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overseas assignments abroad times mumbai

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57 58 His Tamil film, Thambi (2006) directed by seeman, had a delayed release but became a profitable venture in town and village centres. 59 Madhavan's portrayal of a rustic do-gooder, received positive reviews from critics though a reviewer from The hindu claimed the actor was "unable to shed off his classy looks". 60 61 he then appeared in Sundar c 's comedy film Rendu (2006 where he played dual roles for the first time and in the long-delayed romantic comedy aarya (2007 appearing as a medical student. 62 Madhavan wrote the dialogues, produced and featured in the lead role in Nishikanth Kamat 's evano Oruvan (2007 playing a middle class bank employee who becomes so disgusted with the corruption he faces in his day-to-day life that he becomes a vigilante. After setting up a production studio, leukos Films, he helped promote the film in international film festivals before the theatrical release in December 2007. 63 64 Critics called the film a "must watch" and a reviewer from The hindu stated that the film was "Madhavan's best performance to date while he also went on to win the itfa best Actor Award for his depiction. 65 66 However evano Oruvan and his subsequent release, seeman's vaazhthukal (2008) did not perform well at the box office, while another completed film titled naan aval Adhu failed to have a theatrical release. 67 Madhavan's final release of the year was the docudrama mumbai meri jaan, based upon the 2006 Mumbai bombings.

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The film received praise for the essay lead pair's performances with Madhavan being praised as "top class while it also became the first Tamil film to be dubbed into zulu. 54 onwards, madhavan increased his work in Hindi films and starred and wrote the hindi dialogues for the comedy ramji londonwaley (2005 a remake of his earlier film Nala damayanthi. Critics described his performance as "a master stroke though the film fared averagely at the box office due to the release of other big budget films during the period. 56 he experienced box office success in Hindi films for the first time through his role in rakeysh Omprakash Mehra 's Rang de basanti (2006). Featuring in an ensemble cast led by aamir Khan, madhavan essayed the guest role of flight lieutenant, whose death triggers a revolutionary movement against corruption. 10 The film was subsequently nominated for the best Foreign Language film at the 2006 bafta awards, while it was also chosen as India's official entry for the golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards for the best Foreign Language film category. Madhavan then collaborated with Mani biography ratnam for the fifth time in the biopic Guru (2007 co-starring Abhishek bachchan, aishwarya rai and Vidya balan. His role of Shyam Saxena was inspired from the life of real-life journalist. Gurumurthy, who was a challenger to the business tycoon, Dhirubhai ambani, whose life drew allusions with Bachchan's role. The film became a blockbuster and also received critical acclaim, with a reviewer citing that Madhavan acts with "extreme, believable sincerity" dubbing him as "truly a poster boy for India whilst another claimed he performed "a weak role with élan".

Madhavan portrayed the character of Inba sekhar, a hitman living in the slums of Chennai, whose path crosses with the characters portrayed by suriya and Siddharth. His role also featured him in a struggling marriage, where his daddy wife desperately tries to claw him away from his profession. Madhavan bulked up and sported a shaven look for the first time in his career to resemble the character of a ruffian and shot for the film through the sync sound technique. 47 he received widespread praise for his depiction, with Baradwaj Rangan of The hindu claiming that Madhavan outplayed Abhishek bachchan 's interpretation of the character in the hindi version of the bilingual, yuva. 48 Madhavan went on to win the filmfare Award for the best Tamil Supporting Actor, whilst another critic from The hindu cited that he "sparkles as an anti-hero" and that the "character ought to find a very special place in his repertoire". 49 Similarly, a critic from m stated "Madhavan's daring decision to play a negative character, who gets beaten up black and blue at the end, putting his 'hero' image in peril, has paid off, as he walks away with top honours while a reviewer from. 50, madhavan worked on Rajiv anchal 's English-Malayalam crossover film Nothing But Life (2005) and completed his work in a single schedule across Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Portraying an orphaned youth with suicidal tendencies being treated by a malayali psychiatrist in the usa, the film and his portrayal opened to mixed reviews. 52 53 he then appeared in another marriage drama film, Priyasakhi (2005) co-starring Sadha with the pair playing an estranged husband and wife.

overseas assignments abroad times mumbai

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38 Portraying a young frustrated filmmaker with capitalist beliefs who travels with a handicapped communist played by kamal haasan, madhavan's performance was described as a "milestone in his career" and that "his portrayal will remain with the viewer for long" by a critic from The. 39 The film opened in January 2003 to positive reviews, but became a surprise box-office failure. Post-release, the film has garnered belated critical acclaim from critics and television audiences and is considered as one of the "cult classics" of Tamil cinema. 40 41 Film critic Baradwaj Rangan wrote that the film "was leagues ahead of the average tamil and Indian film though felt that "the masses were unwilling to accept the experimental nature of the film while talking about the film's box office failure. 42 43 Post-filming, kamal haasan revealed that he was impressed with Madhavan's enthusiasm and concentration listing during the making of the film and thus subsequently signed him on to appear in his production venture, nala damayanthi (2003 where he played a brahmin cook lost in Australia. In 2003, the actor also appeared in vikraman 's family drama Priyamana Thozhi as a budding cricketer, saran 's romantic comedy jay jay and made a guest appearance in Priyadarshan 's Lesa lesa as a jailed teacher. The three films made average returns at the box office, though Madhavan's performances were appreciated by critics. Edit madhavan played an imposter gangster. Ravikumar 's comedy aethiree (2004) before being selected to feature in his fourth Mani ratnam production, aaytha ezhuthu (2004 which featured him in an ensemble cast including Suriya, siddharth, meera jasmine, esha deol and Trisha.

The film received widespread critical acclaim and went on to win six National Awards as well as over ten awards at various International Film Festivals. 31 Madhavan gained acclaim for his portrayal with a critic citing "he lived the role of the character he portrays with the film seeing him move away from the romantic hero image for the first time into a more serious, performance-orientated role. The good performance of the film internationally also helped him develop an overseas market for his films. 32 33 Madhavan's next large success came with Run, a film recognised for its screenplay, with Madhavan appearing in an action film for the first time in his career. 34 In regard to his performance, the hindu 's critic noted "he manages to portray action with élan in Run and actually looks fit and comfortable in the role with the film helping him make a breakthrough as an action hero. 35 36 Despite another unsuccessful Hindi venture with the musical, dil Vil pyar vyar (2002 the success of his previous films helped him secure the tamil Nadu State film Award for Best Actor for 2002, being jointly recognised for both films. 37 Madhavan was cast alongside kamal haasan in Anbe sivam (2003 which told the story of an unexpected journey from Bhubaneswar to Chennai of two men who are polar opposites. Madhavan revealed his elation at working with an experienced actor like kamal haasan, while noting that a human drama film like anbe sivam was important for his career as an actor as it came after a successful masala film in Run.

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overseas assignments abroad times mumbai

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22 23 After the success of his first Tamil film, the producers of his previous Kannada film, Shanti Shanti Shanti, dubbed the film into tamil and released it as Relax, to capitalise on forest Madhavan's new-found success. 17 Madhavan's next film, Ennavale (2000 garnered mixed reviews although Madhavan's portrayal was praised as the "mainstay" of the film, with claims that the film for him was a "merely a prosaic exercise". 24 Madhavan's first release of 2001, gautham Menon 's directorial debut Minnale, opened to critical and commercial acclaim. Featuring a popular soundtrack by harris jayaraj and marketed as a valentine's day release, minnale further built on the actor's image as a romantic hero and was later listed as a "classic romantic film" from the tamil film industry. 25 26 he then collaborated with Mani ratnam for the second time by appearing in the director's production venture, the romantic comedy dumm Dumm Dumm (2001 alongside jyothika. Appearing as an unhappy groom trying to halt his wedding, the film won positive acclaim and became a commercial success, with Madhavan establishing himself as a bankable actor in south India. 27 Madhavan then again appeared as a husband in a tumultuous marriage in Parthale paravasam (2001 the hundredth venture of veteran director.

Despite featuring amongst an ensemble cast and being highly anticipated prior to release, the film failed at the box-office, with critics citing that Madhavan looked "rather bored" with the proceedings. 28 Similarly his first lead role in a hindi film, rehna hai tere dil mein (2001 a remake of his Minnale, was also unsuccessful at the box office, with the film and Madhavan's performance receiving mixed reviews. 29 However, the film belatedly gained popularity through screenings on television and subsequently developed a cult following amongst young audiences. 30 In 2002, madhavan played the role of a novelist in Mani ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal alongside actresses keerthana, simran and Nandita das. In the film, he was shown as the role of the father of an adopted child, who wishes to return to her native homeland amidst the Sri lankan civil war.

12 13 Prior to his film audition, madhavan was spotted by a television executive while out walking in lokhandwala in Mumbai, and was recruited to feature in Hindi television serials, appearing as a crook in his first venture yule love stories. He appeared in leading roles in zee tv 's Banegi Apni baat and Ghar Jamai, while he gained further popularity portraying the character of Shekhar in saaya. He also went on to act as a ship's captain in sea hawks, as a convict in Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum and worked as a television anchor in Tol Mol ke bol amongst other television appearances. 14 15 His first appearance in a feature film role came through a small role in Is raat ki subah Nahin (1996 where he portrayed a singer in a bar. 16 In 1997, madhavan appeared in a supporting role as an Indian police officer in Fred Olen ray 's English film, Inferno, which was shot in India.

13 His first chance in Indian cinema came in the form of Shanti Shanti Shanti (1998 a kannada film, in which he appeared as a carefree youngster alongside actor Abbas. However, the film failed to make an impact and went unnoticed at the box office. 17 During the period, hindi film director Vinod Pandey launched Madhavan as a bollywood hero, with a project titled akeli, however the film was shelved before the production process had been completed. Edit In 1999, leading Indian director Mani ratnam selected Madhavan to feature in the leading role of his Tamil romantic film, Alaipayuthey (2000) and the film's subsequent critical and commercial success gave madhavan his breakthrough as an actor. 13 19 Portraying the character of Karthik varadharajan, a young husband experiencing difficulties with his marriage, madhavan revealed that he studied the technical aspects of film-making from the director and learned the entire script of the film, irrespective of whether he was in the scene. He became the first debutant actor to be cast by mani ratnam in the lead role of a film, and revealed that when he found out that he was set to work with the director he was overcome with a "mixture of excitement, awe, fear. 20 featuring alongside actress Shalini, madhavan's performance was well received by critics and the film's success led to it developing "classic" status. 21 A critic from The hindu, described that Madhavan "sails through the litmus test with ease whilst another review cited that Madhavan was a "promising debutant" into the film industry.

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9 As a result of this opportunity, he received training with the British Army, the royal navy and listing the royal Air Force, which he had, at a point, considered joining. 10 However he missed the age cut-off by six months and was subsequently unable to join the programme. After he lost out on the place, he began teaching courses on public speaking and personality development skills in Kolhapur and the satisfaction he gained through teaching, prompted him to pursue a post-graduation in public speaking at Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai. During the period, he also won the Indian Championship for Public Speaking and subsequently represented India at the young Businessmen Conference in tokyo, japan in 1992. 11 During his stint in Mumbai, he opted to create a portfolio and submit it to a modelling agency. 9 Acting career edit early work edit In early 1996, madhavan worked on a sandalwood talc advertisement directed by santosh sivan, who later recommended him to mani ratnam to take part in a screen test for a role in Iruvar (1997). Madhavan was auditioned for the leading role of Tamizhselvan amongst several other more established actors, but Mani ratnam eventually left him out of the project citing that he thought his "eyes looked too young" for a senior role.

overseas assignments abroad times mumbai

He is particularly vocal about the protection of animals and was awarded peta's Person of the year recognition in 2011. Contents Early life edit madhavan was born on in Jamshedpur, bihar (now in Jharkhand india, into a tamil iyengar family. His father Ranganathan was a management executive in Tata Steel and his mother, saroja was a manager in the bank of India. His younger sister, devika, is a software engineer. 7 he had a tamil-speaking upbringing in Bihar. 8 In 1988, madhavan gained a scholarship to represent India as plan a cultural ambassador from Rajaram College, kolhapur and spent a year in Stettler, Alberta, canada as part of an exchange programme with Rotary International. He returned to kolhapur and completed his education, graduating with a degree in electronics. During his college years, madhavan became actively involved in extra-curricular military training and at 22, he was recognised as amongst the leading ncc cadets in Maharashtra, which allowed him to make a trip with seven others as ncc cadets to England.

(2009 which went on to become the highest grossing Indian film of all time. He simultaneously worked on Tamil films, gaining critical acclaim for his portrayal of a vigilante in his home production evano Oruvan (2007) and for the successful bilingual horror film, yavarum Nalam (2009). After appearing in further box office hits, tanu weds Manu (2011) and Vettai (2012 madhavan took a break from acting. Returning after a three-year sabbatical in 2015, his comeback films, the romantic-comedy tanu weds Manu returns (2015 the bilingual sports drama Irudhi suttru (2016) and the crime film vikram Vedha (2017) all won critical and commercial acclaim. His performance as a boorish boxing coach in Irudhi suttru fetched him Best Actor awards at the filmfare, iifa and siima award ceremonies. 4 5 In addition to his acting career, madhavan has worked as a writer on his films, hosted television programmes and has been a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and products. 6 he has also worked as a film producer, first making evano Oruvan with leukos Films, before setting up Tricolour Films to produce saala Khadoos (2016). Madhavan is noted for his philanthropic activities and promotes various causes such as environment, health and education.

Madhavan soon developed an image as a romantic hero with notable roles in two of 2001's highest grossing Tamil films, gautham Menon 's directorial debut, minnale and, madras Talkies dumm Dumm Dumm. He worked with Mani ratnam again in the critically acclaimed 2002 film. Kannathil Muthamittal playing the father of an adopted girl, whilst he achieved commercial success with his role. Linguswamy 's action film, run (2002). Madhavan was cast alongside, lined kamal haasan in the 2003 drama, anbe sivam, which earned him two notable awards for Best Supporting Actor. In 2004, he gave a critically acclaimed performance as the antagonist in the multi-starrer. Aayutha ezhuthu and the film secured him his first. Filmfare Award for the intense portrayal of a rogue.

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Madhavan (born ) is an Indian actor, writer and film producer. He has received four. Filmfare Awards and an award from the, tamil Nadu State film Awards along with recognition and nominations from other organisations. He has been described as one of the few actors in India who is able to achieve pan-Indian appeal, having appeared in films from seven different languages. 1 2, madhavan began his acting career with television guest appearances, including a role on the. Zee tv prime-time soap opera, banegi Apni baat in 1996. After appearing revelation in commercials and in small roles, he later gained recognition in the, tamil film industry through, mani ratnam 's successful romance film.

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