Trifles feminist essay

trifles feminist essay

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" i also have an essay called "Feminist Frameworks for Horror Films" in the recent volume _Post-Theory_. By david Bordwell and noel Carroll (Wisconsin, 1996). My essay includes somewhat brief readings/discussions of three examples: "The Fly "Jurassic Park and Roman Polanski's "Repulsion which I personally think would be an excellent choice to show and discuss in a feminist ethics class. (But don't do it without reading my essay, ha ha!) In the _Philosophy and Film_ book, tom Wartenberg's essay is about the depiction of social class and romance in "White palace" which he relates to earlier movies such as "Some like it Hot." And Kelly. Tom has a forthcoming book about a genre he calls the "unlikely couple" film and many of his essays and films he discusses would probably be of interest. He is discussing the hollywood depiction of romance and authenticity as (alleged) ways to break down barriers of race, social class, etc. He talks about many specific films such as "The Crying Game "Desert hearts "Tootsie "Mississipi masala "Guess Who's Coming to dinner etc. Tom's e-mail address.

Trifles, drama, feminist, literally Criticism, essay, example

That said, i'll immodestly plug a couple of my own pieces. I reviewed the patricia erens volume _Issues in gates Feminist Film Theory_ a few years ago for the journal of Aesthetics (1995 maybe? Erens' volume is large, varied, and useful, and contains a number of essays focusing on individual films and interpretations thereof, some of which might be interesting to consider. The marleen Gorris film "a question of Silence" is always very provocative, and the Erens book includes an essay about. (In the film, three women who do not know one another commit murder together of the owner of a small dress shop. The movie traces the background of this unusual murder in the guise of a woman lawyer or psychiatrist investigating whether the women were sane or not. Ironically, the lawyer figure ends up thinking that, given the context of their lives, which is basically the context of patriarchy, they were sane to do what they did at the time. The film is really very provocative, and the murder scene in it is not gory.) Let me also mention the anthology Philosphy and Film (Routledge 1995) which I co-edited with Tom Wartenberg. There are various essays in there about specific films that you might find interesting to show and discuss with your class. My own essay "Realist Horror" is a feminist essay about the politics or ideology of a movie you may not want to show, because it is strong stuff, "Henry: Portrait of a serial Killer.

The film is based on a novel titled "a jury of Her peers", but i am not sure whether that is the title of the film also. I tried to locate the film with the help of "Guide to the total Women's Collection Independent and Foreign Films suggested in Dhani's posting on the 1st of December, but without success. Does anyone know where we could find it? Diane cano has anyone suggested the australian film, "my brilliant Career"? Suggested Articles, dates books, related readings Cynthia. Freeland with regard to Charlotte witt's question: There is a lot of material written in feminist film theory that would probably also be of great interest to students/professors doing feminist ethics. In fact I'd almost venture to say that most feminist film theory is "ethical" in some way or another, or manifests a concern with certain feminist issues (whether ethical or social-political).

trifles feminist essay

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Also, his Secrets and lies. Abby wilkerson An interesting movie i plan to use next semester is All over. The characters are teenagers (including Wilson Cruz, of my so-called Life) dealing with coming out, dating violence, gaybashing, drug problems, and a parent's alcoholism. For about the first half of the movie it was hard for me not to see the protagonist as a victim, but she slowly comes across as finding ways to take care of herself and resist a lot of what's going on around her. (And it's not heavy-handed, despite my laundry list of "teen problems. Hildur Kalman As the topic of films to use in feminist classes has turned essays up, i want to take the opportunity to ask about a canadian film that i and some colleagues of mine at the centre for Women's Studies tried to locate some years. We planned to use it in our courses on "Power and Gender in the part dealing with "traditional patriarchy".

"Antonia's Line" is Dutch, i believe (not Danish and I hear it is a marvelous film. But if you want to use a danish film, try "Babette's feast based on a novelette by a danish woman author (Karen Blixen alias Isak dinesen about three women living most of their lives in a small, deeply religious community. The underlying theme is to love (and bear) one's destiny. I just showed "like water For Chocolate" in my course, philosophy of Women in World Cultures, and asked my students to identify whether there were feminist elements in the film at all. Opinions were divided, all depending on the definition of feminism used, so it was a useful discussion tool. Other films (from the past decade) to consider would be: "Thelma and louise" and "Something to talk about" (both screenplays written by callie khouri, i believe "Boys On the side "a handmaid's Tale" (the book is better "Oleanna "Waiting to Exhale and "he said She. Older films: "a doll's house" (Jane fonda "Adam's Rib" (Katherine hepburn and Spencer Tracy highly recommended; "seven Women" (John Ford's last film and "Masculine feminine". Margaret Crouch Another film for feminist themes: Ladybird, ladybird, by mike leigh.

Essay, feminism in, trifles

trifles feminist essay

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You might also want to try "Smilla's Sense of Snow although it's more of a murder mystery than an ethics film. I just remembered another great foreign presentation feminist film: "Antonia's Line." I think it's Danish, although I'm not sure. It's about four generations of women living in post-wwii denmark (I think) and it is a wonderful look at feminism in everyday life. Theresa jc norman a film that raises lots of nice, juicy ethical issues is "Bound a fairly recent film noir. " Kristy Grice if you're interested in distopian ethics/theory, try The handmaid's Tale. Theresa jc norman another good film is, i believe, a canadian production called "working girls about a lesbian who works as a prostitute in a "nice" brothel. Makes terrific contrast to that dream-on piece of stereotypic, role-enforcing propaganda, "pretty woman." not that it bothers.

(From Linda McAlister just an addition to te norman's suggestion of "Working Girls" I don't believe it's Canadian, but the filmmaker is lizzie borden. Oh, the bandit queen's name is phoolan, and she is also called "phoolan devi" which means something like "the goddess-incarnation as phoolan." i think. Magazine had her picture on their anniversary cover collage. Some letter older films, still great, are barbra streistand's "nuts" and "yentl." Nina rosenstand my impression was that you wanted suggestions for fictional movies, not documentaries. Here are a few suggestions-i often use films in my classes, with interesting results!

The latter one is the blue-eye/brown-eye experiment done in a third grade class in Iowa by jane Elliot. Fiction Films, Dramas, hollywood, Etc. Dhani antonia's Line - a film by patricia rozema i think it won the 96 Cannes Film Festival Award in the category of Independent films. You can find a review of this film at: review. Karen Jones In response to Charlotte's query about films to show in a feminist ethics class: i use gorris' "a question of Silence, " in the context of both Sara hoagland's *Lesbian Ethics* and Susan Babbitt's *Impossible Dreams.

I've found it fascinating to use - it gets very different responses from students, some of whom (mistakenly) think it constitutes a straightforward endorsement of random violence. Kristin Switala there is a great film out of India called "Bandit queen which is based on a true story of a woman who leaves her arranged marriage to becomethe leader of a bandit group in India. They call her (she's still alive) "The goddess of the Flowers" and it's a great movie. Watch out, though, there are two tortuous rape sequences to sit through. There is a wonderful film by the tunisian filmmaker (female) Tlatli called "Les Silences du palais" which is about a mother and daughter living as servants in a beg's home in Tunisia. Lots of political and ethical undertones and beautifully filmed. My local Blockbuster video store has it, if you can believe.

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Leslie devereaux's new book, visual fields, also presents a feminist/anthropological critique of visual media, which is excellent (read her introduction, if nothing else). Minh-ha, i recommend beginning with naked Spaces: living is round, reassemblage, or Sur Name viet, given Name nam. I teach her films on both for the undergraduate and graduate level, although they are challenging to essay both groups of students for different reasons. My preference is to teach her within the context of her own theorizing, and I find that including her written works in the discussion helps students to get a grasp of what she is doing. The students often remember her films long after a class is over because they have had to learn to do something different as film viewers. Her films radically point up the masculinist traditions tied to film, and particularly, documentary filmmaking, and they open the door to a dicussion of feminist politics and aesthetics. Jan Boxill i show two other videos both abc specials: John Stoessel's "Men/Women and Gender Differences" and "A Class divided".

trifles feminist essay

I can't remember what it is called but it is excellent. If anyone knows the plant film that i am referring to (from my vague ramblings.) and remembers the title, please let me know. Elizabeth reilly i recently saw a film made in Victoria. Called "Becoming Barbie" - this may be the one you have in mind. Dawn dietrich i would like to recommend Trinh. Minh-ha's "personal" or "ethonographic" documentary films, which defy masculinist definitions of documentary filmmaking, while articulating and problematizing a feminist politics of "looking" and "participation." The filmmaker is conscious of her own position in the problem of film, and she theorizes this position both in her. I recommend reading Framer Framed before or after viewing her films, as she articulates the whole problem of creating a narrative that somewhow represents a culture or an experience.

"Boys and Girls are, different. I also use it in class, mostly because it is filled with contradictions, ridiculous arguments and mythology about gender differences. I have also used "Killing Us Softly" and "Still Killing Us Softly" which are getting a little dated now, but are still really useful for stirring discussion about images of women in advertising. There is also a film produced by canadian tv on women and body image. It talks about advertising, eating disorders, the fitness craze and the cosmetics industry. Its probably about 8 years old.

Today's women cast lizzie as a feminist heroine, overthrowing patriarchy with her forty whacks. In this sardonic and original film an assortment of people, from a forensic scientist to a rock star, find vastly different meaning in the infamous case. Was lizzie perhaps an incest victim fighting back? Was she a lesbian? What does the case tell us about class, gender and family in industrial. As general well as providing a lively retelling of the ever-popular story of lizzie. Borden, this film also raises complex deeper issues relating to social history, women's studies, and popular culture.".

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Die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem dienstanbieter in irgendeiner beziehung. Sollten markenrechtliche Probleme auftreten, wenden sie sich bitte direkt an den Domaininhaber, welcher aus dem Whois ersichtlich wird. Swip films to Use for teaching Feminist Philosophy. Swip's List of Suggested Films to Use for teaching Feminist Philosophy. Documentaries, from: "Carolyn Dipalma (wos you might consider getting a copy of a barbara walters television special featuring many issues around new reproductive technologies, titled something like: "The perfect Baby." dhani, lizzie borden Hash and Rehash. Reviews: "The film is an original yet accessible parts work that will not only delight its viewers but teach them about several important humanities themes." - jean -Christophe Agnew, Prof., American Studies, yale University "A superb teaching tool." - frances Maher, Chair, dept. Of A film by Immy. Humes, education., Wheaton College "Why has the image of lizzie borden captured the imaginations of so many generations of women? Each generation remakes the myth, fitting it to the changing anxieties and awareness of the times.

Trifles feminist essay
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  5. Trifles by susan Glaspell observes the different reactions characters have due to a murder case. Each of the characters emotions are captivated within. Today s women cast lizzie as a feminist heroine, overthrowing patriarchy with her forty whacks. I m not sure which is called a jury of her peers and which is called trifles. The raven analytical essay.

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