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I used them for the tree blooms here and I think there are some exciting possiblities! Dual and triple-screen versions are already rendering on Bucephalus. 22 Comments 04/15/18 There was a lot that I liked about " Oceana " but there was a lot that (I felt) didn't work out. Some of the geometry was broken (due to excessive displacement it wasn't as colorful as I would like, and it took so long to render that I couldn't really make revisions or a multiscreen version. Consider this scene to be something of a "do over". For starters it only took less than a tenth of the time to render on Shadowfax so i should be able to create a multiscreen version (maybe even a vr panorama ) without difficulty. Btw, it started as an exercise learning Oculus Medium but most of that geometry is covered up with undersea life :-) Non-watermarked lossless 8k version available to lifetime supporters and Plus level Members (and above). Dual and triple-screen versions upcoming!

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21 Comments 05/08/18 As some of you know Santa Claus brought me an Oculus Rift System for Christmas (I was a good boy last year). By far my favorite application for it so far is the vr sculpting program called Oculus Medium. I've been playing with it for the past few months and have used some bits of pieces of geometry in my renders so far. This piece is my first where all of the geometry (except the water plane) was modeled using Medium. I expect it to problems be a major part of my toolbox going forward. 9 Comments 04/27/18 Where i live it seems like winter has held on long past when it should have ended. It's cold, the trees are still mostly bare and only a few tentative blooms have popped up here and there. You get a warm(ish) day and a few rays of sunlight, however, and life seems ready to burst forth. This piece is my expression of that hope. On the technical side, i was excited to try out the new "flower" nodes available in Plant Factory.

I have a few irons in the fire right now in a similar vein, but this one should make for a nice introduction. Dual and triple-screen versions will be write available shortly! 18 Comments 05/21/18 Sticking with the planetscape theme here. I wanted to see if I could use Oculus Medium to create icebergs. The planets are a mix of vue rendered "planetary landscapes" (spherical terrains) and one that I created in Lightwave. I hope you enjoy it! 25 Comments 05/13/18 I'm still learning how to fit Oculus Medium into my workflow. One immediate application is creating different rock formations and this new render features several practice pieces. The landforms in the background were created using World Machine and the sky was created using Lightwave.

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The rocks were modeled using Oculus Medium. The main cave structure was a collaborative effort in Medium between me and my son Jason :-). Dual and triple-screen versions are in the works! 17 Comments 06/11/18 16 Comments Two extra views of book the the " caerulea " system I created using vue. Vue's "planetary" mode really means you can explore many different points in the world you have created. I thought it would be fun to use that functionality to create a series of images from the same planet. Some of these may end up in the pickle jar eventually but I will start them all out in the gallery for maximum visibility. Non-watermarked lossless 8k version available to lifetime supporters and Plus level Members (and above). 17 Comments 06/06/18 i've been learning a program called " MathMod " which allows you to create crazy 3D shapes out of parametric code.

For a while it was a bit too buggy to use but the recent versions have been nice and stable. Should I do a summer variant? I've also added a 3D 360 Panoramic version for those of you with a vr headset ( preview here ). 18 Comments 06/19/18, if you've been following my work you know I love a good mandala. I created this one using some of the funky tori i modeled using MathMod (rendered using Lightwave). It's a pretty amazing program and makes me glad I took all that advanced math in college. 13 Comments 06/15/18, i originally created this is a much more abstract piece using mathematical meshes from MathMod but I decided to dial it back a bit and go somewhat more conventional.

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Unfortunately i found the terrain geometry, which looked great from far away, sort of broke down a bit when zoomed in so i added some higher resolution rock formations created in Oculus Medium. Non-watermarked lossless 8k version available to, lifetime supporters and Plus level Members (and above). Dual role fix and triple-screen versions are available! 4 Comments 07/09/18, not sure why i started out "Cascadia" as a winter scene (other than the fact that I wanted to try something a bit different) but I had always planned on doing at least one more seasonal variant. Here's the "summer" version. I'd considered using the same light angle from the winter version but I think this turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think!

Another experiment using Oculus Medium to create rock formations. I really think vr is the way of the future (at least for me) when it comes to modeling. So much more intuitive. Dual and triple-screen versions coming soon! 22 Comments 07/01/18, getting back into learning how to use world Machine/Geoglyph here.

If you plant these seeds youll get the roxy moshling see my guide to getting moshlings. For Lurgee youll need to plant the Splurgee burdock, for Carter the ra-tichoke, for Bodge the non-Drip Moss, for Vinne the Glamellia and for Hocus youll need to plant the hocus Crocus. Radiant Roxy rose seedshobbididancesplurgee burdock seedsnowflakera-tichoke seedsnowballnon-Drip Moss seedrednosehocus Crocus seediciclesglamellia seed2014Bop Corn seed (Pops)weloveslopcorn posters and paintings Here are some great posters so that you can decorate your room like a teenagers bedroom! Go wild stickem all up! Beach Posterwishbeloved Zack binspin Postertrouserscaptain Buck posterbarnaclechristmas Gold Diskalbumtunedaily Challenge 2 Posterpoppetdragon Wall Artfireydragon Wall Art (2)fierydustin beaver Postergiftisland23Fans Picturewallartfood revolution Posterfoodrevgb eye moshi monsters Posterdjquack2Giants t-shirt Framedbitsmellyhappy birthday bannerletsparty1Happy birthday bannerletsparty2i heart Poppet Posterbestestiggy champ Posterranchiggy champ Postermayhemkatsuma Unleashed Posterunleashthekatlady with Urghmin paintinggoogenheimmonstro city. These codes will get you thousands of Rox for free!

Cant go wrong can you! 100 Rox13rosevet100 Rox15blobertcandy100 Rox1pisabacon100 Rox3yellowphone100 Rox50million100 Rox8lapsrabbit100 Rox9tamesun100 Roxapink20100 Roxasloppot100 Roxfirstspot11100 Roxflingprize100 Roxkatsulonus100 Roxsecretrox100 Roxthefizzbangs100 Roxwincepie100 Roxyellowconker11150 Rox8redsun150 Roxblingolingo200 Roxbrainy101200 Roxfairycake200 Roxgulfrox200 Roxpiraterox200 Roxpiraterox8200 Roxpiraterox9200 Roxradish200 Roxrainbow434200 Roxreaderbonus6250 Roxclaws928250 Roxcutey765250 Roxdrool1968250 Roxfluttery44250 Roxglamrox8250 Roxgrouchy45250 Roxlava2038250 Roxmoshimagrox250 Roxmynewcrib30 Roxjellyspring300 Roxbcda300 RoxGET300quickly300 Roxmmmystery212300 Roxmoose300 Roxpanda300 Roxspacetrifle300 Roxyourworld0350. Golden diavlo Trophyshotputgolden Furi Trophygoldenfurigolden Katsuma Trophymoshi33Golden luvli Trophypiebike10 Twistmas The Ghost of Twistmas Pastmerrythe Ghost of Twistmas Futureyulelogthe Ghost of Twistmas Presentgiftwrapsnow Machinemachine40Twistmas Bannertwistmastimetwistmas baublebauble41Twistmas Candycanecane15Twistmas doordoor42Twistmas Floorfloor11Twistmas Kandy kanestwistytimetwistmas Lampdeer9Twistmas Lightslights30Twistmas Scare bearteddy23Twistmas SnowballICY33Twistmas Snowballsnowingtwistmas Stockingstocking12Twistmas Tree 2012tree47Twistmas Wallpaperpaper18Twistmas Windowwindow44 Wallpaper beanstalk wallpaperoohskycapn. Let me know in the comments below! Bin weevils Secret Codes do you play bin weevils? If you do, you might be interested in Bin weevil Secrets. Its work in progress, but weve got loads of Bin weevils secret codes already! Please note that these are not moshi monster Codes go to bin weevil Secrets. 07/16/18, following on the cascadia theme i decided to reposition the camera in that world and take a closer look.

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Items, heres a fine bunch of codes thatll get you some great items to put in your rooms. Some of these do fun things when you click on them so give them a poke when youve got em! Apple bobbing Kit10bobbedapplesbean Trophy Greenhugpuglybean Trophy redangryprincessbean Trophy Blueawesomebeanbean Trophy pinkrainbowjellybean Trophy yellowjellyshakebean Trophy purplericcardorocksbeanstalk Slidebeanstalk260Big Bad boombox bean Bagbloopybeanbagbodacious Blue dragon Floatydragonbongo bongoheadoverheelsbruiser bean Bagbruiserbeanbagcactus Ghost1pricklyghostcheeky rocketprofpurplex6Creepy Chestcreepy9chestdaily Growl with Lurve heartlurvethedgwater coolerdigicoolerdodgy dealz pen1dodgypen(Crocodile) Dundeedundee18Easter Bunny cuddly humanbasketegyptian Cat Statuemembereye balloonbirthdaygreeneye planthappy44Fish Lips bean. O.spaceshipgooey galleon figureheadgalleonhamster Ballmoshlingzoo1Hamster Ball (you can have 2!)hammyharmony harpplucky4Ice Scream Lampicescreamlampiced hoodoonorthstaricky indigo ooble-oil Lamplampyiggy big Eggiggyeggyjack o lanternlantrnbean Trophy Greenhugpuglybean Trophy redangryprincessbean Trophy Blueawesomebeanbean Trophy pinkrainbowjellykatsuma Unleashed Plushiekatsplushlittle miss Mellow Yellowbuckisbackmelting Snowmanchimneymini rollercoasterwheeeemonster Crossing Signcrossingmonster Plantearthday88Moshi mugslurp1Moshi music headphoneslemonpiemr Jigglesmoshifunparkmusical beanie blobdrool33Mustachio bean. See our broken codes page. important: only plant one of these special seeds aime! If you dont youll not be able to get the moshlings! Youll need to plant one of these special seeds with any two other (normal) seeds in your garden. When the plants grow, theyll attract one of these moshlings!

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If we find any new free membership codes well post them here. Moshi secrets essay Code list, all of these codes were checked and confirmed to work on the 24th July 2013. Cuddly moshlings, heres a complete list of Moshi codes for Cuddly moshlings! Cuddly big Bad Billmoshi310Cuddly captain Buck. Barnaclepong98Cuddly Cherry bombCH3RRY99Cuddly Ectosunnytweetcuddly iggymunchcuddly kissyfizzingcuddly peppy2cool4schoolcuddly peppybleurghcuddly pirateswashbuckler33Cuddly pookiedinopartycuddly Shelbyturtl3Snowy furityra2222. Doors, giant zoo door77xdoor12, dress-Up 3D Glasses For your Closetredandgreen5th Birthday helmettouchdownhilarious Hat Bonnetsunhathilarious TopHattophatred keytarmakemusicanimated Disco Floorpuzzlepalacedaily Challenge puzzle Floorteslalavaflow Floorsludgestreet. Food, bangers mashiggychompzbangers and Mashmash4Bangers and Mashmashbangers and finest Chocolatesbleerg33Bongo coladasipitallupbug juicebuggybevcarton of sour Milkmouldymoocarton of sour coated brocollichocbrocchocolate coated brocollichocolatechocolate coated broccolichocopartychocolate coated Broccoligreenschocolate poppetfairylightschocolate katsumacarolsingercrab and Jelly sandwichcrabby33Crab and Jelly sandwichcrabby4Crispy bat WingsPAN97Cup OGruelMOP88Essence of Bluesandy2Essence of Bluesereneeye pie3y3pyeyescream Sundaeswoonfairy cakebaftayayfango mandangofruitygloop soupgoopglump. Furniture, cloud beanbagamazonfurry party Plinthpartygadget Cabinetgadgetcab92Purple Chair2purplearmsrainbow Chairhueseatsquishy Stoolmonsters.

October 2014, yes, its true! Weve finally updated the codes page. Let us know if theres any weve missed while weve been off-line and well get them added to the list! Red Buttonkaboommonster Graffiti butter Sandwichcrunchchocolate coated Broccoligreens89 Roxawesomecarton of sour Milklumpy101 Roxdrizzle97 Roxquickcrab and Jelly sandwichcrabby4234 Roxbucketful. Free membership Codes, update: looks like these free membership codes have expired Gold and Treat are coming back with offer expired messages and it doesnt look like.

How to enter secret codes, once youve logged into moshi monsters youll find a button to enter secret codes at the bottom of the screen. These codes are given away with various Moshi merchandise such as the moshi monsters Magazine. Our guide on how to enter secret codes has more info. Some of the codes you get are unique and can only be used once so they wont work if you give these to your friends. If youre looking for details of which seeds you need to plant to attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden essay then take a look at our. Moshling Flower Combinations guide. The following list of codes should work for everyone. If you know of a code thats not on the list leave a note in the comments and Ill add it to the list!

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How to get into heaven The teacher asked the children in the sunday school class, "If I sold write my house and my car, had a big garage sale and gave all my money to the church, would I get into heaven?" "NO!" the children. If youre looking for a list of all the moshi monsters secret codes then youve come to the right place! To make things easier youll find that the latest codes ive added will be highlighted in yellow. Jump straight to the latest codes. Any codes not confirmed to work will be removed from this page and put on our broken and expired codes page. Im afraid you wont find any. Moshi monster membership codes here, but look at this article to find out why they are a problem.

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This example general Will Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. Psalm 119:165 (nkjv) Opening Prayer: heavenly father, there must be a good reason why, psalm 119 is so long.

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  1. If youre looking for a list of all the moshi monsters secret codes then youve come to the right place! To make things easier youll find that the latest codes ive added will be highlighted in yellow. Continue to m ยป Tweet Screensavers. HubbleSite - out of the ordinary. Out of this world.

  2. O Free high quality desktop Wallpapers in 4k uhd for Ultra high Definition tv, widescreen, mobile & dual Monitor display page. Wallpaper Originals offers free original backgrounds for your regular or widescreen desktop computer, laptop, notebook, smart phone, super phone, tablet (eg. Ipad) and all other web enabled mobile devices. SantaBanta is one stop destination for jokes, sms, bollywood News, wallpaper, games, Screesavers, e-cards and event Gallery. Professional Wallpaper Site Providing over 60,000 High quality and beautiful Free wallpapers for Different Monitor size. Tens of thousands Widescreen wallpapers, Stunning!

  3. It can knock you off your feet. Free wallpapers of the most beautifull cars on this planet. 5 Metallic Interiors That Sparkle! Glints of gold, flashes of silver, glimmers of bronze. Looking for some metallic inspiration?

  4. The public gallery images are free to use as your personal desktop wallpaper. If you really enjoy the artwork please consider supporting it by becoming a member! Man, life can be tough. But guess what, we survived. One year ago, i didn't really know how quickly life could change.

  5. Amazing Free wallpaper, desktop Wallpaper and Free screensavers! New photos every day. Now on Windows, mac, Android and ios. Choose a language: English; German; Italian; French; Spanish; Japanese; join us on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter 2010 take-two Interactive software and its subsidiaries. Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers created by ryan Bliss.

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