Female horror writers

female horror writers

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If you were a man, you would be writing a story. But you are a woman and you are writing a polemic. You do it anyway. you are invited to an anthology. You hope it is not just because you are a woman, or because you are young, or because you are (half) a minority. But even if it is, oh well. You believe the editors are trying to do the right thing. women in Horror Month is here and its a giant popularity contest, even more than writing already is:  you dont look at the lists, because you know youre still not on them, and that worm of self-doubt that lives inside your brain doesnt need any more.

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Editors lay bare their numbers, and many outlets submission data does show that women submit fiction less than men, a fact duly blamed on the female writers for not submitting enough. Of course, you as a woman have never applied for a job for which you feel underqualified, and you have never negotiated a raise. In your current workplace, you dont engage in as much self-promotion as your male peers. This isnt just because helper youre trying to be nice. You know that a good girl follows the rules and waits her turn and doesnt push her luck, or herself, onto others. After all, you wouldnt want to come across as too abrasive. You also notice that some of these outlets only ever seem to publish men, so no wonder you wouldnt have submitted there. You know when youre not wanted. you write a story that includes some discussion of gender issues. You worry youre overdoing. You worry youre going to be labeled as a writer with a political agenda, mostly because you are a woman writing about gender.

You come home disappointed. Well, i could have told you it was going to be like that, your male roommate says. If paper theres a half-naked girl in the trailer, you know the movies going to be rapey. you are an ambassador of your gender, so you better be good: in your writing, in your attitude, in your openness to overture. Someone generous is taking a chance on you, so dont disappoint, or youre the last lady horror writer they will ever try. Dont scare them off. women in Horror month comes around and everybodys a statistician.

female horror writers

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Blumhouse facebook page. Youre a horror writer. you go to see a new horror movie. It is filled with young ladies in peril, and then in various states of undress (still in peril and then in various states of dissection (still in undress). The camera fawns over their dates destroyed bodies. The one who entered the movie broken gets to live. Its the reward for her suffering.

Annie neugebauer tilton (author i think a lot of it has to do with marketing, mainly genre labels. Anne rice, vc andrews, and laurell. Hamilton are bestselling horror authors who only occasionally get referred to as horror authors. Part of the problem is that horror, in general, is getting shelved in other places, but female authors more. Some of it might be expectation on the authors part (self-labeling as gothic or dark fantasy to avoid the label some might be marketing on the publishers part (using whatever label/shelf sells the most books and some might be on the part of readers driving. As it turns out there are plenty of fine female horror writers working and publishing, but they tend to be relegated to the small press. I ask you to seek them out, read them, recommend them. As always i ask for your feedback on the.

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female horror writers

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But I wonder are people passing up our work because they think we arent as hardcore as our male counterparts? What do you men think? Do you take chances on female writers? BH: Multi-award winning author Nancy holder has written some of the strongest horror out there, but these past few years has been writing young adule and tie-in books. But lately shes been making a return to horror. Nancy holder (New York times Bestselling author i absolutely loved writing the novelization of crimson peak. I cant tell you how deeply i connected to that Gothic world.

I loved reading/rereading guillermo del Toros influences. I started crying because i was so happy to be reading and writing adult horror, immersed again in my mountain genre. I have loved working on my novelizations and buffy, because to me they are also in that speculative fiction vein, if not 100 horror, and ive been writing short horror fiction. When Im ready, ill talk it over with my agent. Right now I have a ya contract to complete. My most recent one, the rules, will come out in paperback in June. Its an homage to wes Craven.

Lisa lane (author i think a lot of it has to do with reader expectation, and for that reason, women in horror have a smaller chance of actually being read. Society is brand-driven, and pretty and petite woman (for example) brings about a different expectation than brawny, crazy-looking guy. While we all know logically that judging an author by appearance is ludicrous, i firmly believe the impact is still very real, and I believe it has a notable effect on women and the overall horror market. BH: so are we saying that female writers are writing horror and being published by the major houses, but the publishers want to call it something else? Heather graham pozzessere (New York times Bestselling Author publishing always seems to go through trends; I have been labeled mystery, romance, horror, even sci-fi. Ive noticed lately that theyve settled on novel.

But, to be fair, a publishers job is to publish, and that includes advertising and marketing, and I believe they are happy to call a book anything in order to get it out there the best way possible. Im happy to be anything anyone wants me to be, since we live on the income. Then again, i delight in being asked into anthologies such as with a lovecraft theme, or with Jonathan (Maberry) and the x-files, because there is something so wonderful about a new challenge and shaking up the usual. Also, my barnes and Noble has no horror section — sci-fi and fantasy, mystery, romance and fiction. Selene macleod (author i think that horror as a genre has gotten much more sophisticated, but also much more split into sub-genres. Horror fans only have so many dollars to spread around, and after theyre done buying the latest Stephen King novel and then a few newer authors (Paul Tremblay and Sarah Pinborough both just got a little push after Stephen King tweeted about them theres only. If women horror authors only make up 25 of those remaining crumbs, the numbers arent going to be that good. La marr (author i have seen — and written — some very hardcore things.

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Why arent there new hardback Anne rice, heather Graham pozzessere or laurell. Hamilton books chewing up the charts? Where is the next generation of female horror writers and who is at fault — publishers, authors or the reading public? We decided to pose that question to people in the field, and here was what we heard. Amanda niehaus-hard presentation (author could it have something to do with the fact that a lot of women horror writers are publishing in the small press, and dont have the distribution that bestseller status needs? M: Yes it could. So then the question becomes, Why arent the major houses publishing female-written horror? Eddie schneider (literary agent perhaps for the same reason that women were kept out of history books for so long — not because they werent influential, but because they were overlooked. Or if someone is successful, they get called something other than a horror writer.

female horror writers

So, ive taken on the role of writer and publisher. . Again, the learning curve is great. . But Im very excited about my new venture and hope that you will be too. . If you would like to know more about what Im doing both with my writing and with Kymera Press, please sign up for my new newsletter. . Ill be posting how to articles about what I learned during this process, along with news of appearances, calls for women artists and, of course, other writing when I find the time to. I hope youll follow me on this new venture). How long has it been since youve seen a new horror novel phrases on the shelves of your local bookstore by a female author? What has happened to the best-selling female writers of dark fiction books from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago?

had no place here. And so i started, kymera Press, a publishing company that promotes women in comics. . Gates is Kymeras first outing. . All of the artists involved in the artwork for Gates are women. . The women inside gates pages are realistically portrayed. 2015 will see at least one more women-created comics coming from Kymera Press. . Pati nagle will be adapting her science fiction character from Pet noir, leon, the genetically altered cat who is a spy on a space station, to comic book form. All of the artists will once again be female. . Later in the year, nancy holder will be adapting stories from female victorian horror writers.

i absolutely love writing comic books! . It is the most challenging form ive tackled and the learning curve has been great. But book finally, i have a comic of which Im proud. Gates of Midnight is a supernatural thriller that pits raven Alice moon, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, against monsters from another world. The first issue is due out from Comixology (m sometime around January, 2015. . There are currently four issues, with more in the works. . The script for Issue 5 is nearly finished. But I havent stopped with Gates. . While i was attending conventions and doing my research, i noticed that there were few if any women on panels or appearing as guests. .

6 female horror writers to read right now

Im Debbie writings lynn Smith and Im a writer. . ive written for television shows, published short stories in anthologies and magazines, have 3 audio dramas for the 60s classic Dark Shadows out at m, and have written nonfiction articles for various newsletters. But now Im turning my attention to the world of comics. . I have taken a television pilot I never sold and adapted it to comic book form. . It took me a year of studying the form before i decided to take the plunge. . Id read comics, sure, but never with an eye for writing them. . so i started reading a multitude of independent comics, reading comic book scripts I found online, and attending conventions where panels talked about the craft of writing. And you know what, i fell in love. .

Female horror writers
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  5. For female writers and filmmakers. Later in the year, nancy holder will be adapting stories from female, victorian horror writers).

  6. Nicolas Winding Refn Hires. Writer, for All-, female, horror, movie i walk with The. At age 27, Stenham is one of the uk's hottest writers for the stage. Go read paulas work, and while youre looking, go find some more female horror writers to read. Karina wilson is a british writer and story consultant based in Los Angeles who knows the horror genre better than.

  7. With so many brilliant female horror writers (think Anne rice, shirley jackson, daphne du maurier, lisa morton, nancy holder, sarah Pinborough, lisa. As it turns out there are plenty of fine female horror writers working and publishing, but they tend to be relegated to the small press. Im also always on the lookout for female horror writers, since they dont usually get much fanfare, so any suggestions in that regard would be great. I joined Instagram to put myself out there as a horror writer and to hopefully connect with other horror writers. An anthology you are in is accused of reverse discrimination because it is populated solely by female writers. One female horror spook they are all.

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