Jet reports dashboard

jet reports dashboard

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Advanced reports for each area, down-drilling, click to see source data. Integrated Microsoft Dynamics nav functionality, flowField, FlowFilter, Advanced dimensions, dashboards and reports (60 ready reports). Ready-made dashboards and reports, jet essentials, automated report delivery, directly from companys data base. Integrated Microsoft Dynamics nav functionality, flowField, FlowFilter, Advanced dimensions, dashboards and reports (45 ready reports). Ready-made dashboards and reports, reports generated from multiple databases, retrieve and consolidate data from several data sources. Automated report planning and data distribution.

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Designed based on Excel, enables the user to work in a familiar. Jet Essentials provides access to data in real-time and easily generates reports with no need to export, copy, paste or code data. Jet Enterprise offers a comprehensive business Intelligence functionality, enabling the user to create business analyses and reports in Excel or Microsoft Power bi without any need to get to know complex data structures. Despite its comprehensive functionality, the solution is easy to use and customize for users with no technical background. A collection of predefined dashboards and report templates as well ready-made cubes. Jet Mobile, business Analytics and reporting is available also in your smartphone and tablet. With Jet Mobile, you can access data from anywhere and anytime. By using dashboards, you get an insight into trends, identify all deviations and make accurate business decisions. Jet express, automated report delivery, directly from companys data base. Fully consolidated information, combined data from various resources, finance essay reports.

The reports, graphs and data tables can be shared among users who work on them and viewed on mobile devices. Jet Reports is used by more than 10,000 companies worldwide. The package comprises 3 solutions Jet Essentials, jet Professional and Jet Enterprise that have been designed with different company sizes and needs in mind. Jet reports solutions, jet Reports solutions have been designed as a set of tools that ensure top-level business reporting and analytics. The package includes: Jet Express, jet Express is a fully integrated, free reporting solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics nav. It offers a library of 60 predefined reports. It also enables the user to create plan advanced Excel reports. It has been developed within the strategic partnership with Microsoft. Jet Essentials, as the most popular solution for Microsoft Dynamics reporting, jet Essentials is already used by 100 000 users worldwide.

jet reports dashboard

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Each company to succeed needs to process large volumes of various types of data to generate information that supports its decision-making processes. Microsoft Dynamics nav contains bi functionality, however it can be enhanced with london an add-on solutions from Jet Reports. Jet Reports solutions have been designed especially for Dynamics products in close collaboration with Microsoft. Proven business inetlligence and reporting tools that serve your company. Jet Reports is a real-time saver. An easy to use and intuitive set of tools that instantly provides you with information you need to be up-to-date with your companys performance results and make critical decisions. With Jet Reports, all information is transparent and accurate. Ready-made reports, personalized dashboards, bi and olap cubes, well-known Excel interface and automated data warehouses provide the user with the input he needs to improve productivity and spot bottlenecks. Easy- to-use wizards support the user at every step of the process.

Imagine, get answers, do analysis, format business information—all in Excel. Unlimited visibility into your business. Unlimited custom reports, summaries, statements, real time, right Now. See below more about Jet Reports editions. Jet Reports is a comprehensive solution for business intelligence analytics designed for. Microsoft Dynamics nav, ensuring efficient reporting and transparent data visualization for accurate decision making. Business Intelligence has become one of the pillars of success in modern business.

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jet reports dashboard

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You can simply connect datapine to your database in less than 10 minutes and start exploring your data right away. The process is simple and easy and will leave more time for analysis and well-informed decision-making. Enjoy the flexibility of self-service analytics combine with the power of data visualization, and bring your business intelligence a step further. Welcome to a new dimension in dashboard reporting! Take us for a test drive and see what our online reporting software can do for you.

Sign up today and test our tool during our free 14-day trial. But dont take our word for. We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first kpis within a couple of minutes. Datapine is definitively a game write changer for us as now all decision makers have quick, easy access to ad hoc analysis, kpi dashboards and reports. Go to product overview, if you can visualize it, you can manage. Jet Reports is complete reporting inside Excel. The solution chosen by more than.000 users worldwide.

If needed, you can also set up alarms that will let you know every time an irregularity occurs, so that you are directly aware of unexpected event and can quickly act accordingly instead of being taken by surprise, too late, struggling to face the challenge. Once all this is done, you can share your dashboards and insights with anyone you want, in just a couple of clicks a simple url or an automatic report, the choice is yours. That way, everyone has access to information and is on the same page. Try our dashboard reporting software for free datapines easy-to-use dashboard builder gives you interactive controls and filters to automatically update charts in real-time and quickly drill-down report data to suit dynamic business situations. You dont need special it skills or additional sql training to use our drag-and-drop interface and be able to create tables, charts and dashboards on your own. You can connect all your data sources to our highly secure and high-speed warehouses be it csv files, Dropbox, google Analytics, facebook insights, or the most common sql databases such as mysql, oracle, postgresql, ms sql server, etc.

By storing your data in one central place, you can perform complex cross database analysis with just a couple of clicks. With a drag and a drop, your cross-data sources dashboard reports are ready to go, faster than ever. All you need is an internet connection and standard web browser. Your dashboards can be easily accessed via our website using a pc, mobile device or tablet. This lets you monitor real-time business performance, with our dashboard reporting software, anytime and anywhere without tapping into your company's it resources. Foster collaboration within your teams by granting access to datapine, and let everyone work together and dig for valuable insights in the amounts of aggregated data. Report with confidence and do not dread the conflicting copies of a same file, as the data you work with is always in real time, avoiding any synchronization problem that costs time and energy to address. As a, saas bi solution, datapine requires no installation on a local device. This gives you a low-cost business solution with no setup fees, no maintenance costs, no updates and no need to purchase expensive software upfront.

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Kpi dashboards via dynamic urls, too. Dashboard reports will help you in your everyday business thanks to their easy-to-read about nature summing up in one glance the data analysis, delivering your insights in a dates beautiful way that anyone can understand quickly. There is no better business intelligence software than datapine to keep management staff informed on time, every time! Create the dashboard reports that fit your needs by collecting the right data and tracking the right metrics. To do so, you can help yourself with a wealth. Kpi examples assembled per industries and functions, as well as compelling dashboard templates that we created according to said specific industries or functions. That way, you have the right data in your hands and keep an eye on it, watching the evolution over time to spot out trends or recurrent patterns.

jet reports dashboard

With online data analysis tools like datapine you can generate automated reports, monitor your business operations and visualize key performance indicators with instant access to your data whether you are in your office or on the road. Create tables, graphs and diagrams in easy-to-read dashboards. Consolidate your information and automatically send it to your company's sales staff, team leaders and department heads. Create the objective performance overview your management needs as a groundwork to dialogue and potential readjustment on decisions and strategies. After all, the best decisions are always based on the right business intelligence. With our dashboard reporting tool you can simply specify a date and time in the report scheduler and your reports will old be automatically updated and distributed to all selected recipients. You can also define an interval daily, weekly, monthly and have your dashboard report sent to key decision-makers in the specified file format (pdf, excel, etc.). Furthermore, you can share your.

right decisions. In this matter, datapines dashboard reporting tool can help you by offering a simple approach to creating user-defined, interactive business dashboards with embedded analysis capability. Business users can quickly generate at-a-glance perspectives of a business scenario and quickly identify areas that need immediate attention. Datapine offers with modern reporting dashboards an easy. Kpi reporting solution for you to have a crucial, transparent overview of success or failure, profitability and sustainability. If you can visualize it, you can manage. Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour! 24/7/365 access to your dashboard reports. Identifying business opportunities and potential risks requires up-to-the-minute information. Our dashboard reporting software keeps you up-to-date with in-depth business analytics.

Managing today's dynamic business processes requires the ability to visualize book and analyze data in real-time. Conventional analytics tools are good for static reporting, but they're not interactive and can't provide real-time business insights. With datapine, you have the possibility to create stunning data visualizations, combine them into powerful dashboard reports and customize them at your will. Personalize the colors, images, logo, texts, and choose the right graphs that will fit your analytics and deliver the data message you want to convey. Modern dashboard reporting helps managers to stay on top of their company's activities by consolidating key performance indicators and monitoring critical issues. However, choosing the right metrics, and deciding which data to track is not always easy. The best way to do so is to define the specific business question you want to answer.

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Explore, visualize and communicate your data without writing a single line of code. Access your dashboards and reports from wherever you are and share them within a few clicks. Easily set up datapine in less than 10 minutes. Start my free trial now trusted by, take advantage of innovative dashboard reporting datapines Business Intelligence software with integrated dashboard reporting is an easy-to-use, low-cost business analytics tool designed for use by business analysts, bi experts, controllers and managers. It enables you to easily access, monitor and report data from any web server even without any sql knowledge. Our goal at datapine is to empower everyone to dig into their data and leverage the potential of their analytics. With our intuitive drag and drop interface, you do not need to be an it specialist to analyze your information and extract actionable insights from. That is a big advantage for the whole company: by providing access and putting data into the hands of all the employees, every department can take accountability for their numbers and see how they align daddy with the overall strategy. Fostering a data-driven culture within your organization is key to strengthen the decision-making and push your business intelligence strategy a step forward.

Jet reports dashboard
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  2. Hear how Jet Reports has changed one company and get demo of how easily and quickly you can create reports and dashboards for your own organization. With Jet Reports, all information is transparent and accurate. Ready-made reports, personalized dashboards, bi and olap cubes. Dashboard Reporting with Dynamics nav: Power bi, jet Enterprise, or Both? Well-executed dashboard reports can save businesses time and money, help maintain customer relationships, and.

  3. Access your dashboards and reports from wherever you are and share them within a few clicks. Mobile Access to dashboards. Benefits of Partnering with Opal Business Solutions For your Jet Reports needs. Dashboards and Reports dozens of dashboards and reports allow you to gain valuable insight into your business immediately. Jet Data manager An application that allows you to customize your Data.

  4. Scalable: to facilitate parallel execution simultaneously from hundreds of Amazon EC2 instances. Tipps und Infos zu jet Reports - jetreports Info Blog. This is usually addressed with. I like my reports like the dashboard on a jumbo jet : one page, so i can see the company status at a glance). Dashboard Reporting generate insights and share them via stunning dashboards. Explore, visualize and communicate your data without writing a single line of code.

  5. Jet Enterprise complements Jet Reports Essentials to provide a complete solution to your business information needs: Strategic and tactical ad hoc analyses. Dashboards with forecast trends enable you to develop a successful marketing strategy. Jet Reports Company site. This installation will include the jet Dashboard builder, service tier, and Administration Console. Jet Reports - jetreports Info Blog. Source, free and Top Dashboard Software.

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