Taxi driver review

taxi driver review

Film review taxi driver 1976 movie

The violent pressure inside his skull is made worse by listening to the psychotic fantasies of a creepy passenger, a cameo from Scorsese himself. Chekhov said that a gun introduced in act one goes off in act two: as for a suitcase full of guns bought in a scuzzy hotel room from a guy called Easy Andy. In the cleaner, brighter, shinier New York of 2017, it is as if the cleansing process that Bickle brooded about (Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets) has actually happened. I have in the past offered my theory that Schrader was inspired by gerald Kershs 1938 novel Night and the city, the basis of the 1950 London noir by jules Dassin, in which the heavy rain shot down at an angle, as if it meant. Now the historical process is complete. The new York of Taxi Driver is as firmly of the past as the one. Sweet Smell of Success.

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Audiences familiar with Korean cinema will instantly essay recognize a resemblance between the character of the taxi driver and Songs role in The Attorney, in which he transforms from a mercenary tax solicitor to an altruistic human-rights lawyer. And yet Song makes a subtle distinction between the two characters, as his comic charm betrays the tough-talking characters soft heart, as when he keeps letting passengers in need short-change him. Martin Scorseses 1976 neon-lit ordeal shocker Taxi Driver is back once again to deliver another punch to the solar plexus, with screenplay. Paul Schrader, superlative jazz score by, bernard Herrmann, cinematography by michael Chapman revived in uk cinemas as part of the. Scorsese retrospective at Londons bfi southbank. It was last rereleased here six years ago statement for its 35th anniversary and five years before that for the 30th. It has become a critical tradition to muse on how much has changed in New York since Travis Bickle, unforgettably played by the livewire. Robert de niro, roamed the night-time streets in his checker cab. Hes the insomniac ex-marine, traumatised by vietnam, so hardened he doesnt mind going to scary rough places such as Brooklyn. Rejected by beautiful political aide betsy (Cybill Shepherd) after a catastrophic date at one of the ubiquitous porn theatres, Travis becomes ambiguously obsessed with child prostitute Iris (Jodie foster abused by her pimp Sport (Harvey keitel).

(The film looks polished overall, its mood buoyed by a playful, jazzy score.). Although the films portrayal of its main characters has recognizable precedents, the two lead actors calibrate their mutual respect and co-dependency to engaging effect, as literature the escalating violence and peril heighten their sense of personal mission. . Echoing the role of American correspondent Sydney schanberg in The killing fields, hinzpeter arrives in Korea as an opportunistic newshound rather than a champion of justice. Kretschmann plays him initially with an unlikable cold efficiency, treating his driver and other Koreans as mere tools or fodder for his article. Impressively, there are no overnight changes in his persona. Rather, the actor maintains a certain stiff composure even as his passion and affection for the democracy fighters visibly grows. The final parting is genuinely touching as the two men now relate to each other as equals.

taxi driver review

Taxi, driver (1976 review - film

Jang makes good-humored fun of biases between seoul citizens and natives of the jeolla district, where shredder the film takes place, but later demonstrates how humanist values transcend regional differences. Although the driver initially displays cowardice in the face of conflict, his personal struggle is rendered agonizing london enough by song to give full force to a climactic U-turn. Apart from re-creating one incident in which paratroopers tried to wipe out a whole crowd in front of a broadcast station, the film eschews the kind of bombastic, effects-heavy setpieces that characterized may. Instead, it depicts the regimes brutal repression implicitly through its blatant attack on press freedom and shameless distortion of the truth. This in turn accentuates Hinzpeters role in raising international awareness for their crimes. According to historical records, on may 20, hundreds of taxis mobilized themselves in a parade to support marching citizens and rescue the injured. Hailed as drivers of democracy, many lost their lives. Since only a few taxis are deployed in any given scene, the film hasnt re-created an adequate sense of the scope of their heroism. However, the power of solidarity is conveyed in a late car-chase sequence thats choreographed to rousing effect.

Chun doo-hwan, who declared martial law in a 1980 coup. In Gwangju, protest quickly spilled out of universities and engulfed the southwestern city. Despite the governments attempts at keeping foreign press in the dark, juergen Hinspeter (Kretschmann correspondent for a german broadcast channel, gets wind of the unrest brewing in south Korea. From his base in tokyo, he flies to seoul where his contact helps him book a taxi to drive him south to the beleaguered city. When the protagonist (Song) whose real name is never revealed in the film, overhears that a foreigner is forking out about 900 for the fare, the cash-strapped single father cunningly steals the job from the intended driver. They arrive on may 19, a day after the uprising broke out, to find the city completely sealed off by the army, although the two still manage to bluff their way pass blockades. Initially, they come across a group of students whose youthful innocence is expressed by the way they sing and dance like revelers at a woodstock concert, but eventually wind up at a hospital where the casualties provide raw evidence of the bloody crackdown. The protagonist becomes embroiled in a squabble with local taxi drivers, who scoff at his mercenary attitude.

Taxi, driver, movie, review film Summary (1976) roger Ebert

taxi driver review

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Revisiting the 1980 Gwangju massacre, a story landmark historical event in south Koreas march towards democracy, director. Jang hoon brings a sappy, feel-good touch to a tragic subject by focusing on the bond between a german reporter (. Thomas Kretschmann ) and the taxi driver (. Song Kang-ho ) who helped him get the news out to the world. Jang, whos established masters himself as a hit-maker with features like secret reunion (also starring Song) and The Front Line, again worked.

Miracles, earning the third highest domestic opening score of all time with a taxi Driver. While the film clearly taps into the national zeitgeist, buoyed by a sweeping show of peoples power that ousted the president, international audiences should also appreciate the actors feisty turns. (It opened in the. A taxi Driver is the first major production to tackle the Gwangju Uprising head-on since the 2007 blockbuster may. Having less pretensions to epic grandeur than that film, it instead gains credibility from being based on a true story, and closing footage of the german reporter returning to the democratized country in 2003 certainly adds historical heft. More reviews, the script by Uhm yoo-na and jo seul-ye has drastically simplified the political context that triggered the uprising, but this in turn helps foreign viewers grasp the plot more easily than denser, more intellectual probings of the subject in such films. Opening titles explain how the 1979 assassination of dictator Park Chung-hee sparked hopes of democracy among the younger generation, though the power vacuum was soon filled by gen.

100, village voice, michael Atkinson. You either love it or you love it; in any case, martin Scorsese's history-making scald is truly a phenomenon from another day and age. 100, washington Post, desson Thomson, it hasn't aged so much as triumphantly metastasized. 20th Anniversary release 100, cinevue. John Bleasdale, scorseses direction always keeps us uncomfortably close to Travis subjectivity, whether were prowling night time manhattan or gazing into a glass of Alka-seltzer until the whole world disappears into the healing hiss. 100, slant Magazine, rob Humanick, hitchcockian unease permeates the film, but so too does a godardian use of space and a bressonian focus on obsession heighten the mounting sense of dread.

These elements are groovy for film buffs but are mere icing on the proverbial cake; you dont need to be in the know to relish Scorseses mastery of the form, and what may astonish even more than the creative prowess is how compulsively entertaining the. The new York times, vincent Canby, acting of this sort is rare in films. It is a display of talent, which one gets in the theater, as well as a demonstration of behavior, which is what movies usually offer. De niro less an actor, the character would be a sideshow freak. Chicago reader, jonathan Rosenbaum, perhaps the most formally ravishing-as well as the most morally and ideologically problematic-film ever directed by martin Scorsese. See all 23 reviews. Awards, faq, user reviews, user Ratings, external reviews.

Taxi, driver, movie, review

"Taxi Driver" is a hell, from the opening shot of a cab emerging from stygian clouds of steam to the climactic killing scene in which the camera finally looks straight down. Scorsese wanted to look away from Travis's rejection; we lined almost want to look away from his life. But he's there, all right, and he's suffering). Taxi Driver (1976) 100, chicago sun-Times, roger Ebert, a brilliant nightmare and like all nightmares it doesn't tell us half of what we want to know. James Berardinelli, one of Scorsese's most influential and disturbing thesis films on the big screen. 20th Anniversary release 100, san Francisco Chronicle, mick lasalle. Its deeply anarchic sensibility has kept Taxi Driver fresh all these years. 20th Anniversary release 100, tv guide magazine, an undeniably brilliant, nightmarish portrait of one man's personal hell.

taxi driver review

The film's a masterpiece of suggestive characterization; Scorsese's style selects details that evoke emotions, and that's the effect he wants. The performances are odd and compelling: he goes for moments from his actors, rather than slowly developed characters. It's as if the required emotions were written in the margins of their scripts: give me anger, fear, dread. Robert de niro, as Travis Bickle, is as good as Brando at suggesting emotions even while veiling them from us (and in many of his close-ups, Scorsese uses almost subliminal slow motion to draw out the revelations). Cybill illness Shepherd, as the blond goddess, is correctly cast, for once, as a glacier slowly receding toward humanity. Jodie foster, chillingly cast as a twelve-year-old prostitute whom Travis wants to "save.". Harvey keitel, a veteran of all of Scorsese's films (he was the violent maniac in ". Alice doesn't live here Anymore is the pimp who controls her, and he's got the right kind of toughness that's all bluff. These people are seen almost in flashes, as if darkness threatens to close over them altogether.

rampage, the camera goes so far as to adopt slow motion so we can see the horror in greater detail. That Scorsese finds the rejection more painful than the murders is fascinating, because it helps to explain Travis Bickle, and perhaps it goes some way toward explaining one kind of urban violence. Travis has been shut out so systematically, so often, from a piece of the action that eventually he has to hit back somehow. Advertisement "Taxi Driver" is a brilliant nightmare and like all nightmares it doesn't tell us half of what we want to know. We're not told where Travis comes from, what his specific problems are, whether his ugly scar came from vietnam - because this isn't a case study, but a portrait of some days in his life. There's a moment at a political rally when Travis, in dark glasses, smiles in a strange way that reminds us of those photos of Bremer just before he shot Wallace. The moment tells us nothing, and everything: we don't know the specifics of Travis's complaint, but in a chilling way we know what we need to know of him.

It's here that an ugly kind of sex comes closest to the surface - the sex of buying, selling, and using people. Travis isn't into that, he hates it, but Times Square feeds his anger. His sexual frustration is channeled into a hatred for the creeps he obsessively observes. He tries to break the cycle - or maybe he just sets himself up to fail again. He sees a beautiful blonde working in the storefront office of a presidential candidate. She goes out with him a couple of times, but the second time he takes her to a hard-core film and she walks out in disgust and won't have any more to do with him. All the same, he calls her for another date, and it's here that we get close to the heart of the movie. The director, essay martin Scorsese, gives us a shot of Travis on a pay telephone - and then, as the girl is turning him down, the camera slowly dollies to the right and looks down a long, empty hallway. Pauline kael's review called this shot - which calls attention to itself - a lapse during which Scorsese was maybe borrowing from Antonioni.

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"Taxi Driver" shouldn't be taken as a new York film; it's not about a city but about the weathers of a man's soul, and out of all New York he selects just those elements that feed and reinforce his obsessions. The man is Travis Bickle, ex-Marine, veteran of vietnam, composer of dutiful anniversary notes to his parents, taxi apple driver, killer. The movie rarely strays very far from the personal, highly subjective way in which he sees the city and lets it wound him. It's a place, first of all, populated with women he cannot have: Unobtainable blondwomen who might find him attractive for a moment, who might join him for a cup of coffee, but who eventually will have to shake their heads and sigh, "Oh, Travis!" because. Well, he's going crazy, but the word they use is "strange.". Advertisement, and then, even more cruelly, the city seems filled with men who can have these women - men ranging from cloddish political hacks to street-corner pimps who, nevertheless, have in common the mysterious ability to approach a woman without getting everything wrong. Travis could in theory look for fares anywhere in the city, but he's constantly drawn back to 42nd Street, to times Square and the whores, street freaks, and porno houses.

Taxi driver review
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  3. Taxi Driver is a 1976 American neo-noir psychological thriller film directed by ma rtin Scorsese. James Berardinelli, in his review of the film, argues against the dream or fantasy interpretation, stating: Scorsese and writer paul Schrader. The"d lyrics of a kris Kristofferson song might be the most s pot-on observation in all of Taxi Driver, and it s telling that it s also one of the.

  4. Critics Consensus: a taxi Driver brings a ground-level perspective and a refreshingly light touch to a fact-based story. An entertaining journey into a tragic and violent chapter of Korea n modern history. taxi Driver is Martin Scorsese s frighteningly plau sible case history of such a person. It s a powerful film and. Original review text from 1976.

  5. Taxi Driver shouldn t be taken as a new York film; it s not about a city but about the weathers of a man s soul, and out of all New York. Martin Scorsese s 1976 neon-lit ordeal shocker Taxi Driver is b ack once again to deliver another punch to the solar plexus, with screenplay. 70s classic is extremely violent; lots of sex, language. Read Common Sense me dia s Taxi Driver review, age rating, and parents guide. Its deeply anarchic sensibility has kept Taxi Driver fresh all these years. Taxi Driver movie reviews metacritic score: Scorsese s 1976 masterpiece is the all-too-real story of a psychotic New York cabby who is driven to violence.

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