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University of Texas was, by contrast, an exercise of pure will, fueled by a desire to change settled law. The decision to review, hollingsworth. Perry, a case concerning Proposition 8, the ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage in California, may or may not fit into this category. Chief Justice roberts wrote for the 5-to-4 majority that the opponents of same-sex marriage, who lost in the lower courts, lacked standing to appeal. It was the justices themselves who added the question of standing to the case when they accepted the appeal last December. Given the chief justices expressed interest in tightening up the rules for standing, along with general confusion in the courts about whether sponsors of a referendum can assert the interests of a state unwilling to defend it, its possible that the standing issue is what. So if there is an overarching lesson to be derived from this term, a consumers guide to the roberts court, it is follow the docket. The 73 cases the court decided between the beginning of last October and the end of June were selected from some 8,000 appeals.

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In the term that just ended, head and heart were no longer at war. That is not to essay say that he was always in control of the court, or that his view always prevailed. Windsor, the decision that struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, he was one of four dissenters. Windsor was one of the four late june decisions by which the term will be known, and it was in fact the only major decision out of 73 argued cases that found the chief justice on the losing side. (He dissented a total of 11 times, the lowest number among all the justices, after Justice Anthony. A significant point about the defense of Marriage Act is that it was an anomaly among the other hot-button cases in terms of its presence on the courts docket. A federal appeals court had found doma unconstitutional, and while the supreme court has nearly complete discretion to choose the cases it wants to decide, the justices feel obliged to review a decision that has invalidated a federal statute. Granting such a case (the health care case was another) is itself a neutral act that tells nothing about the justices appetites. The courts action in reaching out to decide the future of voting rights. Holder and affirmative action in, fisher.

In the case of the Affordable care Act, its plain in hindsight that the real John. Was not the one who, with evident reluctance and seemingly close to the last minute, joined the courts liberals to place a taxing-power Band-Aid on the mandates penalty provision. In his opinion, he referred unenthusiastically to that statute-saving interpretive move as a duty. Rather, the real John Roberts was the one who as part of that same opinion — estate not the part that ultimately counted — issued a full-throated condemnation of Congresss exercise of its commerce power to have enacted the mandate in the first place. That is not the country the framers of our Constitution envisioned, he declaimed. In saving the mandates penalty provision as a tax, he followed his head. In denouncing the very notion that Congress might require people to buy health insurance, he followed his heart.

smu internal assignment

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This time a year ago, the conservative chief justice whose vote saved, president Obamas health care law was a figure of mystery. In fact, The mystery writings of John Roberts was the title i gave apple to one of my Opinionator columns for The new York times last summer. The right-wing blogosphere had turned on him venomously. Liberals didnt know what to make of his crucial vote, or of him. What was his game? Was he for real? What a difference a supreme court term makes. What became clear during the momentous term that ended Wednesday is that the real Chief Justice roberts has been there all along, hiding in plain sight. We just needed to know where to look.

The voltage drops across both a and b increase; the voltage drop across c is now zero. The power dissipated increases. Even though only two bulbs are now lit, they use up more power than the three dimmer original bulbs. (Was PV2 3R now is PV2 2R) P 27-4) 17 A 85,000 A/m2 P 27-16).310 ohms P 27-19A) R/9 P 27-19).33 ohms P 27-25).43 a p 27-42) unaffected doubles doubles unaffected P 27-45).1 P 28-1).67 ohms.76 w p 28-5). P 28-14).1 ohms current in 4 ohm resistor:.99 A current in 7 ohm resistor:.17 A current in 10 ohm resistor:.82 A current in 9 ohm resistor:.99 a p 28-18) The 11 ohm resistor uses more power. (proof required) The 22 ohm resistor uses more power. (proof required) The parallel configuration uses more power. Parallel: 148.5 W; series: 33 w p 28-25) Vb - va -10.42 v.141 a.915 a.774 a p 28-42) 5 s 150 microcoulombs.06 microamps P 28-43).5 s 1 s exp(-t/1s) microamps P 28-44) rc ln(2).693. Back to the Physics 1304 Home page.

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smu internal assignment

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25 W bulb: r 484 metro ohms;.227 amps. 100 W bulb: r 121 ohms;.909 amps. Q 28-4 set evaluation a is wired with the bulbs (resistors) in parallel; set b is wired in series. Q 28-5 connect the resistors in series. Q 28-6 connect the resistors in parallel. Q 28-9 potential difference (voltage) only. Q 28-11 parallel, because one sees cars with only one headlight.

Q 28-13 conservation of Charge (junction rule and Conservation of Energy (loop rule). The light glows brightly at first (as bright as it would glow if it were connected across the battery without the capacitor then grows dimmer exponentially as the cap charges because the current is decreasing exponentially. Q 28-17 the internal resistance of an ideal ammeter is zero, and the internal resistance of an ideal voltmeter is infinite. Real device only approximate these values. Q 28-28 lamps a and B glow brighter. Lamp c is now unlit because it has been shorted out of the circuit.

Chapter 28 - 1, 5, 12, 14, 18, 25, 42, 43, 44,. These are the answers only, not the solutions. It is not sufficient to copy these and turn them in as homework. You must show your work. Q 27-3 resistance (R) is the constant of proportionality in most conductors between voltage and current (vir the mks unit is the ohm.

Resistance increases with the length of a conductor and decreases with the cross-sectional area. Resistivity (rho) is an intrinsic property of the material from which the conductor is made, without regard to its length (L) or cross-sectional area (A). The relation is (R rho L/A the mks unit is the ter. Q 27-4 areaA/Areab 1/3; rA/rB 1/sqrt(3 q 27-15). When one electron enters a wire, another electron is pushed out the other end of the wire. The push travels at nearly the speed of light. Q 27-17) (p v2/R) The smaller resistance will dissipate more power. Q 27-20) (r v2/P) The 25 W bulb has the higher resistance. (IV/R) The 100 W bulb carries the greater current.

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It is the users responsibility to london ensure that such routines are called with N_Vector arguments that were all created with the same internal representations. For solvers that include a fortran interface module, the nvector_pthreads module slso includes a fortran-callable function fnvinitpts(code, neq, numthreads, ier to initialize this nvector_pthreads module. Here code is an input solver id (1 for cvode, 2 for ida, 3 for kinsol, 4 for arkode neq is the problem size (declared so as to match C type long int numthreads is the number of threads; and ier is an error return. Homework Assignment 3 : Chapters 27-28. Due: tuesday (Note the date! reading, chapters 27 and. Questions, chapter 27 - 3, 4, 15, 17,. Chapter 28 - 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, 22,. Problems, chapter 27 - 4, 16, 19A, 19, 25, 42,.

smu internal assignment

Here i ranges from 0 to (n-1) for a vector of length (n). Implementation: define nv_Ith_PT(v,i) ( NV_data_PT(v)i ) The nvector_pthreads module defines Pthreads implementations of all vector operations listed in the section Description of the nvector operations. Their names are obtained from those in that section by appending the suffix _Pthreads (e.g. The module nvector_pthreads provides the following additional user-callable routines: Notes When looping over the components of an N_Vector v, it is more efficient to first obtain the component array via v_data nv_data_PT(v) and then access v_datai within the loop than it is to use nv_Ith_S(v,i). N_VNewEmpty_Pthreads, n_vmake_Pthreads, and set the field own_data to sunfalse. The functions N_VDestroy_Pthreads and will not attempt to free greek the pointer data for any N_Vector with own_data set to sunfalse. In such a case, it is the users responsibility to deallocate the data pointer. To maximize efficiency, vector operations in the nvector_pthreads implementation that have more than one N_Vector argument do not check for consistent internal representation of these vectors.

be len_v. Implementation: define nv_length_PT(v) ( NV_content_PT(v)- length ) NV_NUM_threads_PT(v) Access the num_threads component of the Pthreads N_Vector. The assignment v_threads nv_NUM_threads_PT(v) sets v_threads to be the num_threads. On the other hand, the call NV_NUM_threads_PT(v) num_threads_v sets the num_threads of v to be num_threads_v. Implementation: define nv_NUM_threads_PT(v) ( ) NV_Ith_PT(v, i) This macro gives access to the individual components of the data array of an N_Vector, using standard 0-based c indexing. The assignment r nv_Ith_PT(v,i) sets r to be the value of the i-th component. The assignment NV_Ith_PT(v,i) r sets the value of the i-th component of v to.

The following six macros are provided to access the content of an nvector_pthreads vector. The suffix _pt in the names denotes the Pthreads version. NV_content_PT(v this macro gives access to the contents of the Pthreads vector. The assignment v_cont nv_content_PT(v) sets v_cont to be a pointer to the Pthreads N_Vector content structure. Implementation: define nv_content_PT(v) ( nV_OWN_data_PT(v access the own_data component of the Pthreads N_Vector. Implementation: define nv_OWN_data_PT(v) ( NV_content_PT(v)- summary own_data ). NV_data_PT(v the assignment v_data nv_data_PT(v) sets v_data to be a pointer to the first component of the data for the N_Vector. Similarly, the assignment NV_data_PT(v) v_data sets the component array of v to be v_data by storing the pointer v_data.

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In situations where a user has a multi-core processing unit capable of running multiple parallel threads with shared memory, sundials provides an implementation of nvector using Openmp, called. Nvector_openmp, and an implementation using Pthreads, called. Testing has shown that vectors should be of length at least (100,000) before the overhead associated with creating and using the threads is made up by the parallelism in the vector calculations. The book Pthreads nvector implementation provided with sundials, denoted. Nvector_pthreads, defines the content field of N_Vector to be a structure containing the length of the vector, a pointer to the beginning of a contiguous data array, a boolean flag own_data which specifies the ownership of data, and the number of threads. Operations on the vector are threaded using posix threads (Pthreads the number of threads used is based on the supplied argument in the vector constructor. Struct _N_VectorContent_Pthreads sunindextype length; booleantype own_data; realtype *data; int num_threads; ; The header file to be included when using this module is nvector_pthreads.

Smu internal assignment
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  5. Lin yimin is currently a phD candidate in the School of Information Systems, smu. Q 28-17) The internal resistance of an ideal ammeter is zero, and the internal resistance of an ideal voltmeter is infinite. I went from being an isolated performance major to being an open, driven music and business double major. The assignment v_cont nv_content_PT(v) sets v_cont to be a pointer to the Pthreads N_Vector content structure. Each case the court selects, by the agreement of at least four justices, under its internal rules, is a vehicle intended to accomplish something: to clarify the law, interpret.

  6. 1 line of elastic holders on the internal sides of corpus for instruments. ) One good source for such online publications/subscriptions is the. Smu, library online resources link, which you can all access using your. Smu, id card (Library barcode on back). This is when we got the idea of writing a book for both. Smu students and other it professionals, explains Shankararaman.

  7. Smu, program for the Protection of Minors. Please work with your. Smu, program coordinator to coordinate this training assignment. Medical universal bag, sMU 02 (red) Details. Assignment : packaging arrangement, packing, storage and transportation of medical sets.

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