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truth essay

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In recent years, some activists have been remarkably frank about the political goals they have for education. Betty jean Craige of the University of georgia argues that "multiculturalism" has the happy "potential for ideologically disuniting the nation." As American students learn more about the faults of this country and about the virtues of other nations, she writes, they will be less and. They will not respond to calls to use American force, and thus we will be delivered from the dark days of the early 1990s, when President george bush was able to unify the nation in support of war against Iraq, and be able to return. Writes Craige: Multicultural education may well be incompatible with patriotism, if patriotism means belief in the nation's superiority over other nations. The advantage to the nation of multicultural education thus may be increased reluctance to wage all-out war. Classicist Martha nussbaum has also made a case against patriotism, calling education that encourages it "morally dangerous." Writes Nussbaum, "To give support to nationalist sentiments subverts, ultimately, even the values that hold a nation together, because it substitutes a colorful idol for the substantive universal. The idea enunciated in the declaration of Independence that all men are created equal has, for example, been a driving force behind the changes we have made to achieve a greater degree of equality than exists anywhere in the world for women - and for.

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No mention is made of death and suffering caused by the japanese. The rape of Nanking is not discussed, nor is pearl Harbor, nor the bataan death march. What fifth- and sixth-graders would be likely to conclude is that their country was guilty of a horrible - and completely unjustified - act of cruelty against innocents. In the world History Standards, as in those for the United States, the cold War biography is presented as a deadly competition between two equally culpable superpowers, each bent on world domination. Ignored is the most salient fact: that the struggle was between the communist totalitarianism of the soviet Union, on the one hand, and the freedom offered by the United States, on the other. One might almost conclude from reading the standards that it would have easy made very little difference in terms of human freedom how the cold War ended. It is sometimes said that the negative slant to what we are teaching now is overreaction to a too positive slant in the past, and it is true that in the past we sometimes presented celebratory history in our schools. But this explanation is of no help to students who were not around when prideful, positive stories were told, and who, day after day, are presented a drearily distorted picture of the society in which they live. Nor is this explanation complete. For those intent on political and social transformation, a bleak version of history is better than a balanced one. The grimmer the picture, the more heavily underscored is the need for the reforms they have in mind.

Standards decide that plan in the case of a field so disdained by so many of their colleagues, the less said the better? Whatever the motive, to overlook american accomplishment in science and technology is to omit some of our most dazzling achievements. The world History Standards do mention Edison and Einstein; and while there is heavy emphasis on the role that technological advancement has had in increasing the brutality of war, there is also some recognition that science has played a role in improving quality of life. Students are asked, for example, to assess "why scientific, technological, and medical advances have improved living standards for many but have failed to eradicate hunger, poverty, and epidemic disease.". In the world History Standards, the fact that women generally had different roles from men in the ancient world is seen simply as a matter of gender "differentiation" - until it happens in Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization. Then it becomes a matter of' "restrictions on the rights and freedoms of women." Just as sexism is first introduced in the context of Greek civilization, so, too, is ethnocentrism - as though in previous cultures in Asia and Africa, people had never considered their. Nowhere is it mentioned that it was, in fact, in Western civilization that the unjust treatment of women and minorities was first condemned and curiosity about other cultures first encouraged. In one of the sillier sections of the world History Standards - and one of the most quintessentially politically correct - students are asked to read a book about Michelangelo, not in order to discuss art, but so that they can "discuss social oppression and. No mention is made of why American leaders decided to use atomic weapons, about the casualties they believed an invasion of Japan would have entailed, for example.

truth essay

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History neglect to mention that george washington was our first president or that James Madison was the father of the constitution, they do manage to include a great deal about the ku klux Klan (which appears seventeen times in the document senator joe mcCarthy and. Standards also pay little attention to scientific and technological achievement. Among the figures not discussed are Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, jonas Salk, and neil Armstrong (or any astronaut). The exquisite consciousness of race and gender that characterizes the standards may have contributed to the omission of this group (its members are all white males but it is also the case that science daddy and technology are now held in extremely low regard in certain. Feminists argue that science represents destructive male thinking. Why not call Newton's. Principia, newton's rape manual"? Both feminists and environmentalists argue that because of the high value that science places on objectivity and rationality, it is now in deep and deserved crisis - information that tends to come as a surprise to practicing scientists. Did the authors of the.

The national History Standards developed at the University of California at Los Angeles and released in the fall of 1994 are the most egregious example to date of encouraging students to take a benign view of - or totally overlook - the failings of other. Published in two volumes - one for. History and one for world history - and intended for schools across the nation, the standards suggest that students consider the architecture, labor systems, and agriculture of the aztecs - but not their practice of human sacrifice. The gathering of wealth, presented as an admirable activity when an African king, mansa musa, undertakes it, is presented as cause for outrage when it occurs in the American context. One suggested student activity is to "conduct a trial of John. Rockefeller on the following charge: 'The plaintiff sic had knowingly and willfully participated in unethical and amoral business practices designed to undermine traditions of fair and open competition for personal and private aggrandizement in direct violation of the common welfare. Although the standards for.

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truth essay

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That shows that the essay dolphins stay together and are friendly. Dolphins are among the most playful of all animals, even as adults. They play with essay each other, with whatever the may find, and with the fish they are about to eat. They even like to play with people, wich maybe people enjoy dolphins so much. Dolphins learn humans games quickly, and they alsomake up their own games and teach them mto people.

Dolphins will almost play with anything balls, feathers, and many other things. They can play basketball, play toss the ring, jump up high, fetch a stick in the water, ring a bell when he is jumping and other varieties. Sometimes dolphins are shy when they swim close to shore. If people are gentle to the dolphins get over their shyness. Excerpted from her book: Telling the Truth: Why our culture and our country have stopped making sense-and what we can do about.

One reason they stay together is the enemies in the sea. The Shark is their enemy and so is the killer Whale. If a killer whale comes close, the dolphins make a circle. The female dolphins and their ba bies are in the middle of the circle. The male dolphins swim around the outside of the cicle.

It is hard to attack when there is a bunch of dolphins. But sometimes the enemy attacks and the dolphins attack back. When a dolphin cries for help the other dolphin comes to help. One day some dolphins were playing around a big boat they did flips in the water and jumped high in the air. But one dolphin was jumping too high and was to close to a boat. That fell against the hard side of the boat and was hurt. Then the dolphins heard the whistle for help they swam over their hurt friend. But was sinking in the water that the two friends started to push him up for a breathe air. Then he took a big breath of air and he swam away with his friends.

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But sometimes he cant summary see very well in the water because is so full of shadows, and mud, and plantsthat grow at he bottom. The dolphin uses his ears so much it is hard to see his hears. They are located in the sides of his heads and are two tiny pin holes. The dolphin can hear very well. A dolphin sleeps a foot or two below the top of the water. He takes little naps every half minute or so he moves his tail up and down. This brings him up for a breath of air. Then he drifts down and sleeps some more. Some dolphins stay together they with play and learn and grow.

truth essay

But dolphins can stay under the water for six or seven minutes, if he holds his breath. The dolphin breathes in his head because he has a blow hole in his head that allows him to breathe. Dolphins have a lot of teeth to help them eat. Each dolphin has almost one hundred teeth in his mouth all the same size and shape. The only work the teeths have is catching food, but not chewing. First the dolphin catches a fish virgin then he swallows. A dolphin has a good eye.

feel free to call a representative if you have any questions or need assitance. Thank you, marque learning Center. 2003 "The contents of this page were given or mailed to you when registering. Please make sure you fill them out and return with your work.". 2003, marque options: Graduation Ceremony.80 (Includes Cap, gown tassel diploma rush.50 Tassel.10 key ring Tassel.10 Cap, gown, tassel.30). Dolphins Essay, research Paper, dolphins are playful and cleverness make them fascinating to watch. Dolphins are not fish they are mammals that live in the sea. They have to come to the top of the water every half minute, so they can breathe.

About Marque learning Center: Marque learning Center was established in 2003 pdf because we saw the need in our city to provide a legitimate education to adults and teens who by difficult situations were unable to finish High School. At Marque learning Center we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to finish High School no matter what their circumstances are. Our program is designed so that it may be completed at the students own time and on their own pace. We want our students to be as comfortable as they need to be with no more added stress to their busy schedules. We strive to make sure that we empower our students with the tools necessary to access the many opportunities that await them upon graduation. We consider ourselves a stepping stone to a brighter and more successful future. Marque would like to thank you, the student, for choosing.

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Write a song for my demo; Help me with Songwriting;. A woman in the front of the room gamely held a basket in front of her, beaming beneficently, like a priest with a collection plate.

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