. Low barrier for entry into the market. Possible it software difficulties in our online personal training services. 3.2.2 Macro Environment pest analysis It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the mar- keting process.

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personal trainer business plan

Personal Trainer Certification Discounts

We make the company grow as a team, and we get rewarded as a team. Another way of motivating the personnel is to creating group consensus and knowing that we are not just providing a service, we are helping people achieve their goals as individuals whether they are for health, social, or career purposes. 2.5 Structure of business operations. 3 Market.1 Market of Operations we are going to operate mainly in the finnish market nationally, catering to the fitness needs of individuals residing in Finland, however keeping about the international market at our scope for the future, since as we expand in Finland and. Expan- sion to other countries would happen in the way of online personal training, since the internet allows greater flexibility without having to physically be in a specific market to do business there. Service division Face-to-face personal training - concentrating mainly in the capital region (Helsinki, espoo, vantaa and other nearby cities) Online personal training (including audio training) - ability to operate nationwide, because of the flexibility of the internet.2 Business Environment.2.1 Microenvironment swot analysis swot.

It involves specify- ing the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective. Strengths Knowledge about successful and proven training methods Competitive advantages - offering the customer results and guaranteeing them. Innovative unique - online personal training (video and audio) Competitive price because of limited overheads weaknesses. Accreditation our trainers are accredited through certification manager programs that are na- tionally unknown. Lack of reputation and credibility because our company is new, it lacks the reputa- tion and awareness.

The members of the team also have the advantage of being about in the same status than the de- sire target market which gives us a clear concept of what people our age and with similar life style is missing in the youth experience. As every good side has its bad side, we are also lacking on some areas. Unique training, at the moment has only one person with experience as a personal trainer, and is not certified yet. All the other members that are going to be taking part as trainers have to start from point blank and become trainers. So the whole personal training staff has to get certified, a process that can be done in a weekend.

Unique training team has also thought about hiring certified per- sonal trainers to also do the job as one trainer can only handle a limited amount of customers at a time. The hiring staff process will be done as the company starts to grow and we feel like the extra staff is going to be required. As a provider of personal work-out on the web we are also going to need some kind of software that combines the description of the customer with the correct set of exercises. We are in the process of solving all this details, and everything is going as planned. 2.3 Responsibility / Function Personal Trainers: Muhammad heza dominguez del Villar Sarivaara Aslak and more upon request/demand Web maintenance. Muhammad heza dominguez del Villar Juhola tytti sarivaara Aslak accounting Juhola tytti (basic double-entry) Outsources accounting firm Marketing and Promotion Muhammad heza dominguez del Villar Sarivaara Aslak and more upon request/demand.4 Motivation Unique training has a simple rewarding method. Everybody in the company is going to get an equal reward of a salary raise after certain amount of customers have joined a continued ser- vice, in that way everyone is eager to work as hard as possible to get new customers and keep them. With this rewarding technique we also help the team to help each other and not try to look for individual goals and rewards. At the same time that it makes us work together is going to make us aware of the work everyone in doing so that we make sure there are no free riders.

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Carefully monitoring response rates of all marketing executions. Keeping our website always updated and offering new products and services regularly Educating our personal trainers to the latest training long methods and equipments, to keep up with the constant development. 2 Description of the business.1 Name our companys name is Unique training. The team has decided on that name because we all believe that it gives the potential customers a clear idea of what our purpose as a company. Bring new innovating ways of training to a market full of possibilities. 2.2 skills As every new company Unique training is going to have a lot of strong sides as well as weak sides. On the strong side we have the experience of some of our members in a similar project, and almost everyone involve in the company has had some kind of training experience.

personal trainer business plan

Some trainers are qualified to improve sports performance, including speed and power. While not as common, some train- ers may also be qualified to work with people who need help with physical dysfunction, in- cluding the essay improvement of balance, range of motion, knee and shoulder issues, and those released from physical therapy. Personal trainers often also have a specific method of motivating clients. Common techniques for motivation include demeanour (some trainers have an aggressive and commanding de- meanour; others are more calm and supportive; incentives for reaching goals; and positive re- framing or visualization. 1.2 Mission Statement, unique training is committed to offering everybody a way of exercising and staying healthy on the individuals own terms, based on preference of exercise and time frame. Unique training understands that most of people are always on the run, we want to create programs which are fun, motivating and easy to get whenever you want. 1.3 Objectives The initial objectives for Unique training are as follows: to raise seed capital for start-up, which is approximately 60000 to ensure the proper execution of our plans for our first year of operations to have 1000 online personal training subscribers by the end. To have at least 10 customers for each of our active face-to-face personal trainers by year one Acquire the awareness of potential customers of our company and attaining credibility from our first 1000 customers. 1.4 Success Factors The keys to success are: Creating effective marketing means to reach our customer via internet advertisements and promotions along with direct marketing Controlling costs while spending the maximum on online personal training subscrip- tion marketing in year one.

Mission Statement.3 Objectives.4 Success Factors 2 2 Description of the business.1 Name.2.3 Responsibility / Function.4 Motivation.5 Structure. 6.2 Promotional plan.2.1 fairs.2.2 Magazines.2.3.3 Marketing Budget.3.1 Place.3.2 Price.3.3 Approach.3.4 26 7 Operation Management.1 Supply chain management.2 divisions and responsibilities.3 Training Facilities. 1 Business Purpose and Aims.1 Introduction. Business idea is offering personal training services to customers with different needs and health conditions. A personal trainer is a professional who educates people about physical fitness. Personal trainers typically design exercise routines and teach physical exercises to their clients. While some personal trainers work with only one client each session, others also teach groups of clients. Personal trainers typically work with clients to improve body composition (weight loss or muscle gain). They may also be hired for more specific goals, such as an increase in strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility.

The membership fee is 150 a month and the personal trainer fee is 25/hr). Successfully reported this slideshow. Personal Training Business Plan, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. Unique training, business Plan Muhammad heza dvalishvili Shalva dominguez del Villar Jose juhola tytti jia minshu sarivaara Aslak silvennoinen Elina.11.2008. Haaga-helia university of Applied Sciences, business Plan Group.5.2009, summary The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, so we feel like the potential for growth is definitely there with the right implementa- tion of our plan. We are offering two main products that are similar but for dif- ferent target mini groups, we feel like the finnish market is untapped concerning our industry, so we want to cover a fairly large number of people with our unique and new online personal training. The proper implementation of our promotional plan mentioned in the market- ing mix will be important for our success and reaching our sales forecast men- tioned in the financial chapter, however we feel that there is even more room for profit in the following years.

How to become a personal Trainer: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Ladies Only fitness' membership services are the following: Ladies Only fitness has a professional personal training staff. Our personal trainers provide the knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing a fitness program. . Each trainer is aflca certified and has standard first aid and cpr. Beyond that each trainer has specific qualifications and training that enables them to provide each client with an individually designed program. Ladies Only fitness offers a large selection of sophisticated equipment bio-mechanically designed for a woman's body. Treadmills (10 Stepmills; Steppers; Upright and recumbent bikes; golf Elliptical trainers; Stairmaster; Rower; Bodytrek; Gravitron; Cross aerobic trainers. Ladies Only fitness provides a floating foam floor for a variety of aerobic, step, muscle conditioning and yoga classes. The club also has a child care center to serve clients that would otherwise be unable to workout if they cannot find a babysitter, or be able to workout without the stress of watching over children.

Personal trainer business plan
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  1. Take these 3 steps. Ladies Only fitness physical fitness gym business plan services. Ladies Only fitne ss is a women-only health club offering a fitness center, exercise equipment. Is your personal trainer marketing lacking? How about your personal trainer busine ss plan? You may be making these mistakes that are killing your business!

  2. Do you want to start a personal training service at home from scratch? Or you need a sample personal training business plan template? If yes, then i advice you. Do you have a business plan for your personal training business? If not, what s guiding your growth? What s keeping your on-track?

  3. This is a fitness program that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive. Our fr anchise is a limited liability company located in lake oswego, oregon. Personal Training Summary haaga-helia university of Applied Scienc es Business Plan Group.5.2009 Summary The fitness industry. Are you about starting a personal training business? If yes, here is a complete sa mple personal training business plan template free feasibility report.

  4. Eberything you need to know about writing a personal trainer business plan. Includ es plan template and step by step instruction for filling it out. Starting a personal training business is a step by step process. This free bus iness planning tool as a superb start to business planning for Personal Trainers. Our Personal Trainer Business Plan Generator will produce a professional business and marketing plan in under five minutes.

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