5 year old homework sheets

5 year old homework sheets

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Alien Explanation If an alien came down to earth from another planet he would probably be very confused by a lot of things he would find here. Look around your house. There are a lot of things in your house that would confuse an alien. You probably take a lot of these things for granted. Things like a television, a video recorder, a computer, a vacuum cleaner, and a washing machine would probably be unknown to the alien. Imagine an alien did land on Earth and that you made friends with. Choose an item from the list above, or use an idea of your own, and explain what it is to the alien.

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Draw a picture of your machine and label your picture to show what parts do what. Write down why youve decided to invent the machine and tell me a little bit about how it works. Mythical Monsters At school youve been looking at myths and legends. The myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were dominated by tales of heroes, gods and monsters. For this homework you will be looking at the monsters of myth and legend. I would like you to create your own monster. Draw a picture of it and label your picture to tell me what each part does. Then write a paragraph telling me about your monster. Tell me about where it lives, what it does, vision how it behaves and what it has done to the heroes that have come across. If youre having trouble creating your monster, try the old Greek myth trick simply take the head of one animal and combine it with the body of another. You can always add wings and a tail.

Visual aids will make your talk more interesting. Visual aids are things like pictures, posters, objects or props. You can even write on the class board if you wish. Design a machine Are resume there any jobs that you dont like doing around the house? Are there any tasks that other people in your family dont like doing? Imagine that you could buy special machines to do the tasks that nobody likes doing. I want you to invent a machine to do one of those tasks.

5 year old homework sheets

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Can you find any other examples of sayings or proverbs? Class Talk, next week i would like everyone to give a short talk to the rest of the class on something that they like doing. Your homework is to prepare for this talk. You will only have to speak for around 5 minutes. Your talk could be on one of your hobbies, on a favourite book or film, on your computer, or on something that really interests you. Its up to you what subject you choose. Try and work out carefully what youre going to say. You could write a few notes on a piece of paper to help you. Its a good idea to write the order that youre going to talk about things.

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5 year old homework sheets

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You may have heard people say, too many cooks spoil the broth, and wondered what they are talking about. That is an example of a proverb. Its a saying that has summary been passed on, generation by generation, from a long time ago. Below are the starts of some proverbs. For homework i would like you to see if you can find out how they finish.

Youll have to ask people at home to help you. When you bring your answers back to school well be talking about what each proverb means. A stitch in time. A bird in the hand. You cant teach an old dog. Look after the pennies. Dont look a gift horse.

What do you like having best for tea? For your homework i want you to plan your perfect meal. It has to be the meal that you would most want to eat. Think carefully about what dish you want for the main part of your tea. What would you like for pudding?

Do you want a drink with your tea? Would you like to begin your tea with a starter (e.g. When youve decided on your meal write the meal down in the form of a menu. Think carefully about what a menu looks like. You may have seen menus on trips to pubs or restaurants. Places like mcDonalds also have a type of menu.

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Youre going to ask them questions about their schooldays. Before you start your interview I would like you to prepare about ten questions to ask them. Write them down in advance so you dont forget them. Try and make the questions interesting and try and avoid questions that will just produce yes and no answers. Tape the interview if you can, as this will help you write down the questions and the answers. Bring your written versions (your transcripts) of the interview into school. My favourite food, what foods do you like eating the most?

5 year old homework sheets

Your homework is to imagine that you favourite are a commentator. Instead of talking about a football match or motor race i want you to commentate on an everyday activity. So you could do the commentary on someone washing the dishes, making the dinner or doing something completely different. Its up to you. It might help you if you listen to some commentators on the television or radio. You dont have to write down your commentary. You could record it if you wish! Schooldays Interview, for your homework this week i would like you to conduct an interview with a member of your family about their time at school.

have a catchy theme tune. Often, though, you remember the products featured in the advert because of the phrase used at the end of the advert. have the answer is an example of an advertising slogan. For your homework i would like you to make a collection of advertising slogans. You could ask members of your family about any they can remember. You could build up your collection from using adverts on tv or in magazines. Bring your collection of slogans into school. Crazy commentary, if youve ever seen any sport on television then youll know that the job of a sports commentator is to tell the viewer exactly whats happening even when the viewer can see what is happening!

How do they try and make you buy the thing they are selling? Look out for slogans and phrases that they use. How is the advert set out? How big is the writing on shredder the advert? Does the advert use a picture to get your attention? For homework i would like you to design a magazine advert for one of the following: a new chocolate bar a fizzy drink a shampoo a toothpaste a toy, advertising Slogans. Youll need to watch a small amount of television (or flick through some magazines) to do this homework! There are lots of adverts on tv and in magazines.

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!doctype html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN"!doctype html public "-/W3C/dtd xhtml.0 Transitional/EN". Literacy-linked English Homework Sheets, this is a collection of homework sheets that ive written. They can be used to support the literacy hour. Ive had lots of feedback from other resume teachers who have used the sheets. Many have found a use for the activities in the classroom as well as for homework. Adverts, to help you do this homework it might be a good idea to gather together some examples of adverts from newspapers and magazines. Look at the adverts in the press.

5 year old homework sheets
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  3. Name page for homework. We provide happy mother s day free coloring Pages. Sheets, printables Images"s Wallpapers Pictures Pics Cards Greetings wishes messages Clip Art. Educators share homework policies that keep kids interested and on task. If I receive more than two sheets from a student, i contact the parents. In the, homework and study section you ll find links to useful websites, maths and English glossaries, and help sheets to make homework time easier in your house.running shoes i 5 soccer shoes i 5 tennis shoes i 5 walking shoes i 5 hiking shoes.

  4. This is a collection of homework sheets that ive written. You cant teach an old dog. You will only have to speak for around 5 minutes. Homework for spring 2008. Due at the start of your 4th lab period.(week of Sept 29). In the, homework and study section you ll find links to useful websites, maths and English glossaries, and help sheets to make homework time easier in your house.

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