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20 World-Class Presentation Experts Share Their Top Tips

You do not have to register to utilize the service. Simply access the web interface from 280slides homepage (works with any browser and operating system) and start working on your presentation slides right away. File formats supported are: ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, odp and there is no limit to the size of your presentation file. Once your presentation is uploaded, you can share your slides via e-mail, post them to SlideShare or copy / paste a snippet of embed code to display the presentation on any web site or social media page. Transitions and animations inside the original file are not preserved during import. No download option, nor soundtrack / voice-over support.

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Presentations on SlideBloom can either be public or private. Download option and soundtrack / voice-over are not supported. The the premium account, priced.50/month, lets you to have up to 500 private presentations, remove ads while using the service, have further embed generation and playback options and also get statistics on the your presentations. SlideServe is a place to upload and share powerPoint presentations on the web. Presentations can be uploaded either in ppt, pps, pptx or ppsx format and must be under 100mb each. When you put your presentation on SlideServe, all the transitions and animations inside the original file are preserved. SlideServe also allows you to restrict the access to your uploaded presentations. When you presentation is uploaded, you can share your slides via e-mail or by grabbing a snippet of embed code to post on web sites or social media pages. You cannot add an audio track or a voice-over to your presentation. No download option is supported nor premium plans are available either. M/ 280slides 280slides is a free web-based presentation editor that allows you to import PowerPoint presentations to share on the web.

No transitions and animations are supported, nor a download option is provided. A premium plan with extended features is also not available. M slideboom, slideboom is a free service to upload and share powerPoint presentations on the web. You may upload presentations in ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx formats and your file must not be larger than 100MB to be accepted. You can upload a presentation without registering, but your file will be erased after a week. Registered users instead, can keep their presentations forever. When uploading your PowerPoint presentation to SlideBloom, all the animations and transitions are preserved, but not audio tracks. Once your presentation is uploaded, grab the little snippet of embed code to share your presentation on any web site or social media.

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Premium account is not available. T myPlick, myPlick allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations to share on the revelation web, free of charge. Without registering, you can upload a presentation file (up to 50MB) in one of the following formats: ppt, pps, pot, pptx, ppsx, potx, odt, odp, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, rtf, jpeg and gif. Then upload an audio track either from your computer or from the web (optional) and publish your presentation on myplick website. To share your presentation slides you can grab a small snippet of embed code to paste on any web site or social media page. If you have an audio track inside your PowerPoint presentation, the audio will not be imported by myplick. Your presentation can either be public or private.

SlideShare, slideShare is a free online service that allows you to upload and share powerPoint presentations. After registering, you can import presentations from a wide range of formats: ppt, pps, pot, pptx, ppsx, potx, odt, odp, keynote, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt and rtf. The presentation file you upload must not be larger than 100MB. To enhance your presentation, you can also add an audio track or a voice-over. You can set each presentation to be available for download or restrict access to your published slides. The service does not preserve any animation, transition or audio track inside your original PowerPoint file. Each presentation on SlideShare sports also a transcript (automatically produced) right under the slide player. To share your presentation, use e-mail or a snippet of embed code to paste on any web site or social media.

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share presentation

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Access : Set diagram your presentation as private to allow only selected viewers. Download : make your presentation available for free download. Stats : Get detailed statistics on your viewers and how many times your presentation is downloaded. Besides these key general features and traits, i have used some additional characteristics to prepare a comparative table and a set of reviews to put these services through their paces. The comparative criteria i have chosen include: Upload formats : File types supported to submit your presentation. Max file size : Maximum file size allowed to upload your presentation.

Transitions and animations : Support for special effects inside your presentations. Soundtrack / voice-over : Integration between audio tracks and voice-over recordings inside your presentation slides. Premium features : key advanced features available in premium paid accounts. Where to upload And Share powerPoint Presentations - comparative tables. Where to upload And Share powerPoint Presentations.

Are you looking for a place to upload and share your PowerPoint presentations? Do you need partners and customers to see your latest idea without sending tons of e-mails? Are you trying to find out how to embed your PowerPoint presentation on your web site? Photo credit: Daniele bazzano, slide sharing services allow you to upload and distribute your PowerPoint presentation on your web site or preferred social media. Most of these slide sharing services are also completely free of charge. Uploading your presentation online does not require advanced technical knowledge or skills.

The only thing you need to do is to grab the file of your presentation and click " upload " on your preferred slide sharing service. Generally, slide sharing services not only support standard PowerPoint presentations in their various formats, but can also import your presentation slides from other formats like: pdf, doc, xls, odp, odt, key, rtf or jpg. Presentations uploaded to slide sharing services are then converted to the Flash format. Even though Flash does support transitions, animations and audio tracks, in most cases your original effects will not be preserved when you upload your presentations online. To help you better understand the characteristics and to facilitate your job, let me share with you the key features and traits that characterize these slide sharing services: Web-based : Upload your presentation to the web and access your slides wherever you are. Distribution : Embed your presentation on any web site, blog or social media page or send your presentation via e-mail.

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It comes with a built-in chat facility which allows you to yardage see who else is online and modifying the document. All the changes are saved directly and provide safe storing for all your documents behind a firewall. You only need to set up Zoho office kit available online and navigate through the screens to finish installing Zoho office. Then create a zoho account and start creating your online powerpoint presentation for free. Follow the link to check out more details about. Zoho Show, add value to your presentation and communication skills with the help of these ready to use online free presentation tools. Adam Colgate, how to void a check - avoid Fraud and Unauthorized. A check is physical, legal contract that effectively represents a promissory note to pay the amounts indicated in numeric and written values, to the payee guaranteed designated in the "pay to" section. Your signature authorizes the amount indicated.

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Prezentit, update (31-Aug-2012) : Prezentit is gone as well. Yet another free online power point presentation toolkit. Prezentit gives you the very essential features to insert text, images, color fill etc. Download option available with Prezentit helps you get the document into your hawaii local drive. Prezentit comes with a wonderful animation box which helps you give a new look for your slides enhancing your presentation skills. Why dont you try out Prezentit now? Zoho Show is another free online powerpoint presentation tool that helps you prepare and share your presentations from anywhere. Zoho Show comes from the makers. Zoho Show provides a list of features which include pre-built themes, clip-arts, drag-and-drop etc which makes your application very easy to use.

used free online powerpoint tool launched by google Inc. The important feature that attracts you towards. Google docs would be a feature that exploits the online usage to its core by providing a feature to share your documents among others. As google powerpoint tool can synchronize your work neatly, anyone, with whom your document is shared, can freely edit/modify the document at the same time. You are free to import the document once you are finished editing. All that you need is to create a google account and start using all its features available for free. Even if google power point doesnt come with the very advanced features, it can meet all your basic presentation needs.

When you are done editing your article you can store it with you or can share it with your friends/colleagues through the share feature available. By creating a valid login you can even store your articles online. The advanced features such as graphics animation, spell-check etc which comes with professional tools such as Micorsoft Powerpoint are not present in 280slides but also dont forget that you are not paying for all these features! Slide rocket is a whole new way to create stunning first presentations. It includes a wide range of feature list such as flash, video, audio, animation etc. Apart from this it provides features to invite your peers to share your presentation making you avail the most important feature present in mainstream google powerpoint tool described above. To start with Slide rocket you will have to enter a 30 day trial period and during this period you can make use of all these features absolutely for free.

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Editor Ratings: User Ratings: Total: 0 Average: 0/5, here are 5, free online Presentation mini Software. Each of these software let you create Presentations online Free. You do not need to download or install anything to create presentations using these Free online Presentation Software. Sponsored Links 280slides is a sophisticated free software to help you prepare your powerpoint presentations online. Almost all functionality essential for meeting your online presentation needs can be found here. You are free to choose your theme and layout of the presentation. It includes all the basic features to insert a picture, movie, shapes, text box, notes etc. Update (28-Aug-2012) : 280Slides has been shut down.

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  1. Each of these software let you create and share, presentations online Free. Almost all functionality essential for meeting your online presentation needs can be found here. Know your topic beyond just the bullet points and be passionate about what you are going to share. Take the time to practice your presentation, rehearsing by yourself or in front of someone else. Camtasia relay -.3 Capture and publish your lecture or presentation anytime, anywhere. Allow subject matter experts to easily share their knowledge with your entire organization.

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