Writings on leadership

writings on leadership

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In many cases, a leader acquires skills through years of trial and error, often adapting strategies and techniques to suit the occasion. One of the most critical elements of leadership is team building. Successful leaders are renowned for their ability to enthuse workers on to great individual feats, and to achieve superb organisational results through the efforts of their workforce (Sarros woodman 1993). Leaders are effective primarily in their ability to comprehend, visualise and articulate to their peers and subordinates the opportunities and threats facing the organisation through team involvement. The involvement of individuals and teams in everyday life of an organisation are essential tools of team building leaders. In terms of organisational leadership, team building requires the ability to lead by example, to generate commitment and trust through that example, to involve and inspire followers, and to clearly communicate a vision.

Term Paper on, leadership

Decision making of for this nature encourages participation and commits the organisation to plans and strategies that result from the decision-making process. Because it is action-centred, confident decision making consists of initiative, conviction, assertiveness and calculated risk-taking (Sarros woodman 1993). Leaders maintain their calm and make decisions that infuse themselves throughout the organisations culture. This infusion is achieved by involving staff in every facet of the decision-making process, and ensuring that the process is consistent with performance and organisational objectives. Participation of staff plays a major role in situational demand on leadership. Todays leaders must be willing and able to identify situational demands, and of selecting or designing appropriate methods of dealing with them. In the normal scheme of things, leaders take time to consult and decide, to plan ahead with calculated risk. However, in a world birth of turmoil and unpredictable market forces, quick but sound decisions are the norm. This type of decision making takes conviction, guts, and determination: leaders must become more comfortable in being assertive and going for it (Sarros woodman 1993). Effective leaders inspire followers because they challenge them to contribute to sometimes risky but potentially beneficial ventures.

A major aspect of effective leadership therefore appears to be the establishment of clear and specific objectives and the attainment of those objectives. Astute leaders recognise that objectives are the outcome of a process of translating a personal vision reviews of what the company might be into a strategy that is explicit and can be implemented. Achieving objectives requires the alignment of staff to the vision underlying these objectives (Sarros woodman 1993). Without alignment through consistent and constant communication, objectives are not realised and the vision fails, leaving followers with a sense of bewilderment. Setting and achieving realistic objectives means making the hard decision; that is, being prepared to take small losses for bigger gains in the long term. When a sufficiently long-term approach is adopted, leaders encourage organisations to become more market driven and competitive. This approach thrives on environmental scanning and market niching, two fundamentals of competitive advantage (Sarros woodman 1993). Setting and achieving realistic objectives also need to be customer-focused and quality control driven, otherwise they will operate under a meaningless cloud. Another key element of effective leadership within organisations is action-centred focus, identified through confident decision-making behaviour.

writings on leadership

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Very few individual leaders seem to have both the capacities for creativity and vision and putting that creativity/vision into place. More vision/risk-taking needs to be adopted to break the cycle of doom and gloom. Whilst creativity in the ranks is often there, leaders do not act, or act on it far too slowly (Sarros woodman 1993). Vision, strategic thinking and innovation are terms often mentioned together. Executives believed that effective vision encourages innovation and strategic thinking, but that it also requires courage, commitment and communication to be achieved. Vision and creativity may be directly related to organisational innovation, however strategic thinking, direction setting, and a motivated workforce underpin the measure of the success visionary thinking produces in terms of organisational outcomes. These relationships, while descriptive, provide a conceptual framework for coming to terms with visionary business type leadership, and for further research in this area. Setting and achieving objectives are the mainstays of leadership, and are as much components of vision as they are its outcomes. Without appropriate visions that are readily translated into tangible objectives, achieving targets will remain largely problematic (Sarros woodman 1993).

Culture, technology) in the future in terms of what it should become. In a similar vein, setting directions and providing vision by leaders is clearly grounded in the need for organisations to adapt continuously to changing, unstable environments. Vision as a leadership attribute is related directly to employee commitment and work satisfaction. The logical extension of this is that satisfied and committed workers will be more productive, and in turn will assist organisational performance. The problem, of course, is in channelling the vision to achieve objectives without the interference of outside forces (Sarros woodman 1993). Vision consists of a number of personal as well as organisational strengths. Visionary leaders are recognised by their energy, capacity for hard work, commitment, and risk-taking behaviour. Their organisational abilities include the tendency to think globally and to communicate widely and unambiguously (Sarros woodman 1993). These are the visionary attributes expected today of effective leaders.

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writings on leadership

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What are the words attributes, skills and competencies leaders of organisations possess, and can these sets of skills be developed through training? Can some leaders perform below their potential, even becoming toxic leaders, and if so how is this occurrence recognisable? This report will investigate these concepts of leadership in order to provide a simple blueprint of the important aspects of what it is to be an effective leader in an organisation. It is clear that effective leadership can make a difference to organisational performance. However, the determinants of leadership success are not as clear-cut. What is clear is that successful organisational leadership relies on a combination of traits, skills, attitudes, environmental and intra-organisational conditions (Sarros woodman 1993). The five main attributes or competencies required for effective leadership within an organisation are identified as follows; (1) vision and creativity; (2) setting objectives/achieving targets; (3) confident decision making; (4) team building; (5) coaching.

These five attributes are by no means exhaustive when discussing leadership qualities. However with these five skills in place hand in hand with the organisational goals in mind, organisational outcomes and effective leadership success will more often than not be achieved. The relationship of each attribute to organisational outcomes will now be established. Vision is a leadership attribute that always is in vogue. Vision and direction setting are the building blocks to change, where producing change is the primary function of leadership. Vision is often defined as a description of something (eg.

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Adolf Hitler- can he really be considered a true leader? Base your contention on a detailed listing of the traits you mini think a true leader should have. Cite instances in his life to prove your arguments. Is it time to have a true international leadership in the world today? If your opinion is positive, how would you go about politically establishing yardage such a global government? Well, as already said, a research paper on leadership can be a gratifying task. If you have ever been dissatisfied with the way things are run you are bound to have inspiring ideas for your research paper.

writings on leadership

Should you require it within 8 hours, it will be so delivered. Here is a list of possible topics for you research paper on leadership : Compare and contrast two specific instances of leadership. One should be autocratic-monarchical in context and the other, in the context of a democratic government. Have a set of criteria which you will use to gauge the efficiency of one as opposed to that of the other. Do you think whatever shortcomings were apparent in one type of leadership had something to do with the framework of government in which the protagonist was acting. Why or market why not? Make a research on the limitations of personal leadership that may be a hindrance to the efficiency of the president of a democracy. Propose moves to improve such situations.

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He decided that he too would like to start a coaching practice. Well, i said, i am sure you would be very talented as a coach, but you should know, i actually went to school for over ten years to do what. Initially, i was offended he thought so little about what it took for me to be successful in my profession. However, with the rise in popularity of coaching during the last decade, and the numerous schools that popped up to capitalize on that popularity (some promoting 2-week courses i realized I really couldnt fault his (mis)perception. The experience made me think about the leaders with whom I work. And, i wondered if at least one of the many challenges facing my clients could be the result of them not thinking of leadership as a profession and, as their profession. Research Paper on leadership a guide to Writing.

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I recently ran into an old friend from high school. It was great to see him; he was exactly as I remembered: friendly, easy-going and (still) easy on business the eyes. In our brief conversation, he asked what I had been up to (for the past almost 20 years) and so i shared a couple of details of my life, including the fact that I now worked as an executive coach. He said he had heard about coaching and thought it sounded like a great gig. I said it was. We moved onto other topics and then parted ways, both of us no doubt marveling at the passage of time. A week later, i received a phone call. It was my friend.

Writings on leadership
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  5. At m there are excellent examples of a research paper on leadership with an interesting contention. Essays leadership and management Initially, a good manager should possess well-defined objectives. Writing spaces org essays on leadership. Concepts of leadership, ideas about leadership and leadership practices are the subject of much thought, discussion, writing, teaching and learning (Depree 1989). Writing is an important leadership skill that is often overlooked. In this sense, writing gives leaders a method for organizing and clarifying their thoughts.

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