Essay on ninja hattori

essay on ninja hattori

Essay on my favourite cartoon character ninja hattori

Very few superheroes are born into their line of work. What leads the protagonists to decide that this is their calling? A supervillain rebelling against destiny, such as Sylar or the kingpin, is usually born into a decidedly mundane and powerless family. Another common type of escaping destiny is fighting with ones parents and/or dealing with stereotypes. To achieve ones destiny. . The favored goal of Chosen Ones and megalomaniacs everywhere. .

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Could I recommend against a stereotypically heroic goal for the heroes or a stereotypically villainous goal for the villains? . While world domination is a fine feat, it is not exactly uncharted territory for supervillains. . If the villain is vying for world domination, why? . It might be more interesting if his bid for supremacy is somehow tied to altruism, fear or desperation. . For example, maybe the villain is a time-traveler that knows about some grave threat, so hes management trying to take over because hes the only one that knows how to avert disaster. . If the alien invasion starts in 20 years, you dont have very much time to unite the earth. . (Also, this would lend itself rather well to a sequel: the hero successfully stops the villain at the end of the book, but discovers that he has to defeat the impending alien invasion). To escape ones destiny. . This comes up statement quite a lot in classic American literature, such as The Grapes of Wrath, catch-22 and The Great Gatsby. In contemporary superhero stories, the element of fighting destiny comes up most often when a character decides to become a superhero.

A hero searching for understanding may be an amnesiac, some sort of wanderer, etc. . a villain is probably uncovering secrets better left untouched, although his intentions may have been pure. . More unexpectedly, an eventual villain might go on an innocuous search for understanding but come away with exactly the wrong lessons from life. If starting point a is a relatively normal person and ending point c is a villain that kicks dogs without any hesitation, the journey is what connects the two points. What sort of life experiences would warp someone that much? . (see the heart of Darkness, for example). A desire to gain power write to achieve a goal. . This training/self-development angle comes up in many superhero stories, particularly those with rookie protagonists (such as Kickass). . However, it was notably missing from Scott Pilgrim.

essay on ninja hattori

My favourite cartoon character ninja hattori essay - write

Depending on what the character is trying to change about himself, we may approve of the transformation. Heres a thought for your hero: is he trying to change anything about himself besides becoming more powerful? What about the villain? This could play out in a more sinister way if the characters desire for self-improvement or self-advancement gets other people hurt. (For example, itd be really shady for a police officer to put down a case just because pursuing the case could harm his career). A desire to better humanity and/or society. I find altruistic villains especially fresh. Theyre harder to dismiss as stereotypically evil, cardboard cutouts.

My favourite cartoon character ninja hattori essay writing

essay on ninja hattori

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This strikes me as a more interesting, dramatic motivation than greed. . Its usually more morally complex because the character might actually be right. . Maybe lex Luthor is correct trust that Superman will eventually turn. . Fearful heroes usually perceive threats that are current rather than potential, but they may be paranoid wrecks anyway (see question/Rorschach, possibly the psychiatrist from. Halloween and Batman, etc). I feel this is a more interesting motivation for both antagonists and protagonists than greed because it raises the stakes and heightens the conflict. A greedy character is usually driven by stupidity: stupidity is the only reason he cant be satisfied with what he has. .

In contrast, a desperate character cant back away from the plot. . He cant escape the conflict. Most commonly, this means keeping a family together. . However, any books with significant racial or class-based conflict probably deal with this to some extent. . Some examples: x-men, probably harry potter, American beauty, the Incredibles, dark Cloud Descending, etc. A desire to better oneself. .

In contrast, be true to yourself is more purely heroic Unless being true to yourself involves psychically decapitating people and sucking out their brains. To fit in/gain acceptance. . A lot of heroes seek to gain the respect of their peers (see any story about the new guy, particularly students). . However, gaining acceptance might be more sinister based on who the protagonist wants to impress and/or what will impress them. . For example, 1984 ends with Winston Smith rather unhappily gaining acceptance by betraying his innocent girlfriend: he had won the victory over himself.

He loved Big Brother. This is like revenge, but usually less lethal and targeted more carefully against the perpetrators. . Nonetheless, justice can sometimes be villainous. For example, the main goal of the robot antagonists in the. I, robot movie is to prevent humans from getting hurt, and they think that putting human under house arrest is the most logical way to. Although realistic, i think this motivation tends to be used in a one-dimensional way. For a bit more depth, maybe the character is hoarding something (money, power, remote-control ninja stars) on behalf of somebody else. . Also, i think its cliche for antiheroes to be sort of greedy because their authors are afraid to let them do anything actually unpleasant. . Id recommend going all the way.

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This might be heroic if the crime is particularly heinous and/or the regular authorities are not willing or able to resolve the situation. It might be villainous if the character is overreacting or not being careful enough about hitting only the people responsible. . When working with revenge plots, i think its usually more interesting if the revenge develops into something more than just killing/stopping people a, b and. . For example, in Scott Pilgrim. The world, the villain is getting back at the love interest that rejected him, which introduces relationship issues that present their own challenges to a protagonist trying to get over a long-dead relationship of his own. It depends on why the character wants to distinguish himself. . A hero whose main goal is fame/status will probably shredder gain a more substantial goal over the course of the story. (For example, booster Gold). . I think its seen as a superficial, temporary goal.

essay on ninja hattori

Tokyo story (tôkyô monogatari view All Audience reviews, tokyo story (tôkyô monogatari). I provide advice about how to answers write novels, comic books and graphic novels. Most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general, but i also provide articles specifically about superhero stories. Villains frequently have ulterior motives (like marrying Aunt may to steal the nuclear power plant she inherited? ) and improper means (such as sabotaging rivals). True romances are rare for villains and can make them deeper and more interesting. Freezes romance with his wife nora. Heart of Ice turned him from a corny ice-themed punchline into an Emmy winner. . (He later devolved into a corny ice-themed punchline after being played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but some things cant be helped).

monogatari, yasujiro ozu's tokyo story centers on a provincial Japanese family. The elderly parents and youngest daughter journey to tokyo to visit their doctor son and his brood. Too busy for this onslaught of relatives, the callous, insensitive doctor packs his parents and sibling off to a resort, where they are unable to enjoy themselves due to the noise of the other tourists. The aging father locates some old drinking cronies, while the mother seeks out new friends. And so it goes, in ozu's inimitable anecdotal fashion, until the tragic finale. A sensitive study of the frustrations and disillusionments accompanying the onslaught of old age (ozu, incidentally, was only 51 at the time tokyo story was completed in 1953, but not released in the. Cast, news interviews for, tokyo story (tôkyô monogatari critic reviews for. Tokyo story (tôkyô monogatari view All Critic reviews (42 audience reviews for.

Naikii, akutagawa, ueno, ban, nagano, mais les hiryugumi, les kakuryugumi, les Tachibana hachitengu gumi et les Kawachi yon Tengu gumi eurent également de grands experts parmi leurs membres. Koga saburo, mochizuki goro. Ugai ryuhoshi, naiki fujibe, akutagawa kazuma, furent les figures de proue du koga-ryu pendant l'ère hokuto (1441-1451). Leur succédèrent : Koga saburo. Mochizuki yajiro, ugai chiaki, naiki gohei, akutagawa tenpei. A la différence presentation de l'Iga-ryu, le koga-ryu semble avoir disparu de nos jours. Fujita seiko (1899-1966 qui dirigea pendant la seconde guerre mondiale des unités spéciales dans la jungle, proclamait être le 14e soke du koga-ryu (Sato-ryu kempo). Un certain Gingetsu, qui aurait étudié le koga-ryu avec Tanemura Ihachiro, écrivit un ouvrage intitulé ninjutsu no gokui (Les secrets du ninjutsu) dans lequel on pouvait trouver la description de techniques semblables à celles du togakure-ryu d'Iga. De nos jours le ninjutsu est toujours enseigné dans de rares écoles, dont le bujinkan Dôjô qui englobe neuf écoles de bû-jutsu et de ninjutsu : Shinden Fudô-ryu dakentaijutsu, kukishin-ryu taijutsu, hontai takagi yôshin-ryu jûtaijutsu gyokko-ryu kosshijutsu kotô-ryu koppôjutsu gikan-ryu koppô taijutsu togakure-ryu ninpo taijutsu.

Dark tales: Edgar Allan poe

Koga-ryu : le système qui fut élaboré dans la région remonterait à oni no kami iechika, le fils de mochizuki saburo kameie qui avait hérité d'un morceau de terre dans la province d'Omo après avoir guerroyé contre taira no masakado. Oni no kami iechika aurait plan étudié le genjutsu auprès du moine tatsumaki hoshi, qui résidait. Ce système se transmit à oni no kami ienari, iesada, ienaga, iekiyo, ietoo, ieyoshi et Yoshiyasu, avant d'être enseigné à d'autres familles, mochizuki, ugai, naiki et akutagawa. Ces cinq familles principales passèrent à 53 lorsqu'elles furent rejointes par les troupes qui avaient combattues à la guerre de namboku (1335-1395). Les ryu qui appartenaient au koga-ryu étaient : koga-ryu, shinpi-ryu, taira-ryu, isshu-ryu, byaku-ryu, kawachi yon Tengu-ryu, taro-ryu. Kuruya-ryu tomo-ryu, tatara-ryu, sugawara-ryu, otomo-ryu, hi-ryu, fujiwara-ryu. Sasaki-ryu, tachibana hachi tengu-ryu, huit familles prirent peu à peu le leadership du koga-ryu : Koga, mochizuki, ugai.

Essay on ninja hattori
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  5. My main villian can absorb the powers of people by killing them. His main motivations have been revenge and world domination which are, sadly, too cliché. La famille hattori se composait de trois clans : les Kamihattori, les nakahattori et les Shimohattori. Lorsque oda nobunaga envahit Iga, seuls 80 membres des trois familles Hattori seraient parvenus à fuir ; les Kamihattori trouvèrent refuge à echigo dans le village de nagaoka, les Shimohattori reçurent la protection des tokugawa à mikawa.

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