Write about mom

write about mom

Write, for Scary mommy

Celebrate your blog's milestones - its birthday, your 100th post, etc. Write an faq about yourself. Tell everyone why you ignored a friend request on Facebook. Post about product recalls. Share your tips on how you balance family life with your time online. Explain why you're a pr-friendly blogger or why you're not.

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Share your favorite family traditions. Tell your story of loss and how you got through. Write about your best moment of the week. Write about your worst moment of the week. Post a picture of yourself in high school and tell others about that year of your life. Look at google's trending topics and write a post based on what people are searching for right now. Create a best of the year list, such as the top stories for moms, top products of the year for moms, etc. Check your spam box or junk mail at home. The crazy offers you get make a great post. Write blogging tips for newcomers. Predict where parenting bloggers will be in 10 years.

Share your kids' latest antics in a thesis post. Write about your favorite road trip. Tell a true story about your parents. Get a free makeover. Describe your day and post before and after pics. Compare your childhood toys to your kids'. Relive some of the things your kids do that remind you of yourself as a child. Chronicle a day in your life with lots of pictures. Write about a really great idea you had that turned out to be a total bust.

write about mom

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Share what daddy you've learned from blogging. Write an open letter. Apologize to someone from your past. Dissect the pros and cons of being a mom today. Being a mom 50 years ago. Write a brief memoir as a blog post. Name 10 wishes you have for your kids. Confess your spouse's shredder dirty little secrets. Explain what you hope to accomplish in 20 years.

Homeschool or vice versa. Write a post with tips on how you protect your kids from bullying. Tell a story by posting pictures. Share freebies and good deals. Create a quiz for your readers. Post the answers at the end of the week. Give your take on the hot parenting news story of the day.

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write about mom

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Look at the list of popular posts on other blogs moms write and share your own opinion on the topics. Keep track of holidays, events, and other observances throughout the year and blog about them. Tell others why you chose your blog design. Pick a celebrity mom you identify most with and explain why. Take a stand on a controversial parenting subject, such as breastfeeding. Formula essay feeding, spanking, etc. Write a post about why you work outside the home or why you don't.

Explain why your blog rocks. Host a contest or giveaway. Log your child's birthday party - from planning all the way to the big day. Write about why you love blog memes (or hate them). Make a list of bloggers you'd like to meet. Link to them and send them a note about your post. Share your reasons for choosing traditional school.

Ask others to identify the resemblances. Gather your mom friends and host a once-a-month podcast for parents. Tell why the world would be a better place if a mom was in charge. Carry your camera with you at all times. Post a funny picture of the week.

Pose a poll question. Follow up with a blog post announcing the results and your views on the findings. Search the Internet and write a "best of the blogs" post for moms. Post coupons for parents. Explain how you use Twitter to connect with other moms or why you don't. Find out what the number one pop song was 10 years ago today. Write a post based on the song's title. Take an expert's stance on a topic and field questions from your readers. Feature your best blog comments of the week.

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Write about your plan blogging inspiration. Show off your tattoos presentation or tell everyone why you never got one. Document a diy project ( painting your kids' bedroom, de-cluttering your closet, etc.). List your top 5 favorite activity ideas for kids. Review a baby or children's product you own. Expose a secret family recipe. Post a picture of your child next to one of yourself at the same age.

write about mom

Share a dilemma that's plaguing your family right now. Rehash your first trip to the emergency room with your child. Tell your in-laws exactly what you think of them (as long as they problems don't know your blog!). Read the latest weird news and write your own post about. Admit something you said that your kids shouldn't have heard. Start a weekly feature (on a hobby, cooking, or another niche topic). Share your organizing tips.

writing and maintaining your blog. Write your child's birth story. Share your wedding story. Join a blog carnival. Describe your best day as a mom. Describe your worst day as a mom. Post a picture and ask readers to caption.

Turn a negative comment into a positive post. Unite with another parenting blogger to write a point/counterpoint blog post online each week. Write about your favorite me time indulgences. Share your personal story of helping kids through a difficult situation (death, divorce, etc.). Explain why you post pictures of your kids on the internet or why you don't. Let your child write a guest post on your blog. Create a top 10 list of your life achievements so far. Vlog once a week. Make a list of the people you dated before you got married.

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Geber86/Getty Images, coming up with blog content ideas can stump anyone and drain your enthusiasm about maintaining a blog. After all, how many blogs have you visited that are biography here today and abandoned tomorrow? 101 Content Ideas to Inspire you. Rev up your writing with 101 blog content ideas for your mom blog that get your inspiration flowing and keep you excited about blogging. Tell your blog's story, from the idea of starting one to how it's evolved since you wrote your first post. Confess your biggest parenting failure. Boast about your biggest parenting success.

Write about mom
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  1. 13: i was just thinking about that, mom. here to view it or write another. Even if you just wanna post pics of your mom and write about what you want to do or have done with her feel free to. about my mom, my term paper about gaining weight, about my friend essay, about my father essay, i wanna write a book about my life. princess, king, mom, mother, father, brother. Things to write about your mum How great writing, and mother begin to will be inspired.

  2. Write About What you love i could write about that, but it would probably be pointless. I dont think so, mom said. My mom inspired me, 'why dont you write a story about us, and put it on this thread, so that many other sons and moms like us might. Your public comment about Mom Strips naked for Nude day. 10: could possibly write about my breasts, my ass, of my pussy, if you've. 09: Comment posted successfully - click here to view it or write another.

  3. using Pills : A true, personal story from the experience, i love. My mom came to my side n began to sleep but. 6 Responses to why i dont write about dads my journey with Samuel qualifies me to write about raising a child with Type 1 diabetes. And I decided it was also time to talk about the real reason I write about it so often. Here on On your Own, but never Alone, i write about topics that I hope will speak to you as a woman, single mom, and entrepreneur.

  4. Stumped on blog content ideas? Keep those creative juices flowing with these 101 great blog content ideas for your mom blog. Write about your family, how you like it, how many people there are in your family and what makes you really close. of, write what you know and the fact that it is just plainly and simply my life, i write about my family because, well, Im a writer. Before sitting down to write copy for a website or brochure, you have to understand what.

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