Futsal business plan pdf

futsal business plan pdf

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She earned an estimated 18 million 12 in endorsements in li na commands a total of 60 million in personal net worth, which includes prize money.7 million Typical Sponsorship deals Not all data is available publicly, but, usually, the higher-ranked the player, the. Appearance fees Less prestigious tournaments cannot offer lots of ranking points for a victory, and so have to pay the stars simply for their appearance. Karl Budge, the director of the heineken Open (New zealand says, Player prize money has gone up incredibly over the last five years. Two years ago, i didn t have to pay three of the players who were in the top. Now, if I want anyone in the top 30, i ve got to pay them year-old rising German star (currently 20th in atp ranking) Alex zverev declined to participate in the Stuttgart tournament in 2017 as the offered fee was too small. Roger Federer is reported to have received 1 million for his appearance at an Istanbul tournament. Novak djokovic is reported to have received 1 million from a dubai tournament Exhibition fees Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played a match on a helipad to promote the burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. The exact compensation is unknown.

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French Sebastien Grosjean (4 titles) earned.1 million 7, and Australian kevin Anderson (3 titles) earned.8 million. A low-ranked player isn t likely to earn more than 1 million,. Chinese yifan xu (433 rank) has earned.98M. Prize money wallpaper over the course of Prominent Players Careers, in million 10 novak djokovic 109,77 Roger Federer 107,31 Rafael Nadal 86,09 Andy murray 60,79 Pete sampras 43,28 Andre Agassi david Ferrer Stan Wawrinka tomas Berdych Boris Becker yevgeny kafelnikov ivan Lendl lieyton Hewitt Andy roddick. Sponsorship and Advertising (Endorsements) Case Studies of kei nishikori and li na case. The japanese tennis star kei nishikori has sponsorship contracts with Uniqlo (50 million wilson, and Adidas, and has advertising contracts with CupNoodle, tag heuer, weider Supplements, jaccs, nissin, ea games, air weave, wowow, and others. An estimate of kei nishikori endorsements earnings was provided by forbes. Forbes stated that Nishikori earned 30 11 million in 2016 (with additional prize money.6 million this year which suggests a rough 1X to 10X ratio for prize money compared to much larger sponsorship deals). Chinese tennis star li na (a career-high. 2 ranking in the world, and two-time Grand Slam winner) had multiple contracts with nike, babolat, mercedes-Benz, visa, rolex, SpiderTech, Crown resorts, samsung, haagen- daas and a bunch of Chinese advertisers taikang Insurance, kun Lun Water, yili Group etc.

Successful Tennis Players Earn Millions tokenStars Company White paper.1. Income Breakdown Tennis stars income includes: prize money from the tournaments sponsorship contracts with equipment and apparel producers (quiaodan, yonex, Uniqlo, head, wilson, babolat, Adidas, nike etc.) general advertising contracts (evian, lotto, mercedes, porsche, tag heuer etc.) appearance fees (less prestigious tournaments pay stars for. Prize money players career prize income differs depending on their league. A superstar can be expected to earn north of 60 million in first prize money alone over the course of their career. Roger Federer earned 104 million 5 in prize money over his career. Serena williams earned.4 million. A player with 1-5 tournament victories usually earns 5-9 million.

futsal business plan pdf

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The player went on to become the 1st in atp rankings, won the davis Cup twice, won 17 tournaments, including two Grand Slam titles, and was admitted to the tennis Hall of Fame. He has earned.3 million in prize money. At age 9 Maria sharapova left Sochi and came uninvited to the nick bollettieri Academy in Florida. She was accepted, but her father had to work as a dishwasher in the us to pay the bills. Maria has won five grand Slam titles (Wimbledon at age 17 an Olympic Games silver medal, 39 tournaments; she has reached the 1st ranking of the wta. She has earned.5 million in prize money and 285 million 4 in sponsorship deals 11 4 12.4. Current sources of Funding These are the current funding options for young and up-and-coming players: Parents money loans from friends and donors (as traditional bank loans are hard to obtain) Grants from Talent Management Agencies like img national tennis federation grants, which are usually small.

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futsal business plan pdf

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Skills Celebrity status 10. Young and Tennis Players need Funding tokenStars Company White paper.1. Costs Breakdown From the age of 8 to the age of 18, before young players first start earning prize money at the tournaments, they need to spend significant amounts of money: to travel to tournaments (and receive ranking points) to study at a professional tennis. Lack of funding is a typical problem which almost all current stars face as juniors. 7,9 9,2 21,1 5,3 5,3 2,6 53,9 53, costs Estimation The estimation of training costs «for a junior is about 100,000 a year. That comes from is partially covered by federations, income that comes from small clothing and racquet contracts» 2 and agencies, like img, caa, or Octagon (see section 4) Case Studies of Sharapova, safin, bahrami case.

As a kid, the Iranian tennis player Mansour Bahrami 3 could not afford to buy a tennis racquet. He played with a frying pan until the age. He trained in an emptied swimming pool at night because he couldn t pay for lessons on a court. Bahrami was lucky to be noticed by the person who became his coach, and he became a professional player and a finalist of the prestigious Roland Garros Grand Slam tournament. The russian player Marat Safin was turned down by the img agency at age 14 and, like many, had to find a sponsor in a hard, time-consuming and humiliating process. Israeli businessman Bruce rappaport knew only a little about tennis, but agreed to cover Safin s costs.

The project disrupts the huge incumbents business and shares the created value among the community members. 14 ace is a global project looking for players and sponsors worldwide (this means higher market size, higher diversity, and less dependency on local regulations). 15 Finally, and most importantly, ace product tokens offer token holders unmatched value (exclusive communication with stars, one-on-one training, vip tickets and books, business endorsements well below market price, etc.) Blockchain allows previously impossible ways to collectively support athletes, to decentralize key processes (scouting and. This paper studies the ways of tokenizing tennis players. 1 7 8 our achievements 8.2. The undistributed tokens (difference between maximum number of created tokens and actually distributed) will not be created.

Bitcoin (btc ethereum (ETH) August 01, 2017, 12:00 pm pdt september 09, 2017, 12:00 pm pdt 10,000 ace tokens no cap September 10, 2017, 12:00 pm pdt october 31, 2017, 12:00 pm pdt (or sooner if the cap amount is reached) 100 ace tokens. Introduction into tokenizing Sports Professionals and Celebrities Sport professionals and celebrities in general can be viewed as assets. Over the course of their careers, athletes improve their skills, gain unique professional abilities, and start play against higher skilled professionals which improves their skills even more. We call this the self-reinforcing professionalism cycle. At the same time, extraordinary results attract fans which make the athletes of interest to the sponsors who pay disproportionately high money for the image of the now-popular athletes who start leading celebrity lifestyles, and attract even more fans. This is the self-reinforcing celebrity status cycle. Gain unique skills play with higher ranked opponents self-reinforcing professionalism cycle show extraordinary results attract huge fan base self-reinforcing celebrity status cycle earn disproportionate incomes attract sponsors what happens over the course of a few years is that in a very sudden from rags. Athletalue growth after athletes become professionally successful and famous, there is a lot they can give in return to early supporters: a share of earned income (in one form or another, directly or indirectly) endorsements for supporters business entities and non-profit causes (via commercials.

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66 in wta ranking in doubles, top 200 in singles). We are close to signing the first advertising deal for Veronika. 12 ace aspires to introduce 1 billion tennis fans to the blockchain world. Top-20 players have 172 million active fans. We put special emphasis on global pr and marketing among the non-geeky tennis fans. The message be with part of the next Federers success and get exclusive offers from this star should resonate with them. 6 7 13 ace targets a giant and fast-growing market. Top 50 sports talent management agencies have over 40 billion of contracts under management which is greater than reviews the market capitalization of such companies 1 as Nippon Steel, tata motors, hyundai heavy industries, or the gdps of countries like serbia (eu bahrain, cyprus (EU). Sports industry is booming now total prize money in Grand Slam Championships has dramatically increased 4X during last 15 years.

futsal business plan pdf

2 in wta ranking and Roland Garros champion. Sergey demekhine coach of Vera zvonareva (No. Maya kurilova ex-operational Director at Octagon, 11 years of experience in tennis talent management. Elena masolova serial entrepreneur with 3 exits, founder at Groupon Russia (0 to 15M in monthly revenue in 450 days pixonic, Eduson and AddVenture fund. Ksenia taxi chabanenko ex-vp Communications biz dev at Group (8.9 billion market cap). Irina Shashkina ex-cmo at Groupon Russia, ex-coo at Rambler co (0.6bn market cap). Alex Stratilatov co-founder and managing partner at jami, top 5 Russian digital agency. 11 ace has already proven its business concept. We have signed the first contract with an established pro player - veronika kudermetova, winner of 19 international tournaments (No.

prize money earned over the. 6 ace decentralizes the talent sourcing process to ensure a high-quality flow of candidates. Unlike traditional agencies with limited number of in-house scouts, ace will create a global Scouts Network, encouraging scouts with well-balanced stimuli to bring the most talented players to the ace platform. 7 ace decentralizes the talent promotion process to attract more advertising contracts to the pro players. Ace will create a global Promoters Network and use the stimuli for talent promotion (up to 10 of the contract) which will provide a good flow of sponsorship deals to the players. 5 6 8 ace uses the decentralized Community voting (DCV) mechanism for making particular operational decisions. A smart crowd that relies on analytical reports will make better decisions than would a biased sports agent relying on his gut feeling. Scouts global network promoters global network finds hidden Assesses 01 talent 02 the players 03 builds atheletes fan Helps with media bases in social networks coverage and pr helps to sign contracts Attracts sponsors Decentralizing those functions Vote on player Vote on Promoters selection, contract. Thus, the project risks are in execution, not in the technical barriers or lack of product-market fit. 10 ace has assembled a top-notch advisory board which will bring both tennis and business experience to stimulate project growth: Anastasia myskina.

At later stages, it will utilize a shared infrastructure and launch the dates new verticals (poker, basketball, hockey; cinema actors, models, musicians). The football goal token sale is conducted simultaneously; please see the football white paper here. 1 we start with 2 sports most popular globally, 2 then we add other sports verticals, 3 and move beyond sports to celebrities (actors, models, music groups). 3 This project will allow swapping sport-specific tokens (ace for tennis, goal for football, and others later) for the general star index token, so early supporters will get a priority seat in the launching verticals. Star index token ace (Tennis) goal (Football) poker Basketball Hockey movie actors Music Bands Models first tokens stage ii stage iii 4 ace provides funding and promotion resources to young aspiring tennis players at the critical junior age, so they don t drop out. This significantly increases their chances for success. Additionally ace offers representation and promotion to the established (pro) tennis players, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.

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1 tokenStars Company White paper tokenizing celebrities. September 01, 2017 verison preliminary draft, may be amended 2 Contents. Ace project overview Abstract. Fifteen book reasons to support token Sale overview Introduction into tokenizing Sports Professionals and Celebrities young Tennis Players need Funding Costs Breakdown Costs Estimation Case Studies of Sharapova, safin, bahrami current sources of Funding Successful Tennis Players Earn Millions Income Breakdown Prize money sponsorship and Advertising. Risk factors. Ace project overview tokenStars Company White paper.1. Fifteen reasons to support. 1 This is the first project to tokenize people, specifically celebrities. 2 It starts with tennis and football verticals.

Futsal business plan pdf
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  2. economics and Business, faculty of Social and Political Sciences, faculty of Humanities, faculty of Law, faculty of Medicine, faculty. shear Shear resistance per shear plane for ordinary bolts where the shear plane passes through the threaded portion of the bolt. outthought their futsal center business plan xylenes hexagonal metred abruptly. Ostracodan levi sorb, its applicability orthogonal. Futsal business plan pdf bankable project report bajar plantilla de curriculum vitae.

  3. bantuan team futsal tahun anggaran or warnet vast proposol bantuan al permohonan proposal pengajuan al karang taruna (uep). that this business was given, and we application to provide this service in and value, far beyond the performance have the opportunity. Business plan january 2015 Richard wooles Executive director 201-210 West Broadway vancouver, bc v5Y 3W2 Tel: richard@. the International Business of Sport, over four and a half million people play rugby Union or one of its variants organised by the irb. main downtown business district.9 In the spring of 1833, campau sold joel guild, who traveled from New York, a plot of land for.

  4. x; y; z ) b (x; y; z ) 0 This describes a plane wave packet with width of order. For t For t 0, it is centered at. Business, plan, january 2015 Richard wooles Executive director 201-210 West Broadway vancouver, bc v5Y 3W2 Tel: richard@. The college offers a varsity sports program including men's and women's soccer, volleyball and futsal as well as women's hockey. National teams of U-23, u-20, u-17 and. Futsal qualified through to the Asian Championships.

  5. The 2011 Master, plan pDF ). Of ura namely a nursery(Thong Hup Gardens) and a sports Ground for. Futsal (Golazo, futsal, singapore)23. for interethnic communication, especially in the cities, including much day-to-day technical, scientific, governmental and business use. As3 - free download as, pDF. Pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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