Bike riding essay

bike riding essay

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I used my first lungful to cough out a bunch of water (just typing this makes me have to cough). By the second breath my vision and mind started clearing. I have been doing a lot of breathing drills in the pool swim 25 yards breathing every 3 strokes, then 25 breathing every 5, then every 7, then 25 with one breath or without breathing. It sucks, but it gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable. That also helped me not to die. I turned over on my back, puked again, realized this is how Mama cass died, turned my head for another ejection of lake water, and heard a voice from a kayak say you okay? I dont know if I shook my head or grabbed the boat or what, but I finally got my feces organized.

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I saw spots, vision dimmed, and had a serious Oh shit moment. Heres what happens when you really really need to breathe you take a breath. It doesnt matter if you are underwater or in outer space. Since my throat was slammed shut when my diaphragm spasmed, i basically inhaled water into my stomach and immediately vomited like that big fountain in Las Vegas. When I was a kid my parents told me to stop and take a moment any time things go nonlinear. This mantra was further hammered into my brain through flight training. It has kept me out of trouble before, and this was no exception. I thought If there english was ever a time to keep your shit together, this. Now calm your tits and think about what you need. My head was above water but my efforts to draw in air seemed to be keeping my throat closed so i forced myself to breathe very slowly.

So i missed a breath; not a big deal. I then went to breathe on the left side and was met with a rogue wave. I think it was a small wake left by the rescue boat. This time i breathed in a lot of water and felt the sensation of quite a bit of it actually going into my lungs. I do not recommend this feeling because it is the worst thing imaginable. The reptilian part of my brain was waking up and telling me Id better breathe some actual air if I wanted to continue being conscious. I tried to get myself vertical and get my head out of the water, but was met with the next wave from the boat. I just saw brown water and felt my limbs involuntarily flapping and getting hot and tingly with the rush of adrenaline that type is reserved for such occasions.

bike riding essay

The bike ride : Personal Narrative

This is because of the nervous energy you have built up, being in the water, and the utter chaos that goes on around you when that many people start thrashing at the same time. Im pretty comfortable in the water and I dont panic easily. I actually do some of my best thinking under stress. This may have saved my life a few minutes later. A bunch of half naked slippery dudes blindly groping each other at daybreaktypical Sunday morning. Things were going fine. I wandered out toward the right side of the pack as coach Dan instructed, and happily found I was passing a some folks. At about three hundred yards I slowed to legs an all day pace and felt pretty okay. Then I took a breath to my right side just as someone was flopping their arm there and sucked in a little water.

By 5:30 Sara and I were at the transition area (the place where you park your bike and change shoes and stuff between events and some dude wrote my bib number on my arms and my age on my left leg with a permanent marker. This is so when they recover one of your limbs from the belly of a giant catfish they have a chance of knowing who you were. The swim was first, and I waited an awful hour for my start at 6:35. They dont start everyone at the same time in most races. They do it somewhat arbitrarily by age group. At 6:32 I was treading the murky waters of Tempe town lake with roughly 62 strangers in their forties who were going to swim a mile with. Treading water in the dark waiting for an air horn to signal your eminent death is the height of fun, in case you were wondering. Most people say there is an element of panic when you start the swim in these things.

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bike riding essay

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Everybody says they are excited for the event. I was looking forward to sunday afternoon when I could say it was over and I didnt die. For the last two days before the event, store you have to drink water and electrolytes like they are going to stop making them. I felt like that dickbag at the gym who carries around the gallon jug to look cool, and peeing like i was pregnant with twins. I kept reminding myself that this was supposed to be fun and to try to enjoy.

It helped a little. The night before the race i actually slept pretty well considering my murderer state of mind. At 4:30 am I was up and putting on the shorts I would wear for the race. They are like bike shorts, but with less padding. I borrowed them from someone else because a) they cost like 100, and b) everything else i was using including my bike and bike shoes was used or borrowed so its kind of my thing now.

As everybody else does, i had setbacks i seemed to get a sinus infection or bronchitis every five weeks, and in early august my left knee was all Im not doing this crazy shit anymore, which caused me to take almost six weeks off. My conclusion being healthy is bad for you. So heres the deal with the race: Because triathletes are sort of insane, they do something called a race report after an event to tell everybody how it went and how much they love torture. What follows is my race report. We left Atlanta on October 14 for Phoenix. The race was on the 18th.

The last week or two before a race, you do something called tapering, where you train like a normal person. 2-3 mile runs, short swims, ride for a while to make sure your bike is working, basically shake out the kinks and stay loose. I shipped my bike to Phoenix and secretly hoped it would end up somewhere else, like a landfill or the moon. I felt like i was physically ready to attempt this, but dreading the day. FedEx came through like a champ and my bike got to the hotel on schedule. Now all that was left was to continue dreading.

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Plus, i dont know about you (actually i do know about you and business you are exactly the same write way but too much input just becomes noise. Newbie tip: Whether you pay someone or not, pick a coach or mentor and listen to that person over everything else. Ask questions of everyone around you and gather information, but remember you do not know what you are doing, so listen to your coach and do as they say. When I was a flight instructor, the first rule that was established was that I was the instructor and I would answer any questions my students had, but their job was to listen to me and do what I needed them. Physical training is a bit different in that there is less likelihood of death so people tend to try to do their own thing, but for fucks sake youre paying someone for their expertise. Who are you cheating by not listening to them? Over the past six months, dan (my coach) has helped me progressively get less horrible at physical activity in preparation for my event last Sunday. Of the three sports I think i am currently least bad at swimming. I am slightly worse at riding my bike, and I still suck at running and hate it accordingly for being such a purely terrible thing.

bike riding essay

Why the hell are you looking at your taint? You know is a massive bummer down there by the fact that you scream every time you get in the shower. Do you really need to look at it, you sicko? Anyway, training means change over time toward a goal, and it works like a goddamned charm. You are teaching your mind and body to respond more and more quickly to increased levels of stress. I hired a coach invitations to tell me what to do and when to. I did that because i wanted accountability and because although there are 47 people i know well at the Triathlon Club and all are very knowledgeable and could easily coach almost anyone perfectly well, i wanted someone who does this for a living.

in shape and keep you there if done regularly, but that is all. Training is six or seven days a week, sometimes for several hours. Are your legs sore? You need to run again. Your arms feel like they are stitched on with barbed wire? Strap on those weird hand paddles and get in the pool. Does your gooch look like something from the opening scene of saving Private ryan?

There is also a full Ironman, which is twice as long and twice as unlikely to happen for. A year ago my wife and a couple of friends from our triathlon club said, As long as you are training, why not sign up for a race? I said, well, because Im slow and fat and Id rather be catheterized with a crusty pipe cleaner. Four months later I had signed up for a half Ironman in Tempe Arizona, hired a coach, and started an almost remote daily routine of trying to kill myself by spending hours making my body do things it thought it had finished doing decades ago. I do not know what transpired in those four months that made me make that decision. I think it was 30 peer pressure, 30 love of the people i had met in the. Atlanta Tri Club (and the desire for their respect that comes with that love and 50 wondering if I could.

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Bike riding essay
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