Essay on murree

essay on murree

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1300 Pope boniface the viii instituted the jubilee as a centenary event. Owing to its financial success, however, pope Clement vi reversed Boniface's decision and celebrated the next Jubilee in 1350. This was thus the only time that the year of Jubilee was intended as a centenary occasion - it never was in practice. Eve is said to have eaten an "apple" in Paradise (Chapters 40 and 41). We are well aware that eve ate an unspecified fruit, but the belief that this was an apple dates from a very much later date. Another proof of the. Being Medieval in origin, is that we have a report (Chapter 99) of a duel between two rival lovers.

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In Chapter 3 of the. The birth of Christ is described as having been painless. This belief was not current in the Church before Thomas Aquinas (died 1278) but is mentioned in Sura 19:23. Not before the fourth Century. Was the title "Virgin" given to mary, yet it appears in the. 184-254 was the first scholar to assume that mount Tabor was the mount of Transfiguration. The bible does not confirm this. The Christian tradition that it was mount Moriah begins only in the Third Century, and yet the. Mentions four archangels, which is also a tradition of the church that dated from the early medieval period. In Chapter 82 mention is made of the "Years of the jubilee, which now cometh every assistant 100 years." The year of Jubilee, according to the Old Testament, was every 50th year (after seven times seven years). The origin of this faulty information is as follows: In the year.

In Chapters 91-92 we are told that Jesus and His disciples kept "the 40 days". The context clearly shows that this refers to the resumes period of Lent before easter, celebrated by the church, but from a very much later period than the days of the early church. (The church meditates at this time on the suffering of Christ, which was obviously unknown when Christ was still alive). We find that Lent was celebrated only from the fourth century. Jesus and His disciples are said to have gone for the 40 day fast to mount Sinai. Which is some 450 km away. There is no report in the new Testament to confirm this.

essay on murree

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The qur'an (Sura 2:29) says that the heavens are seven in number, while "Barnabas" gives the number as nine (Chapter 178a) (Gairdner, pages 19-21). These few indications are sufficient evidence that the writer of the. Must have been acquainted with the writings of Dante and consequently must have i lived after Dante, or else been a contemporary of his. First we should like to observe that all"tions in the. From Old and New Testament are taken from the vulgate translation. D.) This Latin Bible has been used in the catholic Church ever since. The above is an example of an anachronism because the. Is supposed to date from before the vulgate was written.

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essay on murree

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These gold coins were used only in Spain under Khalif Abdul Malik (in 685. The Italian poet Dante lived about the time of the composition of the. (1265-1321) and it is write interesting to notice a number of"tions from Dante's works in the. There are many and they can hardly be regarded as coincidences. quot;s Jesus as saying to peter: "Know ye therefore, that hell is one, yet hath seven centres one below another. Hence, even as sin is of seven kinds, for as seven gates of hell has Satan generated it: so are seven punishments therein." (Chapter 135a). This is exactly what Dante says in Cantos v, vi, etc.

Again "Barnabas" says that God, having created the human senses, condemned them "to hell and to intolerable snow and ice" (Chapter 106, which corresponds with Cantos xxviii and iii of the "Inferno. The description of human sins and their returning at the end like a river to satan, who is their source, is another indirect"tion from Dante's description of the rivers of hell. Similarly, the passages about the believers going to hell, not to be tortured, but to see the unbelievers in their torments, recalls to mind Dante's picture of the same. The differentiation between degrees invitations of glory, and the absence of all feuds and jealousies in heaven, are taken entirely from Dante's "Paradise canto iii. But still stronger evidence that "Barnabas""s directly or indirectly from Dante is his description of the "Geography of heaven". There "Barnabas" agrees with Dante and contradicts even the qur'an itself.

During the period of His supposed arrest, Christ was hiding in a house in the garden of Gethsemane from where he was taken out by four (!) archangels (a much later tradition or legend) through the window and ascended into the third of seven heavens. 32 reasons why the gospel of Barnabas is a forgery written in 1585 AD: "Internal evidence is supplied by the content of the book itself. Any writing is sure to bear the mark of a particular age. The style, language and subject matter of the book will betray." (Gairdner, page 9). "If someone brought you a film which he claimed to have been made in 1905 and started to screen it and it looked every bit like an old film, with old clothes and fashions, you might believe him.

If, however, in the middle of a scene. You saw a concorde going across the sky, you would say. 'This film is a fabrication. Irrefutable proof the gospel of Barnabas was written around 1585 AD: Most suspicious of course, is any mentioning of the name of Muhammad. (In Chapters 44, 54, 112, 97 and 163, etc.) It is particularly suspicious, since all the other evidence points to the fact that the whole of the. O.B is a medieval forgery. But other Islamic thought is also reflected in the. In Chapter 54, the Italian text mentions a denarius, which is made up of 60 minuti.

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On most doctrinal points it differs widely business from the accepted Gospel account and in such a way that the Islamic version of Jesus is emphasized. Jesus Christ is neither the son of God, nor divine. He is rather: "the voice crying in the wilderness" to prepare the way for the coming Messiah, muhammad. Christ is not the messiah, but assumes instead a role similar to that of John the baptist in our Gospel account. John the baptist is not mentioned in the. Consequently, the emphasis in the. Is on the coming of Muhammad, the saviour of the world (Chapter 96b and 97b, etc.). As might be expected, Christ was not crucified (in agreement with Sura 4:156 but instead Judas was killed in His place.

essay on murree

The gospel of Barnabas has been answer extensively used by muslims to demonstrate that the bible has been corrupted, when measured against a gospel that was hidden away for nearly two millennia. Needless to say, the. Largely confirms the teaching of Islam concerning Jesus. To believe that the gospel of Barnabas is anything other than a 16th century fraud is an assault on common sense. The content of the gospel of Barnabas: Above all, the entire. Endeavours to show the superiority of Muhammad over Jesus. Presents another Gospel narrative,. Another record of the life and ministry of Christ.

In the introduction, they provide internal and external evidence to the effect that the. Was a medieval forgery. Since then Arabic and Urdu translations have been produced, all, however, without the introduction by the raggs. Rahim (pakistan) reprinted the. In English in 1973, again omitting the introduction, but substituting another one written from the Islamic point of view.

The sources of the "Gospel" are unknown. This document is now preserved in the Imperial Museum in vienna. George sale translated the qur'an from Arabic into English in 1734. In his preface, he mentions another copy of the same "Gospel" in Spanish. This document is lost and all we know about it is what Sale wrote down. It says in a statement on the title page that it was a translation from the Italian mini by a spanish Muslim named Mostafa de Aranda (Aranda is a town in Spain). It further mentions that the Italian text had been stolen by a monk, fra marino, from the papal library, while pope sixtus V was having a little nap.

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Islam: 32 reasons why the gospel Of Barnabas is a 16th Century forgery written by muslims. 32 reasons why the gospel Of Barnabas is a 16th Century forgery written by muslims. The koran teaches that someone who looked like jesus was crucified on the cross in a case of mistaken identity. Many muslims appeal to the gospel of Barnabas as proof that the unknown look alike was Judas Iscariot. "they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only a likeness of that was shown to them" (Qur'an 4:156) "Verily i say that the voice, year the face, and the person. Judas were so like to jesus, that his disciples and believers entirely believed that be was Jesus" (Gospel of Barnabas). Historical discovery of the gospel of Barnabas in 1709 AD: The "Gospel of Barnabas" (G.o.B.) first appeared in Holland in 1709. This manuscript was written in Italian and supplied with footnotes in poor Arabic.

Essay on murree
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  2. Sinnah road Karachi - pakistan. (1975) Publishers: henry martyn Institute of Islamic Studies. Box 153, hyderabad, India. Murree, murree also called as Malikaekohsar, queen of the hills lies on one of the outer Himalayan spurs, in the northeast of Islamabad. Printable, photocopiable, clearly structured Designed for teachers and individual learners For use in a classroom, at home, on your.yet, but I would love to go there, swat, murree and Hunza.

  3. Murree, kashmir or sometimes abroad in my winter vaccations. I was sent to a catholic boarding school. Murree, northeast of Islamabad, when I was five. We have given the staff training on ethical behavior, standards for cleanliness, and hygiene, etc. 1 Habib Square.

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  5. The gospel of Barnabas, an, essay and Inquiry by selim Abdul-Ahad and. (1974) Published by: Christian Study centre 126-B. Murree, road, rawalpindi, pakistan. Prices for drinks (accurate at the time of writing domestic beer (. Murree classic and cans.

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