The best biographies ever written

the best biographies ever written

The best biographies and autobiographies ever written

Kennedy: a biography (2005) by michael OBrien review (3 stars) Kennedy: The Classic biography (1965) by Theodore sorensen review (3 stars) jfks Last Hundred days (2013) by Thurston Clarke review (3 stars) a thousand days: jfk in the White house (1965) by Arthur Schlesinger. Review (3 stars) Jack: a life like no other (2001) by geoffrey perret review (3 stars) a question of Character: a life of John. Kennedy (1991) by Thomas. Reeves review (3 stars) Herbert Parmets two-volume series : Jack: The Struggles of John. Kennedy (1980) review (3 stars) jfk: The Presidency of John. Kennedy (1983) review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of John. Kennedy * Follow-Up : The dark side of Camelot (1998) by seymour Hersch Lyndon.

The best Presidential biographies my journey

Roosevelt: Rendezvous with Destiny (1990) by Frank Freidel review (3 stars) fdr: a biography (1985) by ted Morgan review (3 stars) The roosevelts: An American Saga (1994) by peter Collier review (3 stars) James MacGregor Burnss two-volume series : plan roosevelt: The lion and the fox. S three-volume series : The Crisis of the Old Order (1919-1933) (Vol 1) (1957) review (3 stars) The coming of the new deal (1933-1935) (Vol 2) (1958) review (3 stars) The politics of Upheaval (1935-1936) (Vol 3) (1960) review (2 stars) *summary review: The best. Roosevelt * Follow-Up : man of Destiny: fdr and the making of the American Century (2015) by Alonzo hamby franklin. Roosevelt: road to the new deal, (Vol 1) (2015) by roger Daniels Franklin. Roosevelt: The war years, (Vol 2) (2016) by roger Daniels Kenneth daviss 5-volume series on fdr published between 19 The mantle of Command: fdr at War (1941-42) (Vol 1) by nigel Hamilton (2014) commander in Chief: fdrs Battle with Churchill, 1943 (Vol 2) by nigel. Roosevelt: a political Life (2017) by robert Dallek harry Truman : Truman (1992) by david McCullough review (4 stars) Man of the people: a life of Harry. Truman (1995) by Alonzo hamby review (3 stars) Harry. Truman: a life (1994) by robert Ferrell review (3 stars) Harry. Truman (2008) by robert Dallek review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Harry Truman * Dwight Eisenhower : Eisenhower in War and peace (2012) by jean Edward Smith review (4 stars) Eisenhower: a soldiers Life (2002) by carlo deste review (4 stars) Eisenhower. Kennedy : The fitzgeralds and the kennedys (1987) by doris kearns goodwin review (4 stars) An Unfinished Life: jfk (2003) by robert Dallek review (4 stars) President Kennedy: Profile of Power (1993) by richard reeves review (3 stars) jfk: Reckless youth resume (1992) by nigel Hamilton.

Adams Calvin coolidge : Calvin coolidge: The quiet President (1967) by donald Mccoy review (3 stars) Calvin coolidge: The man From Vermont (1939) by Claude. Fuess review (3 stars) coolidge: An American Enigma (1998) by robert Sobel review (3 stars) coolidge (2013) by Amity Shlaes review (3 stars) The life revelation of Calvin coolidge (1924) by horace Green review (3 stars) The Preparation of Calvin coolidge (1924) by robert. Woods review (3 stars) a puritan in Babylon: The Story of Calvin coolidge (1938) by william Allen White review (2 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Calvin coolidge * Herbert hoover : Herbert hoover: a biography (1947) by eugene lyons review (3 stars) The. Nash The life of Herbert hoover: Master of Emergencies, (Vol 3) (1996). Nash The life of Herbert hoover: Imperfect Visionary, (Vol 4) (2011) by k clements The life of Herbert hoover: Fighting quaker, (Vol 5) (2012). Jeansonne the life of Herbert hoover: keeper of the torch, (Vol 6) (2013) by gary best Franklin. Roosevelt : fdr (2007) by jean Edward Smith review (4 stars) Traitor to his Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of fdr (2008). Brands review (4 stars) no ordinary time: Franklin and Eleanor roosevelt (1994) by doris kearns goodwin review (4 stars) Supreme power: Franklin roosevelt. The supreme court (2010) by jeff Shesol review (4 stars) Nothing to fear: fdrs Inner Circle and the 100 days that Created Modern America (2009) by Adam Cohen review (3 stars) fdr: Champion of Freedom (2003) by conrad Black review (3 stars) The defining Moment.

the best biographies ever written

My journey through the best Presidential biographies

Sieverss three-volume series : Benjamin Harrison: hoosier Warrior (Vol 1) (1952) review (4 stars) Benjamin Harrison: hoosier Statesman (Vol 2) (1959) review (4 stars) Benjamin Harrison: hoosier President (Vol 3) (1968) review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Benjamin Harrison * William McKinley. Wayne morgan review (4 stars) The President and the Assassin: McKinley, terror and Empire (2011) by Scott Miller review (3 stars) In the days of McKinley (1959) by margaret leech review (3 stars) The Presidency of William McKinley (1980) by lewis gould review (3 stars). Brands review (3 stars) When Trumpets Call: Theodore roosevelt after the White house (2005) by patricia otoole review (3 stars) Theodore roosevelt: a life (1992) by nathan Miller review (3 stars) Theodore roosevelt: a strenuous Life (2002) by kathleen Dalton review (3 stars) Theodore roosevelt. Taft * woodrow Wilson : woodrow Wilson: a biography (1991) by august Heckscher review (4 stars) Wilson (2013). Scott Berg review (4 stars) The warrior and the Priest: woodrow Wilson and Theodore roosevelt (1983) by john Milton cooper review (4 stars) woodrow Wilson: a biography (2009) by john Milton cooper review (3 stars) woodrow Wilson: World Statesman (1987) by kendrick Clements review (3. Link The moralist: woodrow Wilson and the world he made (2018) by patricia otoole warren Harding : Warren. Harding: The American Presidents Series (2004) by john. Dean review (3 stars) The harding Era: Warren. Harding and His Administration (1969) by robert Murray review (2 stars) The Shadow of Blooming Grove: Warren g harding in His Times (1968) by Francis Russell review (2 stars) The available man: The life behind the masks of Warren Gamaliel Harding (1965) by Andrew Sinclair.

Firebirds: The best First Person Account of Helicopter

the best biographies ever written

12 novels Considered the Greatest book ever Written

Grant: American Hero, american Myth (2009) by joan waugh American Ulysses: a life of Ulysses. Grant (2016) by ronald. The Presidency of Ulysses. Grant (2017) by Charles Calhoun Grant (2017) by ron Chernow Rutherford. Hayes : Rutherford. Hayes: Warrior and President (1995) by Ari hoogenboom review (3 investment stars) Rutherford. Hayes (2002) by hans Trefousse review (3 stars) *summary review: dialogue The best biographies of Rutherford.

Hayes * Follow-Up : Rutherford. Hayes: And His America (1954) by harry barnard James Garfield : Garfield: a biography (1978) by Allan Peskin review (4 stars) Dark horse: the surprise Election and Political Murder of President James. Garfield (2003) by kenneth Ackerman review (4 stars) Destiny of the republic: a tale of Madness, medicine and the murder of a president (2011) by candice millard review (4 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of James Garfield * Follow-Up : The garfield Orbit (1978). Arthur (2017) by Scott Greenberger Grover Cleveland : Grover Cleveland: a study in Character (2000) by Alyn Brodsky review (4 stars) An Honest President: The life presidencies of Grover Cleveland (2000). Paul Jeffers review (3 stars) The Presidencies of Grover Cleveland (1988) by richard. Review (3 stars) Grover Cleveland: a study in courage (1932) by Allan nevins review (3 stars) bourbon leader: Grover Cleveland and the democratic Party (1957) by horace samuel Merrill review (2 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Grover Cleveland * Benjamin Harrison : The.

Polk (2009) by robert Merry review (3 stars) James. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse (1996) by sam haynes review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of James Polk * Follow-Up : James. Polk: a political biography (2 volumes) (1922) by eugene McCormac Zachary taylor : Zachary taylor (2008) by john. Eisenhower review (3 stars) Zachary taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old southwest (1985) by jack bauer review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Zachary taylor * Follow-Up : Zachary taylor: Soldier of the republic (Vol 1) and Zachary taylor: Soldier in the. Scarry Franklin pierce : Franklin pierce: New Hampshires favorite son (2004) by peter Wallner review (4 stars) Franklin pierce (2010) by michael Holt review (4 stars) Franklin pierce: Martyr for the Union (2007) by peter Wallner review (3 stars) Franklin pierce: young Hickory of the. Lincoln: a biography (2009) by ronald.

Review (4 stars) Lincoln (1995) by david Herbert Donald review (4 stars) Abraham Lincoln: a biography (1952) by benjamin Thomas review (4 stars) With Malice toward None (1977) by Stephen Oates review (3 stars) Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President (1999) by Allen guelzo review (3 stars). Grant : Grant (2001) by jean Edward Smith review (4 stars) The man Who saved the Union: Ulysses. Grant In War and peace (2012). Brands review (4 stars) Ulysses. Grant: Soldier president (1997) by geoffrey perret review (4 stars) Ulysses. Grant (2004) by josiah Bunting review (3 stars) Grant: a biography (1981) by william McFeely review (3 stars) Ulysses. Grant: Triumph over Adversity (2000) by Brooks Simpson review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of Ulysses. Grant * Follow-Up : Lewis/Catton series: Captain Sam Grant (1950) (Vol 1) by Lloyd Lewis, Grant moves south (1960) by Bruce catton, and Grant takes Command (1969) by Bruce catton.

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Review (4 stars the Ascent of george washington (2009) by john Ferling, review (3 stars). Patriarch: george washington and the new American Nation (1993) by richard Norton Smith, review (3 stars james Flexners four-volume series: george washington: The forge of Experience (1965). Review (3 stars george washington in the American revolution (1967 review (4 stars george washington and the new Nation (1970 review (4 stars george washington: Anguish and Farewell (1972 review (4 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of george washington follow-Up : Washington by douglas. Jefferson: The tumultuous Election of 1800 (2004) by john Ferling review (4 stars) Passionate sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams (1993) by joseph Ellis review (3 stars) John Adams: Party of One (2005) by james Grant review (3 stars) *summary review: The best. Bernstein Thomas Jefferson: a life (1993) by willard Sterne randall Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty real (2017) by john Boles James Madison : James Madison (2011) by richard Brookhiser review (4 stars) Madison and Jefferson (2010) by Andrew Burstein review (4 stars) James Madison: a biography. Adamss Last Crusade (2008) by joseph Wheelan review (4 stars) John quincy Adams: a personal History of an Independent Man (1972) by marie hecht review (3 stars) John quincy Adams (2012) by harlow Unger review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of John quincy. Richards John quincy Adams (1949/1956) by samuel Flagg Bemis (2 volumes) John quincy Adams: American Visionary (2014) by Fred Kaplan John quincy Adams: Militant Spirit (2016) by james Traub The lost founding Father: John quincy Adams and the Transformation of American Politics (2017) by william. Brands review (3 stars) The Age of Jackson (1945) by Arthur Schlesinger review (3 stars) Robert Reminis three-volume series : Andrew Jackson: The course of American Empire (Vol I) (1977) review (4 stars) Andrew Jackson: The course of American Freedom (Vol II) (1981) review (4. Jeffersons Hammer: William Henry harrison (2007) by robert Owens review (4 stars) Old Tippecanoe: William Henry harrison and His Time (1939) by Freeman Cleaves review (3 stars) *summary review: The best biographies of William Henry harrison * John Tyler : John Tyler (2008) by gary may.

the best biographies ever written

Buy now from the telegraph bookshop, experience by martin Amis (2000). Easily martin Amiss best book, in which he leaves behind the struggle for effect, stops. Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 5 stars, with equal weight given to my subjective assessment of: (1) how enjoyable the biography was to read and (2) the biographys historical value (including its comprehensive coverage and critical analysis of its subject). Blue titles indicate, pulitzer Prize winners. Blue italicized titles indicate pulitzer Prize finalists. This list was most recently updated June 12, 2018. . If Im missing a great presidential biography that youve read, please let me know! George washington : Washington: a life (2010) by ron Chernow, review (5 stars). Washington: The Indispensable man (1974) by james Flexner, review (4 stars his Excellency: george washington (2004) by joseph Ellis.

this biography is worth the relatively minor investment of time it requires. i am wrapping up with. Ambition, Pragmatism, and Party: a political biography of Gerald. Ford by Scott kaufman. Published in 2017, this is the most recent comprehensive biography of Ford. But with just 349 pages of text I cannot help but wonder whether this book enhances our understanding of Ford and what, if anything, kaufman reveals that is not already covered by cannon (whose An Honorable life is one-third longer than this biography). Our critics chose the greatest memoirs and biographies ever written, from the definitive biography of Winston Churchill to a dazzling graphic novel about a young girl's coming-of-age in Iran. Lives of the caesars by Suetonius (c121ad suetonius was private secretary to the emperor Hadrian and although this group biography of the lives of the 12 caesars might need an occasional pinch of strict historical salt, it is full of racy decadence and colourful detail such.

So the question i am left to ponder is whether no biographer has ever been fully committed to studying, analyzing and revealing Gerald thesis Fordor whether there is just not that much about Ford to be studied, analyzed and revealed? time and Chance: Gerald Fords Appointment with History by james Cannon was published in 1994 (a dozen years before ford died) and covers its subjects life up through his unsuccessful campaign for the presidency in 1976. Written by a journalist and Washington insider and a valued member of the ford administration cannons perspective should be fascinating. Ford: An Honorable life by james Cannon was published in 2013 and seems not to be a sequel to time and Chance as much as a second crack by this author at covering Fords life. In this incarnation, however, there seems to be less focus on his early life, more detail on his presidency, and a more complete perspective on his retirement years. Next Im reading, the Presidency of Gerald. Ford by john Robert Greene, a well-regarded if not particularly well-known historian. This is widely considered the definitive scholarly study of Fords presidency and given the lack of Ford-related biographies it is almost certainly an essential if not entertaining read.

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Every serious student of American history knows Gerald Ford is the only person to serve as both president and vice president without having been elected to either office. Even a larger group of people will recall that Ford was the president who pardoned Richard Nixon. (He remains the only. President to pardon a former president.). But beyond those two basic facts, what do any of us really know about the thirty-eighth president (born Leslie lynch King.)? Ford and his legacy seem to be in the witness protection legs program. This is likely due, in part, to the fact he was president fewer days than anyone else in history ignoring those who died in office. And no presidential biographer of Chernows or McCulloughs or jean Edward Smiths popular prominence has attempted to capture and distill his life and legacy.

The best biographies ever written
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  6. Our critics chose the greatest memoirs and biographies ever written, from the definitive biography of Winston Churchill to a dazzling graphic novel. Wondering if you will consider including more single volume biographies before you move on to nixon, that is, to balance out the time spent. The best biographies of Richard Nixon June 11, 2018. Five months, twelve biographies, 8,200 pagesand one insufferably inscrutable politician. For all the differences between Nixon and lbj, i was.

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