Windows resume loader frozen

windows resume loader frozen

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Note that this casts a rather wide net and may introduce performance problems as the number of bundles increase. Registered - consults all dependent bundles that explicitly register themselves as buddies to the bundle. This is similar to the dependent policy but scopes down the number of bundles that will be consulted as buddies. Global - consults the available packages exported in the global pool of exported packages. App - consults the application classloader. Ext - consults the extension classloader. Boot - consults the boot classloader.

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An exporter must conform to any implied package constraints. If an appropriate exporter is found, a wire is established so that future loads of the package are handled in Step. If a dynamic wire is not established, then the search continues to step. If the dynamic import of the package is established, the request is delegated to the exporting bundles class loader. If the bundle has declared a buddy policy then the request is delegated to each buddy bundle class loader until either the class or resource is found or all of the buddy bundle class loaders have been delegated too. When delegating to another bundle class loader, the delegated request enters this algorithm at step 4 and exits at step. The buddy policy is not used day when delegating to another bundle class loader. Buddy policy a buddy policy defines a policy for selecting buddies that will be used to for buddy class loading. Currently Equinox defines a number of built-in Buddy policies. The following are the buddy policies available in Equinox dependent - consults all bundles that directly or indirectly depend on the bundle. An indirect dependency can be introduced by bundles that use require-bundle with the visibility directive set to reexport.

If the shredder request is delegated to an exporting class loader and the class or resource is not found, then the search terminates and the request fails. If the class or resource is in a package that is imported from one or more other bundles using Require-bundle, the request is delegated to the class loaders of the other bundles, in the order in which they are specified in this bundles manifest. If the class or resource is not found, then the search continues with the next step. The bundles own internal bundle class path is searched. Each attached fragments internal bundle class path is searched. The fragments are searched in ascending bundle id order. If the class or resource is in a package that is exported by the bundle or the package is imported by the bundle (using Import-Package or Require-bundle then the search ends and the class or resource is not found. Otherwise, if the class or resource is in a package that is imported using DynamicImport-Package, then a dynamic import of the package is now attempted.

windows resume loader frozen

Frozen, on, windows, resume, loader, screen?

When a bundle class loader fails to find a desired class through the normal osgi delegation model (i.e. Import-Package, require-bundle, and local classpath its buddy policy is invoked. The invoked buddy policy discovers a set of buddies and consults each one in turn until either the class is found or the list is exhausted. Search Order, the following is a modified class/resource search order: Frameworks must adhere to the following rules for class or resource loading. When a bundles class loader is requested to load a class or find a resource, the search must be performed in the following order: If the class or resource is in a java.* package, the request is delegated to the parent class loader; otherwise, the. If the request is delegated to the parent class loader and the class or resource is not found, then the search terminates and the request fails. If the class or resource is from a package included in the boot delegation list (otdelegation then the request is delegated to the parent class loader. If the class or resource is found there, the search ends. If the class or resource is in a package that is imported using Import-Package or was imported dynamically in a previous load, then the request is delegated to the exporting bundles class loader; otherwise the search continues with the next step.

Windows 7 : Frozen, windows, resume, loader

windows resume loader frozen

Desktop pc windows 7 freezes at resume loader, windows 7 forum

At this point the context class loader will be set to bundle Zs class loader. This class loader does not have access to the content in Bundle y and will result in Bundle Ws library code not being able to load classes from Bundle. As a work around to this issue bundle y could wrap all calls to code in the package brary with context class loader switches, but this puts a great burden on any developer using asking the package brary. This also calls into question the purpose of the Framework switching the context class loader at all (to bundle Zs class loader in the example above). Any time more than one component boundary is crossed the original context class loader will likely not be the one that is needed. This design specifies a behavior for the context class loader that should help solve some of these issues.

Requirements, the solution must reduce or illiminate the need for code packaged in a bundle to call tContextClassLoader while calling library code. Library bundles must be able to use the context class loader to access classes needed by the library other reqs. Technical Solution, to solve the requirements this design introduces the buddy class loading and context finder concepts. Buddy long Class loading, buddy class loading offers an integration strategy that does not require modifying the java code of existing libraries that use the rName(String) approach to dynamically discover and load classes. The mechanism works as follows: a bundle declares that it needs the help of other bundles to load classes. The bundle identifies the kind of help they need by specifying a buddy policy. The policy defines what kind of bundles will be considered to be buddies.

Bundle x exports a package uff. This package contains a service interface rService. Bundle y imports the uff package and registers a barService implementation with the service registry. Bundle y also imports the brary and expects the exporter to be able to load classes from bundle. Bundle y uses the brary package in its implementation of the barService.

Bundle z imports the uff package and gets the barService from the service registry and uses. In this scenario imagine the framework sets the context class loader to bundle Zs class loader before calling its BundleActivator to start the bundle. In the bundleActivator of z it gets the barService if it is available and start making calls. At this point code in Bundle y will get executed because it contains the implementation of the barService. The implementation of the barService then uses the package brary. This will cause the code in Bundle w to run that uses the context class loader.

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When the component is exited then the container will switch the context class loader back to the previous context class loader. The osgi framework specification does not define what the context class loader should be set to and does not define when it should be switched. Part of the problem is the Framework is not always aware of when a component boundary is crossed. For some book operations the Framework is aware of component boundaries, for example, when calling out to bundleActivators and event listeners. Switching the context class loader when calling out to these types of objects will not solve a large number of usecases. Consider the following example: Bundle w exports a package brary. This package contains code which uses the context class loader to load additional classes. Imagine it has some spi like behavior where it loads classes based on some properties file similar to how rsers package works.

windows resume loader frozen

Buddy policy, a policy that allows a bundle to declare it needs help from other bundles to load classes. This type of policy does not cause a hard dependency wire to be used to load the classes from a buddy. Most osgi-biased developers will concede that the majority of java libraries out there are not currently shipped as osgi bundles and are not aware of the modular layer in the osgi framework. Many existing java libraries are designed to run inside a container (J2EE paper container, Applet container etc). Such containers explicitly define execution boundaries between the various components running within the container. The container controls the execution boundaries and knows when a boundary is being crossed from one component to the next. This level of boundary control allows a container to switch the context of a thread when a component boundary is crossed. Typically when a container detects a context switch it will set the context class loader on the thread to a class loader associated with the component which is being entered.

associated with a thread. This class loader is provided by the thread creator to code running in the thread for the purpose loading classes and resources. This class loader is useful for loading classes and resources that are not always available to the class loader which loaded the code running in the thread. For the purpose of this design a context Switch is defined as the point in an execution sequence when a component boundary is crossed from one component to the next. Class forName, a classic java mechanism for dynamic class discovery and loading. It uses the current classloader to look for and load the requested class. The current classloader is the classloader that loaded the class containing the method executing the forName(String) call. Context Finder, a special class loader that finds that first Bundle classloader on that stack and delegates load requests to that classloader.

Exe and collect summary the other needed files: python py2exe -w s An InnoSetup script to build a self-installer of the superdoodle standalone executable. You can get InnoSetup from http www. You may have to edit this file to make it work for your environment and python installation. Inf, individual Software Inc. Resume maker with Career Planning 1 /. Contents, overview, this design defines the behavior of the context class loader in the Equinox osgi framework. Many java libraries exist that use the context class loader. In an osgi framework environment the context class loader is not defined.

Frozen at, windows, resume, loader?

Doodle, this little sample is a doodle application. It shows you how to draw on a canvas, deal with mouse events, popup menus, update ui events, and much more. A class for the main drawing window. You can best also run it directly to see just this window. takes the doodleWindow from and puts it in a more full featured application with a control panel, and the ability to save and load doodles. a distutils script to make a standalone. Exe of superdoodle for Windows platforms. You can get py2exe from t/. Use this command to build the.

Windows resume loader frozen
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  7. Resume, maker with Career Planning inf, resume, maker with Career Planning-related inf inf individual Software Inc. My technique is to keep the F8 key depressed, then let it up for 5 seconds, down, up for 5 seconds until I saw the boot loader screen. Identifier hypervisorsettings hypervisordebugtype serial hypervisordebugport 1 hypervisorbaudrate 115200. Resume, loader, settings identifier resumeloadersettings inherit globalsettings device options identifier description Ramdisk.CreateDocument extends eventDispatcher public var text:String; private var textString:String; private var descriptor:XML; private var savedIndex:int; / start index for loop private var getElementText:GetElementText; private var resume. Windows 7 Taskbar - after Virus Removal. Is there anyway to merge partitions?

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