Paraphrase assignment

paraphrase assignment

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Complete bibliographic information must be given for every source you use. Cite the source and page number after every sentence you paraphrase from it and after every passage you" from. Also, this assignment is to be completed without any assistance from anyone except the instructor. Grading: you will write two drafts of the paper. The first draft will be worth a maximum of 100 points and the second will be worth a maximum of 250 points (out of 1,000 points for the semester). Each draft must include both Parts a and b as described above.

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The presentation should be self-contained. Part B: you should present and defend an original argument on the topic you choose. Your original argument should be put in write the P1,. C format as done in text and in class. State whether the argument is inductive or deductive and explain why you think it is valid/invalid sound/unsound or strong/weak, as appropriate. Then present at least one reason per premise esol for thinking that each premise in your argument is true. Your should try to make your argument sound or strong. Show that your own view does not fall prey to the same criticisms as the view you discuss in Part a or other likely objections. Note: be sure that every part of your paper is a philosophy paper,. E., a paper which consists of little else besides arguments utilizing careful reasoning for or against clearly defined views.

Grade for Assignment 50 Meteorology (Content) 25 Format (Described Above) 25 Style (Proper Sentences/Spelling etc.). Philosophy 151: Paper Assignment, paper Assignment, phil 151 - honors introduction to philosophy - spring 2001. Assignment: (1) Select a topic. The topic should be some important issue in write philosophy relevant to the issues discussed in class, but it is important that your paper not repeat material discussed in class or in the assigned readings. (2) you should read at least two articles or chapters of books, approved by the instructor, on your topic. (3) Both the topics and readings you select must be approved by the instructor no later than 2:30pm Thursday, march. (4) be sure to hand in a copy of the articles you choose with each draft of your paper. Content requirements: Part A: Present and then critique the view of at least one of the author's of your articles. Do not simply report the views of others, but critically evaluate each view you discuss.

paraphrase assignment

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Every reference is listed completely only in the reference section alphabetically. Additional (beyond Those for Writing Assignment 1) Rule for In-Text Citations of a website publication Here is the way to include a reference citation for a website publication in the body of your paper. ".Rappaport (1997) documented the record storm surge in coastal Florida associated with Hurricane Andrew." or ".Andrew was associated with a record storm surge in coastal Florida (Rappaport, 1997)." In the reference section (your Section write v the complete citation is listed: (book titles are underlined, journal. Style Issues Please make sure you have time to completely proofread your paper. Remember that the best editor is yourself. Spellchecker cannot check to see if you used the correct word, only that the word is spelled correctly. The Style guidelilnes imposed for Writing Assignment 1 apply to Writing Assignment.

You must provide citations in the text to each of the textbooks chosen for formal references and/or the website in the manner described for textbooks for Writing Assignment. Information on specific hurricane tracks, damage, storm surge etc. Is not common knowledge and should be referenced. You will indicate references in your writing assignment in the manner required in the meteorological/oceanographic literature. Scientists have adopted an easy way to indicate references that dispenses completely with the need for footnotes. It is very simple to reference an idea. Suppose you want to remark on the fact that the storm surge associated with Andrew was the largest recorded and that you learned that from reading an article (either in a journal or on a website) by someone named Rappaport. In the text, you simply paraphrase the reference and indicate the author or authors by last name and date.

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paraphrase assignment

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Note that ocean temperatures greater than 80F extend from the nurse subtropics to the Atlantic seaboard and then northward where the gulf Stream transports warm water northward. Thus, one would expect tropical storms moving over this water to stay active and, even, intensify to hurricane status." Example of a figure caption Figure. Sea-surface temperature analysis for the western Atlantic. Colors indicate approximate temperatures as shown on the figure. (Source: National Hurricane center). Structure of the paper: References The rappaport website and the class textbooks (Sheets and Williams (Hint: Chapter 10 williams and Zebrowski) must be included and referred to in the text. Here is the list that must be included in the references : Rappaport,., 1993: Preliminary report: Hurricane Andrew.

National Hurricane center, website-url:. Sheets, bob and Jack williams, 2001: Hurricane watch. . Williams, j, 1997: The weather book. Zebrowski, ernest, 1999: Perils of a restless Planet: Scientific Perspectives on Natural Disasters Cambridge University Press, 306. The textbook citations and the website citation above are as they should appear exactly in your Reference section (Section V). You may refer to material discussed in class but you do not need to provide a formal reference to it either in the text or in the reference section of your paper.

Conclusions (one paragraph-should summarize major conclusions that relate to the title of the paper). References (see format and Procedural guidelines for Writing Assignment 1). Figures (Sequential, and numbered in the order that you refer to them in the e below). Format, same format guidelines (beyond those listed above) as in Writing Assignment 1 (please make sure you read those again). Structure of the paper: Figures, the paper, must have several illustrations (no fewer than 4).

The figures should be drawn from either the textbooks or other sources of information, for example, the national Hurricane center's online case study of Andrew. Figures should be selected carefully and thoughtfully so that they illustrate the point you are trying to make. Because they serve an important function, figures should also be reproduced in a readable format (i.e., large enough to be read and clearly copied). The figures chosen should be: labeled clearly with a caption, as, for example, "Fig. 1: sea-surface temperatures for the Atlantic" referred directly to in the text and numbered sequentially in the order in which the given figure is referred to and discussed; integrated carefully into the discussion included sequentially at the rear of the paper after the references. Example of Referring to figure in your Text ".Tropical Cyclones tend to intensify to hurricanes over the Atlantic where ocean temperatures are greater than around 80 degrees. 4 shows the sea-surface temperatures over the Atlantic for 3 September 1999. The yellow color represents ocean temperatures 27C (about 82 f or greater).

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Note: your paper must have the title below and the lettered sections (including titles) summarized below. Your "paper" should have the following long features: The title, must be: Hurricane Andrew: Typical or Atypical Atlantic Hurricane? The paper, must have the following numbered and titled sections:. Introduction (one paragraph-what you are business going to do, why you are doing it-here you might refer to the discussions on the web site related to warnings and intensity of Andrew and, therefore, it is an interesting storm to study). General Discussion of Atlantic Hurricanes ( two paragaphs or so mentioning things like what a hurricane is, where in the Atlantic they form in relation to sea-surface temperature patterns, in what direction they move and why etc.-basically, what we have discussed in class). Was Andrew an Atypical or Typical Hurricane? (Using graphics that you have chosen, discuss the extent to which the evolution, track and intensity of Andrew matched or did not match the typical Atlantic hurricane.).

paraphrase assignment

The file should be in pdf. It should be named as yourLastNameA1.pdf. Your critique should: be about two pages in length (without using ridiculous spacing have been proof-read and run through a spell checker, reflect some thought, support your points with evidence wherever possible). Metr 302, Spring 2004, Writing Assignment 2. San francisco state university, department of geosciences, spring 2004. Meteorology 30 2, writing Assignment 2, section 1: Distributed Wednesday d ue wednesday, section 4: Distributed Thursday due thursday,. Topic, the sun topic(and title) for your four page (exclusive of figures and reference listings double-spaced, typewritten in 12 pt (this is 12 pt type) paper ( no more than 1 inch margins ) is: Hurricane Andrew: Typical or Atypical Atlantic Hurricane? Format of the paper.

paper intended for an audience with a general background in AI: we will not be studying natural language in this class, but Watson is perhaps the best known example of an ai system that was deployed. You need to write a critique of the article. The critique should be about 2 pages in length. It should start by summarizing the central ideas of the paper (do not simply paraphrase the abstract or starting sentences in sections!) Then it should comment on what you thought was the contribution of the research described in the paper and what were its strengths. If you think the paper was missing critical details or could have been improved with more information on some aspect, state. If you cannot find anything to improve, then say what they did well. Show that you understood what they were trying to convey. Some memos/papers that may help in figuring out what should be in the critique are: What to hand in, you can submit your critique in RamCT.

It helps if i know something about you and your interest in the course. You can also use the time to start to brainstorm about project ideas. For distance students, we can talk on the telephone or via skype. Introduce yourself to the rest of the class on the discussion board first on RamCT. A thread called "Introductions" will be set up for this purpose. Provide your name and at least one other "byte" of information,. G., why you are taking the course, what your passion is, the most unusual thing you have ever done, a photo of your pet. Part 2: reading a research Paper 80 pts.

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Due by, thursday 1/30 at noon mst, the purpose of this assignment is to introduce yourself and to start to familiarize yourself with research papers in artificial intelligence. In the course of the semester, you will likely find it valuable to read research papers to get ideas on how to do your programming assignments. Because this assignment does not include a programming component, it will be presentation worth 50 of a regular assignment. Part 1: Introduction to Instructor and Colleagues 20 pts. In my experience, everyone gains by having an interactive experience. To expedite that, you need to introduce yourself to the instructor and the class as follows: Arrange a 5 minute meeting with the instructor sometime before the due date. The purpose is to enable me to put a face and voice to a name.

Paraphrase assignment
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  3. Students are encouraged to use the checklist prior to submitting any assignment or work. The checklist can be printed, filled in, and attached to your assignment submission.

  4. This process is framed as a linear assignment task, which allows to control some well-formedness constraints. Paraphrase characterization takes on a new dimension if we look at it in extensional terms. Philosophy 352: Philosophy of Mind. (due to me in class, ) First essay assignment. Same format guidelines (beyond those listed above) as in Writing. Assignment 1 (please make sure you read those again).

  5. Cite the source and page number after every sentence you paraphrase from it and after every passage you" from. Paraphrase, rewrite tool trial essay rewriter uses the power of paraphrasing to protect students from the common problem of being accused of plagiarism. It should start by summarizing the central ideas of the paper (do not simply paraphrase the abstract or starting sentences in sections! You can" directly, paraphrase passages or, simply summarize the main points. You can use all of these techniques in a single document.

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