Optimal resume umass

optimal resume umass

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Sigmund key: nowak-1998b a service-Oriented Negotiation Model between Autonomous Agents year: 1997 author(s. Jennings key: sierra-1997a Chaos, cheating and cooperation: potential solutions to the Prisoner's Dilemma year: 1996 author(s Bjorn Brembs key: brembs-1996a learning models of intelligent agents year: 1996 author(s. Markovitch key: carmel-1996a help under risky conditions: robustness of the social attitude and system performance year: 1996 author(s. Micelli key: cesta-1996a The right Type of Trust for Distributed Systems year: 1996 author(s. Josang key: josang-1996a limited Logical Belief Analysis year: 1996 author(s Antonio moreno and Ton Sales key: moreno-1996a social information filtering: algorithms for automating word of mouth year: 1995 author(s Shardanand,. key: shardanand-1995a formalising Trust as a computational Concept year: 1994 author(s Stephen. Marsh key: marsh-1994a toward a theory of Honesty and Trust Among Communicating Autonomous Agents year: 1993 author(s piotr Gmytrasiewicz and.

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Author(s magne jorgensen and Dag Sjoberg. Key: rainfall jorgensen-2000a Trust and Distrust Definitions: One bite at a time year: 2000 author(s. Harrison McKnight and Norman. Chervany key: mcknight-2000a contracting with Uncertain level of Trust year: 1999 author(s number sviatoslav braynov and tuomas Sandholm key: braynov-1999a learning models of other agents using influence diagrams year: 1999 author(s suryadi,. key: suryadi-1999a collaborative reputation mechanisms in electronic marketplaces year: 1999 author(s zacharia,. key: zacharia-1999a Empirical Analysis of Predictive algorithms for Collaborative filtering year: 1998 author(s john. Breese and david Heckerman and Carl Kadie key: breese-1998a Principles of trust for mas: Cognitive anatomy, social importance, and quantification. Year: 1998 author(s Cristiano castelfranchi key: castelfranchi-1998a negotiation Decision Functions for Autonomous Agents year: 1998 author(s faratin,. key: faratin-1998a evolution of indirect reciprocity by image scoring year: 1998 author(s. Sigmund key: nowak-1998a The dynamics of Indirect Reciprocity year: 1998 author(s.

Key: sabater-2002b, on how agents make friends: mechanisms for trust acquisition. Year: 2001, author(s. Key: esfandiari-2001a, group and Reputation Modeling in Multi-Agent Systems. Year: 2001, author(s Ari halberstadt and lik mui. Key: halberstadt-2001a, supporting trust in virtual communities, year: 2000. Key: abdul-rahman-2000a, boosting cooperation by evolving trust, year: 2000. Author(s Andreas Birk, key: birk-2000a, the Importance of not learning from Experience.

optimal resume umass

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Year: 2004, author(s. Guha and ravi kumar and Prabhakar Raghaven and Andrew Tomkins. Key: guha-2004a, trust revelation business in Multiagent Interaction, year: 2002. Author(s sviatoslav braynov and tuomas Sandholm. Key: braynov-2002b, a computation Model of Trust and Reputation. Author(s lik mui and Mojdeh Mohtashemi and Ari halberstadt. Key: mui-2002b, reputation and Social Network Analysis in Multi-Agent Systems. Author(s jordi sabater and Carles sierra. Key: sabater-2002a, social revelation regret, a reputation model based on social relations.

Duties to include: Responsible for maintaining the appropriate growing environment for all greenhouses, heat, cooling, ventilation, fog, lights, etc Need to trouble shoot or make corrections to mechanical environmental systems through out the day to ensure continual optimal growing conditions Responsible for completing a daily. Responsible for record keeping of any applications. available to assist in other greenhouse activities as assigned by greenhouse manager, teamwork is very important Must have the physical ability to carry out the job, wearing personal protection equipment including a respirator, manage hoses, move plants, able to lift up to 50 lbs and. Qualifications: degree in any related field desired, 1 2 years greenhouse growing experience required, experience with perennial or long term crops preferred. Salary: commensurate with experience If interested, please send resume or letter of interest. Mike smith's readings and reviews on Reputation and reasoning (TM). Back, written reviews (14 entries back, on mike's Short List to read (9 entries back, read (33 entries malicious behaviors of agents in multi-agent systems: minimizing their impact and detection. Year: 2004, author(s Blazej Bulka, key: bulka-2004a, propagation of Trust and Distrust.

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optimal resume umass

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06/1995-08/1995 Cadence design Systems, Inc., chelmsford,. Designed and implemented gui components of cad system in essay c and Lisp. 06/1994-08/1994 Software 2000, Inc., hyannis,. Performed high-level testing of object-oriented software for OS/2 windows. Maintained lotus notes based bug-tracking system.

Professional Societies / Honors: 2001 Graduate fellowship from Eastman-Kodak corporation Research Lab. Upsilon pi epsilon, international honor society for computing sciences. Tau beta pi, engineering honor society. Thompson Award for outstanding first year performance at wpi. References: available upon request). Primary responsibility: the daily care of all plants in and around.25 acres of greenhouse facilities in western Mass. This is a hands-on, year round position with weekend time required.

Department of Physiology, biomedical Imaging Group Research Assistant. Developed a method for tracking live cells in in video sequenses, using deformable models and fuzzy rules. Teaching experience: teaching Assistant. Frontiers/Strive, a summer camp program at wpi for high-school students interested in science. General software development experience: 06/2000 - 09/2000 Connection Concepts, Inc., farmington, ct software Engineering Consultant.

Worked in a small team to design and implement a client-server system for retrieval and presentation of railroad data. The client was implemented as an applet, which communicated with the server via a servlet. The server in turn communicated with a database residing on an AS/400. All layers of the system above the database were written in java. 09/1996-06/1997 Optical Access International, Inc, woburn,. Designed and implemented an administrative application for a cd-rom file server using ms visual c, mfc, and novell sdk.

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Object recognition and detection using local image features. Developed a novel algorithm for interest point detection, and a novel method of feature matching using scale-space topology. Automatic classification of images of plankton using local image features. University of Massachusetts Medical School, worcester,. Department of Physiology, biomedical Imaging Group Research Engineer. Designed and implemented a distributed system for 3D image deconvolution using mpi, for a cluster of workstations. Designed and implemented software for computer-controlled microscope stage.

optimal resume umass

North American fuzzy information Processing Society, june 1999 programming: c, matlab, c, perl, java, scheme, prolog, Intel x86 Assembly. Operating systems: unix honours (Linux, digital unix, ultrix, irix, sun os ms windows, mac os, novell Netware computer vision research experience: 2007 - present Videoiq, inc., bedford, ma r d engineer developing computer vision algorithms. Designing and implementing computer vision systems. Boston Colledge, chestnut Hill,. Computer Science department Postdoctoral Research Fellow Research involving eye tracking, saliency modeling, image compression, and object recognition. Umass amhrest, amherst,. Department of Computer Science research Assistant. Developed a system for semi-automatic segmentation of brain lesions from 3d mri using deformable models and statistical techniques. The system is written in java.

Dimitri lisin, Edward. Extracting Salient Image features for Reliable matching Using Outlier Detection Techniques, Proc. Vision Systems, 2003. Statistical and Deformable model Approaches to the segmentation of mr imagery and Volume Estimation of Stroke lesions. On Medical Image computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, 2001 Lisin,. Gennert, "Optimal Function Approximation Using fuzzy rules".

Yu and Dimitri. Lisin, Image compression based on Visual Saliency at Individual Scales, international Symposium on Visual Computing, las Vegas, nevada, 30 nov-d. Lisin, Image Classification with Bags of Local features,. Thesis, department of Computer Science, university of Massachusetts Amherst, may 2006. Learned-Miller, combining Local and Global Image features for Object Class Recognition proceedings of ieee workshop on learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (in conjunction with cvpr), san diego, california, june, 2005. Tupper, "Automatic Classification of Plankton from Digital Images. Aslo aquatic Sciences meeting, salt lake city, utah, february, 2005. Tupper, automatic In Situ Identification of Plankton, Proceedings dates of ieee workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, breckenridge, colorado, jan.

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Dimitri lisin's Resume 7 Old Laxfield road. Shrewsbury, ma 01545 (774) dima at cs dot umass dot edu ass. Edu/dima, education: University Of Massachusetts Amherst, amherst,. D., computer Science, may 2006. Advisor: Erik learned-Miller, worcester Polytechnic Institute, worcester,. Master of Science, computer Science, october, 1998. Advisors: Michael Gennert and, lawrence lifshitz, worcester Polytechnic Institute, worcester,. Bachelor of Science, computer Science, february, 1997, with high distinction. Publications: Aleksey lipchin, real Igor reyzin, dimitri lisin, mahesh Saptharishi, multi-Operand Block-Floating point Arithmetic for Image Processing, ieee worskshop on Signal Processing Systems, san Francisco, california, october, 2010, stella.

Optimal resume umass
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  3. Gennert, optimal, function Approximation Using fuzzy rules. This paper contains a mathematical proof that the lru-k algorithm, first introduced in a 1993 paper listed below, gives optimal behavior under reasonable assumptions of database page access. Optimal, planning in Multiagent Environments: Basic Framework. Towards Incentive-compatible reputation Management. Umass, amherst services and features.fog, lights, etc need to trouble shoot or make corrections to mechanical environmental systems through out the day to ensure continual optimal. The position is focused on numerical optimal control for quantum error-correction.

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