Writing a press release for a book

writing a press release for a book

How to, write a, book, press, release, like a pro!

The conventional method for ending a press release is the hash symbol, three times, centered, like this: Step 1: Use the Above book pr template so now that you know the format of how your press release should look, how do you write. Well go into each of the sections of the book press release template in turn. Always remember that you need to write like a journalist not an author. Clear, concise communication is your guiding philosophy. So, break out your favorite writing software, or Scrivener in my case, and lets begin. Headline just as a book title needs to be carefully chosen to interest potential readers, a press release needs a well thought out headline to make it stand out from the endless press releases journalists deal with. If you want some real-world examples of press releases with killer headlines, check out this top 25 rundown by pr web.

Learn How to, write an Author, press, release, quickly and Easily!

When that couple found out their beloved picture was on the cover of thiswell, not really sure what youd call itthey were not very pleased. However, a well-timed press release on the picture put masters this little book mwhateverright into the limelight. This caused the book sales to skyrocket and even had Rob Gronkowski himself do a fake tv trailer for a gronking to remember movie with hbos Funny Or die. (Not shown here because its pretty inappropriate ive got standards.) How to write a pr for a book so now that youve seen the difference between a cleverly written pr versus a generic one, how exactly do you go about creating a press release for. Thankfully, you dont need to produce an evil political manifesto or write dubious football fan fiction! (wipe sweat from brow now) However, you do need to know the format of a book press release and some best practice advice on writing one. Remember, a legitimate editor is more likely to accept a press release on your book if its properly formatted and they dont have to do too much work. Book press Release template a press release for a book follows a fairly standard format which illness helps with its mass syndication: Its conventional to state for immediate release in bold, at the top of your press release. Headline 20 words Subheading Optional, but sentence length Dateline location and date (include your city/state/country) Intro needs to be attention grabbing, can include a problem/solution hook author"tion must be weighty, avoid bland, empty statements Mini author bio emphasis on mini 1-2 concise paragraphs, every. Only do this if they will be used, though nothing looks sadder than a hashtag with no one using.

It was picked up by only 4 syndicates and resulted in no direct increase in sales. 99 dollars down the drain. So, what does this prove? Even if youve got an amazing, super cool book that famous writers love, a thesis generic press release under a generic package will do no good. But lets see what happens when a twist of news occurs and a press Release is the cause for major bank! Sometimes it does, a couple of years ago an author created a satirical erotica book focusing on Rob Gronkowski, a player for the new England Patriots football team, called. A gronking to remember. This may come as no surprise, but the book wasnt exactly an instant hit, until it ran into some legal problems. It turns out that the author used a picture of a couple who had just gotten engaged.

writing a press release for a book

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An impressive or intimidating milestone, an unconventional promotional effort, an endorsement apple or link to something/someone famous. Tying in your book with a buzz concept,. G., millennials, gluten free, or any other hot topic that a journalist will see and think yeah, people will click that. Now that youve got an understanding of what goes into a stellar book press release, lets look at a generic example that didnt work, and one that did that wasnt so generic. Sometimes It Just doesnt Work, for this article, we created our own example. Using a standard package from pr web, we created a generic Press Release by pr web for an incredible book by pamela hodges called. How to be a cat. This book is so fun and catchy that some of my favorite authors like marion roach Smith, joe bunting, jeff goins, and Steven Pressfield gave incredible endorsements. But, guess whatthe Press Release did nothing.

 Basically, youre doing the work for the journalist or news publication by writing it for them.  The best news is (pun intended) that most will actually accept the same news story that others have accepted, which is aptly known as mass syndication. So, all you need is one good press release for your book and youre set.  Simple, right? What makes a great Press Release? To write a successful press release you have to be newsworthy. So, what are some of the ways you can spice up your book press release? A shocking or captivating author story. A unique or fascinating book topic, a rare or prestigious book award won.

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writing a press release for a book

Writing a, press, release, can Help your, book

Back in the day when the news was only printed in newspapers, editors and writers had a certain amount of space they could fit a story. However, with the internet, that is not true. Writers and journalists are always looking for good story opportunities to post on their publications website no matter the size or amount. In many cases, any legitimate story is better than no story. So what does all this mean for you as an author?

Simply put, if you are able to package information about your simple book into a format which grabs a journalists attention, make it so they dont have to put much work into your article to publish it, and it seems like it would be of interest. Youve won the holy grail of free publicity. And in some cases, as well discuss essay later, there are new agency sub-affiliates that will accept just about anything so long as its a properly formatted press release. So, how does this help us? A book press release is a means by which you showcase your book to journalists and news organizations in an interesting manner.

As Im going to show you in this article, just about anyone can get their name next to those big time news stations with little to no effort. However, the real marketing magic comes when you know how to do the above well.  When you get that, a press release for your book can be a game changer for your sales and authority not just a pride metric like many use it for. Ill explain it all below and show you how. In this article, youll learn: What is a book pr release the good and the bad.

How to write a book press release. Free book press release template, services and methods to get your pr in front of big agencies. Warning : What Im about to show you can be a very effective marketing tactic.  But in the wrong hands or done without taste can easily be spammy and crummy.  so, please use this knowledge for good and apply some. Kindlepreneur principles as you step through this. What Is a book press Release?

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Rachael ray has sold over 10 million copies of her 20 published books, and has nine 1 New paper York times bestsellers If you are like me, you might learn more by looking at what works, and then applying that format to your own press release. So here are some sample book launch press releases : I recommend going with the best online press release distribution service: m heres a coupon! Most Important Tip: Write an exceptional book! No fancy marketing will substitute for a fascinating, and compelling book. You should really be passionate about what you are writing about, and that enthusiasm should be evident in your writing. Its not a bad idea to ask, who cares throughout every step of the book writing process! Did you know that with a book press release, you can effectively get published by famous news agencies like fox, summary nbc, abc, etc? No, reallyyou can, and the truth is, it isnt as hard as you think.

writing a press release for a book

An online Press share Release for your New book a well-written online press release is a great way to tell all the important online media outlets that youve written a book. A good online press release should include the following: A great headline think of this as a fishing hook. Heres some sample press release headlines An introduction hooked? Now real in the reader. Heres a sample introduction: In the heart of Italy, harvard professor of symbology, robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of historys most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces Dantes Inferno. Against this backdrop, langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science a lead paragraph serves as an engaging and exciting brief summary of the book a", like. Its fantastic entertainment, commented Puffin Fiction Editor, sarah Hughes. An about the author heres a sample: rachael ray boasts a wildly successful career as a syndicated television star, an iconic food Network television personality, bestselling cookbook author, founder and Editorial Director of her own lifestyle magazine and founder of the yum-o!

press release, as the launch is going to fall flat. Establishing a personal connection with potential readers in this case is extremely important. A media kit: New book. If you have aspirations of a new York times review, get: a professional-looking head shot, write a 100-125 word biography (that touts you as qualified to write such a book) professional business cards (with your book cover on the front and contact info on the. And when doing so, dont be afraid to be creative. When Rachael ray came to the barnes noble in Princeton to promote her book of Burgers, she came in a food truck and gave out free burgers. Ok, maybe thats beyond what is appropriate for your appearance at a local bookstore, but talk about creating a buzz! Your launch party should be fun, and invite all those people who follow you on your blog and Facebook. Im getting off track, but these things are important, and prelude to a good online press release!

Before clicking a button that will distribute news of your new book to dozens of media outlets, lets ask this question: Who cares? In the months (or even years) leading up to the completion of your book, you should create and grow a name and online presence. Start building a network of people who care about friend what you have to say. Have a, facebook page and contribute to forums and blogs online in the area or niche that your book will be of interest. If your book is about organic gardening, build a name for yourself in that niche online. Same thing goes for a book about the history of the boston Red Sox, or a vegan cookbook. The great thing about the web today is that you can really target niches with precision. As your book evolves, make sure you continue to grow your potential fan base on Facebook, twitter, a blog, and social media.

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Did you hear something? If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, the same question can be asked of whether anyone will notice your new book launch online. Distributing an effective online press release is a great way to contribute to a successful book launch, and should be an important component of your larger marketing strategy. Selling your book or ebook online is an interesting challenge, and it should be noted that doing so is different than selling other impulse-buys, (like a t-shirt) or commodities (like a poster, dvd, or toy) that may be available elsewhere online. While seeing a funny t-shirt might motivate someone to take their wallet out, the mere sight of a book cover probably wont. For this reason, youre going to need to get more personal if you actually want to sell any copies. But, before distributing an online press release, youll need: An Online buzz for your New book or ebook. Not a good book, lets rewind at this point.

Writing a press release for a book
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  1. Do you want to know how to write a press release for a book? Click here for steps to writing book best press releases. Balboa press, a division of hay house, gives you ideas for writing a self help book. The surprising skill needed by todays Working Artist: a new book teaches Writing for Self-Promotion. writers block for writing your next press release after the holidays.

  2. Ebook on press release writing - for entrepreneurs or anyone else who wants to get press coverage on their own. promote your book for duration of one month containing one press release writing and 100 distribution to news and media outlets. Comments Off on How to Write a press Release for a book launch How to Write a press Release for a book launch show, tv show, writing. Sample online press release formats for announcing a new book / ebook launch, plus tips for what to do before publishing your book for. Targeted Press Release distribution and Professional Press Release Writing Services since 1983 from Send2 Press Newswire, a service.

  3. winning Formula for. Accomplish your Writing and Publishing Dreams with Tolulope popoola in 2006, which rekindled her love for writing and telling stories. One thing to keep in mind when you are writing a press release is that it is ideal for the release to be one page long. know that writing an effective book press release is well within your skill set, provided you remember a book release is not news and. This e- book will ensure that it is your press release that provides the material these websites and magazines need. While writing a book is a significant accomplishment for just about anyone, dont expect the rest of the world to feel that way.

  4. Have you written a press release for your book? 3 ways, writing a, press, release, can Help your, book. Get Noticed their own writing skills. sending a press release for any little thing you think can qualify for writing one, figure out the expertise of your message and get. You've written your book now it's time to create some buzz. In this post learn how to write a book press release.

  5. Publishing a book should write a press release and it is easier than you think. Briefly a press release is a written document for the. When launching a new book, authors can use a press release as an integral part of that launch. A press release for a book will. through the press release writing process with an online form that lets you focus on the news you want to share and lets us craft your.

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