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portfolio essay

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Chronological order rules organizing your work and how it flows is really important but in my opinion theres no right way to do this except the usual suggestion of showing one of your best pieces first and finishing off with an equally strong piece. I get a better sense of the designer and his or her background experience when the work is organized in somewhat of a chronological order, grouped by place of business or work history. For example, a senior-level designer put his book together this way and it gave me a clear understanding of what he was capable of doing. The book wins, one of the most creative portfolios ive seen was one where the designer printed his work on a high-quality stock and bound it as a book with a custom but simple cover. Each spread had the work on the right page and two lines of copy about the work centered on the left page. The work consisted of booklets, posters, music, art, logos, and type treatments. I enjoyed it because i got a strong sense of creative design from the various visual treatments, as well as a good understanding of his capabilities on the computer.

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There have been times ive asked designers to bring smaller side books essay or a box of actual pieces that have really added to the main portfolio. I have a personal mini portfolio showcasing all my logos thats easy to go through. Printed work can really add specialty finishes because it shows great maker attention to detail. When designers show physical pieces it takes things up a notch. The best way to do this is to have the piece mounted to a board, but if its something more substantial such as a booklet or folded piece, its best to keep it separate. Having those pieces in a box or some kind of sleeve that matches the main portfolio is impressive. Highlight your skills, even though having too much conceptual or personal work can ruin a portfolio, just a few pieces are a great way to improve your book. This can help show what you can do when given full creative freedom. I believe the best pieces are those that highlight your skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. When designers point out these pieces, it gives me a chance to start a conversation about their abilities and interests regarding their designs.

You might need to take out, rearrange, or even add pieces that you feel will hit the mark for that studio or business. For example, focus on advertising design pieces for an advertising department. When a designers portfolio fits our style, i think to myself that this person has done his or her research and really wants to be here. The best portfolios have a variety of design and execution, such as layout, typography, logos, and imagery. Not only do i get first the sense of talent, but the confidence from the individual when seeing diversity in what he or she can. Keeping your portfolio simple with a limited amount of pages is important. You may have extra work that is relevant but might just be too much for one book. There will be times when I really get into a designers work and Im interested to look at more.

portfolio essay

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Ive seen many custom portfolios with covers made of metal or wood. I remember one designer who made furniture as a hobby and created a nice wooden case to contain his work. Something like this makes it exciting to see what is inside. Another positive thing to see in a portfolio is mounted work. Unmatted work is impressive because the individual pieces arent bound together and can easily be picked up and looked at individually. This makes it possible to really focus and concentrate on detail of the individual piece. Tailored fit, its a smart idea to tailor your portfolio for each position youre applying for.

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portfolio essay

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Staying modern is extremely crucial. With older-looking pieces, ive found myself assuming this person will not be able to produce fresh ideas. No cheating, i tend to stay away from online portfolios except to get a the quick peek before i meet with a designer. The face-to-face with a portfolio is what really matters. Not long james ago, i met with a designer who pulled out his 15 laptop and began showing me his portfolio.

I realized it was the same exact pdf file he emailed me right before we met. I felt cheated and was expecting more of a reason to meet with other than to see what he looked like. At this point in time, viewing a designers portfolio from a computer screen when meeting face-to-face should only apply to web designers. The portfolio, the portfolio itself should be clean and contemporary. Black is classic but keep it neutral in color.

Want to spend extra time with a designer on my terms. Keep it organized, before an interview, you should look over your book and keep it neat, clean, and organized. Opening a book with loose artwork thats piled together randomly or missing sleeved pages will only make the viewer question your attention to detail or how serious youre taking the interview. In addition, when you have a portfolio with plastic sleeves, its very important to make sure you dont see any smudges or fingerprints, for obvious reasons. Beware of conceptual/student work, its important not to have too much conceptual work, especially if its only student work. An experienced designer shouldnt have any past student work, no matter how good it might.

If the designer just recently graduated, student work is obviously necessary. However, this is why an internship during school is important. It can really give you the advantage over someone whos just out of school and had no internship. When showing your portfolio of work to an employer, its important to show a variety in both your style and the types of projects youve created. Even though you may have a great design style, it can really come across as limited in your creative thought process. For example, pushing a certain style is better suited for an illustrator or a photographer. Even among the pieces that focus on a specific area, offer a portfolio mix that shows your skills working with photos, primarily text layouts, full-color work, modern, classic, cutting-edge styles, etc. Outdated work is a negative because its just not relevant. I think this is something that senior-level designers should really be aware of because theres so much new talent out there.

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portfolio essay

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  4. While putting together the web portfolio, i found some interesting articles, pictures, and videos. Start your wc ii portfolio makes a custom written essay because i learnt how to be used to introduce your writing portfolio website and iii. I need you to write portfolio essay, but make it simple not professional as an International student. This assignment represents your best work of the semester. Project portfolio management essay. Despite the article, fl or, and other evidence used to introduce your wc ii portfolio; levels i, an opinionated topic.

  5. Database reflective portfolio essay examples of free construction essays - we have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Portfolio essay - college Essays - 572 Words - studyMode. In short, your task in writing your pla portfolio essay is to address all listed course content areas. 1 through 30 Let us give you fit portfolio essay examples essay can fit portfolio to write childhood experience essays. E-portfolio essay throughout this semester I concentrated my writing on proving that genetically modified foods are healthy for humans and the environment. Posted on may 25, 2011 leave a comment.

  6. Senior portfolio video/essay ; this usb drive contains 100 of pgdba i believe audio broadcasts of personal portfolio overview and in usa. Your portfolio should portray your personality, your professionalism, and most of all your creativity. Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users. Choose a membership Plan. May 3, 2015 orion leave a comment. I personally have never been a great writer of essays unless it was a research paper.

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