Python django developer resume

python django developer resume

How can i auto-populate a pdf form in Django/Python

Libraries/APIs, rest api, jQuery, backbone. Test-driven development (tdd rest, object-oriented Programming (oop functional Programming, Agile software development. Storage, database performance, postgresql, mysql, elasticsearch, memcached, redis. Other, rESTful Web Services, web development, data mining, Front-end, performance Optimization). Languages, go, python, java, c, objective-c,. Frameworks, web2py, junit, bootstrap, Django, paradigms, object-oriented Programming (oop concurrent Programming, Agile software development. Libraries/APIs jQuery ui, jQuery, fabric, jQuery mobile. Tools, subversion (svn eclipse ide, supervisor, mercurial, virtualBox, Apache, nginx, git, gimp, Chrome developer tools, Apache Ant, cvs.

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Improved compatibility with a leading blog writing application, windows live writer, by reverse engineering and implementing a competitor's xml-rpc api extensions. Helped teams scale up as the company grew from 9 to 100 employees by deploying and maintaining blog and wiki communication tools on the company intranet. Developed an irc bot to administer agile standup meetings for a distributed team using the perl Bot:BasicBot system. Wrote and deployed an intranet search engine for logs of the company's private irc channels, using Sphinx search and mysql. Implemented a tweet style social application for the intranet, with both new posts in Markdown and retweeting of public Twitter tweets by subscription, in Perl using Catalyst and internal TypeCore libraries. Improved ability of internal teams to exchange patches and data by deploying an internal code review tool, a pastebot style snippet sharing tool based on the open source DjangoSnippets. Org, and bookmarklet-based link blogging. S., computer Science, university of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2003 buzzwords Python: Django, wsgi, nose, buildbot, Sphinx documentation, Flask, jinja, pypi, pip, setuptools, distribute, virtualenv virtual environments, generators, Twisted Web: html, css, javascript, jQuery, xml, openid, oauth, weblogs, rss, atom, AtomPub, syndication, xml-rpc mobile: ios, iphone. Languages, sql, python, javascript, less, html, css, ruby, elixir. Frameworks, django, angularjs, ruby on rails (ror bootstrap ghostwriter 3, redux.

Implemented continuous integration for TypePad api client and server components using a python ci system, buildbot, later migrating those tests to hudson. Wrote developer documentation, including a house style guide for Python, developer's guides to running Motion with Apache/mod_wsgi and using TypePad's feed subscription api, and several developer blog posts. Accidentally contributed to a third-party rewrite of a python oauth library. Software developer, movable type (2007-2008) Self-directed to design and develop Action Streams, a personal web profile news feed aggregator, later incorporated into movable type. Created a community-focused media microblog experience integrated with web activity and identity providers as part of the movable type motion product. Improved performance and extensibility of the storage system by adapting code for narrow table storage from mt's sister product, typePad. Implemented new web technology, including OpenID support for commenters and improved AtomPub api support. Software developer, typePad (2004-2007) Helped migrate customer data to a new database architecture—from a single postgresql database to user-sharded the mysql partitions—by adapting the product's large stable code base to a next generation rewrite of its object relational mapper. Improved user experience by implementing TypePad's first rich text editor, integrating an open source rte and extending it to meet product requirements for semantic html.

python django developer resume

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Software developer, typePad Conversations (2010 provided Django development and deployment expertise to support the launch of the company's leading conversational marketing product. Improved project planning and accountability by pushing carefully selected Scrum practices (the retrospective, point-based team velocity, and the burn-down chart). Participated in discussions to design a badge system to make learning and using TypePad more fun and game-like. Software developer, typePad Motion (2009-2010). Prototyped an api-backed community blog application with Django, refining it with a cross-functional team into the released product. Worked closely with the typePad api team to develop a new rest json oauth api meeting both the application's ux needs and the typePad platform's performance requirements. Designed and wrote remoteobjects, a core library for rapidly building restful web service client libraries in Python. Reduced latency in Motion's clientserver requests by co-writing a python library for sending parallel http requests in one batch request.

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python django developer resume

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Improved reliability of automated tests by adapting the application to use tornado's configuration system. Org project (2010-present evolved a next-generation TypePad dashboard prototype into. Leapfrog, a content-focused stream view using deep aggregation of multiple social content services. Worked with web apis from Twitter, Flickr, typePad, vimeo, tumblr and already mlkshk to integrate those content streams into the leapfrog experience. Improved leapfrog with end customer feedback collected through UserVoice. Contract programmer, convore Inc (Mar 2011Apr 2011). Brought a prototype iphone client for Convore's topical chat system to fighting weight on a short event-driven deadline using standard ios platform tools.

Proprietor, make a face (2010-present devised a simple face-sharing application and rapidly prototyped it in Django and jQuery. Integrated visitors' web cams into an involving user experience with a bespoke javascript-bridged Flash component developed with the Adobe Flex 3 sdk. Delivered the idea to market fast and cheaply by using the typePad platform for cloud style photo hosting, social activity sharing, and account management. Collaborated closely with a professional designer to develop the visual appearance of the site, and implemented that design with the sass stylesheet authoring language. Prototyped a mobile face-sharing experience without Flash in an hp webOS.4 application. Six Apart, Ltd., san Francisco, ca (2004-2010). Six Apart created the, typePad and, movable type community publishing systems.

I worked with a small team of developers and designers writing applications for a radio-centric Django project. Midwest Communications operates over 60 radio station websites from this project. Accomplishments Wrote a static page editor for Django to streamline the designers workflow Wrote a restful Blog/Podcast application for Django worked with the team to migrate the sites from our version 2 to version 3 layout Worked with team to make these sites responsive maintained. Collaborated with management to develop and implement company wide strategies Web Designer, midwest Communications Inc. wausau, wi — i worked with radio station Brand Managers and salespeople in Wisconsin and Michigan to create and maintain promotional pages for our sites.

I worked with Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics and modify images. Accomplishments Design and markup efforts contributed to success of numerous radio promotions Participated in award winning radio promotions Worked on several contests resulting in a high participation rate education northcentral Technical College Programmer/Analyst Program University of Wisconsin Marathon county general Studies). M/in/markpasc, builder of internet-enabled community software for ten years. Senior software developer on agile, cross-functional teams building whole products. Prototyper of full-stack web and mobile applications. Projects, contract programmer, simpleform llc (may 2011-June 2011). Improved compatibility of mlkshk's api with the current specification of oauth. Redesigned mlkshk's api reference documentation, implementing an easier content management experience using Sphinx, the standard Python documentation tool.

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Maintained intranet accounting software for Z4 poker and. Various design development projects. Lead Web developer, midwest Communications Inc. wausau, wi — aug. I worked closely with a small team of developers and designers to write and maintain applications for a radiocentric Python/Django project. I managed several application, fuller database, and media servers as well as handling deployment for the project. Web developer, midwest Communications Inc.

python django developer resume

I worked on the platform team building various microservices to support video games and related projects. The team worked in a scrum framework. I was responsible for backend development tasks and bug fixes. Accomplishments, built Django/Wagtail application for, rime, implemented anti-spam solution for several videogame-related forums. Twitch Drops marketing support for our games. Senior Web developer, Z4 poker, las Vegas, nv — oct. I worked on several Python/Django projects for a las Vegas-based online poker startup. Accomplishments, developed and maintained Python/Django applications. Built javascript-based admin tools for, hdpoker.

houston, tx — march 2018 - present. Python django development for internal customer applications. Owner, modular Hexagon llc, houston, tx — jan. Freelance python web development services. Modular Hexagon llc, python developer, six foot llc, houston, tx — sept.

Programmed a nios ii ip core inside a fpga. Technologies: vhdl, verilog, python, c,. Languages, java, python, javascript, c c, objective-c. Frameworks, django, spring, hibernate, flask, paradigms, agile software development, model view Controller (mvc test-driven development (tdd design Patterns. Platforms, linux, heroku, ios, android, Oracle, storage. Microsoft sql server, mysql, postgresql). M/jakealstad, summary, i am a passionate developer who loves clean, efficient code.

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Languages, python, coffeeScript, javascript, java, lua, perl,. Frameworks, django, pyramid, Django rest framework, flask, angularjs, twisted, bootstrap. Libraries/APIs, django orm, gevent, sqlalchemy, facebook pdf open Graph api, facebook public feed api, fabric, pyparse, beautiful soup, lodash. Storage, postgresql, aws s3, ibm informix, json, elasticsearch, mysql, berkeley db, redis, mongoDB. Tools uwsgi, git, Nginx, Shell, celery, paradigms, test-driven development (TDD). Hardware and Embedded Software developer, digital Communications Laboratory - school of Natural and Applied Sciences, national University of Cordoba. Made a network processing module inside a fpga. Made custom network processing software for a nios ii ip core. Created a reusable fpga burning script in Python.

Python django developer resume
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List yourself as a django or Python developer. Python : Django, wsgi, nose, buildbot, Sphinx documentation, Flask, jinja, pypi, pip, setuptools, distribute, virtualenv virtual.

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  1. Devin is an experienced application developer with a particular focus in recent years on web applications. His strengths are with. Technologies: Python, javascript, jQuery, django, colony Framework python jQuery Django javaruby on rails (RoR)Objective-cqtjQuery uiios. Technologies: Python, django, javascript Python developer and Scraping Manager Freelance ruby developer Technologies: Python, django. Technologies: Python, django, unittest, postgresql, javascript, html, css.

  2. As a software developer, he believes that simple and. Python, javascript Django, jQuery, angularjs created Sphinx search server integration component for this framework. Jairo is a python developer who is strongly oriented to delivering successful products. He is a clever and efficient engineer and. Technologies: Django, python, javascript Python ElixirLinux Django gitHubEmber.

  3. He has created. Technologies: Python, django, django, rest framework, mysql, Amazon S3, celery. Django postgresql, twitter boostrap, jQuery, jinja2, memcached, celery, saltStack, vagrant, digitalOcean, new. Radu is a versatile software developer who has worked with various programming languages, technologies, and operating systems. Vedran is a full-time freelancer who puts reliability and accountability first.

  4. Luke dingle is a, python and, django web developer based in Sydney, australia. The personal site of jake alstad, a web. Developer and Designer living in houston,. Python, django, flask, and other open. Jakub is an experienced, python, developer with a proven ability to develop efficient solutions for complex problems.

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