Our generation essay

our generation essay

by zadie smith The new York review

The President is also rather exploratory in that it offers glimpses of a characteristic Dreyerian approach to cinematic space, one that reworks the emerging continuity system. Though we dont think of Dreyer as a young Turk, the President seems, in the context of Danish cinema of its moment, a notable experiment in a style that was just achieving international stature. Dreyers editing strategies The President immediately commands attention for its painterly imagery. Its décor, highlighting bare walls or a geometrical layout of pictures and cameos, and its remarkable range of lighting, especially its night effects, have been justly praised. Similarly celebrated is its way with distinctive faces, most notably those of bit players. I want here to concentrate on another aspect: the extent to which Dreyers editing strategies update danish filmmaking along American lines.

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Virtually all the established directors were born in the 1860s and 1870s, and most had wallpaper learned their craft in the 00s and early 10s. Eduard Schnedler-Sorensen, who was just three years older than Dreyer, had begun directing in 1909. Sandberg was close to Dreyers age, and he started his directing career in 1914.) writing Although there was a steady exodus of directing talent from Nordisk, the shrinking of the international market and some miscalculations in the companys business strategies didnt lead to new opportunities for. 6, in 1918, no danish feature film was signed by a first-timer. 7, in the following year, only a single release came from a debut director; that was. The President ( Præsidenten by Dreyer. Apart from writing scripts for Nordisk, dreyer participated in editing the films that flowed out of Nordisk. Perhaps this task attuned him to the new methods on display in the American imports. In any case, by 1918, when he was just shy of thirty, he had evidently absorbed the logic of the American continuity system. He proceeded to make a film whose assurance in handling space through editing makes its local contemporaries look old-fashioned.

4, american films were screened in the country, but business not until 1916 or so, it seems, did they achieve popularity. 5, and on the basis of viewing several of the surviving films from the period, i suspect that the older Danish directors were not eager to change methods. They adhered to a staging-driven model. True, they did resort to crosscutting, although at a slower pace than the Americans. And they employed axial cutting (that is, cutting straight in and back along the camera axis) to stress a dramatic high point. But occasional axial cutting was common in European cinema generally at this period. It seems to have been conservative directors main concession to the editing aesthetic. Dreyers debut: The President,. Denmark Dreyer counted as a youngster.

our generation essay

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German filmmakers were somewhat slower to adopt the continuity style, perhaps because us films of the crucial years were denied them by a ban until 1921. 3, nonetheless, langs, die spinnen (1919) shows strong traces of us influence, especially in a barroom gunfight that could have come from a william. (Perhaps Lang grasped continuity principles based on pre-1916 releases and extrapolated them.) When American films were available from 1921 onward, german directors adopted American methods swiftly. In only a few years, the new style came to ascendance. Just as young people in the 1990s adapted to digital culture faster than their elders did, i hypothesize, the twentysomethings and early thirtysomethings of the 1910s sensed the new style as cutting-edge and were able to master it quickly. By the early 1920s, most feature films in Europe were made in the American mold. The learning curve in Denmark, what was the learning curve like in Denmark? The studios had fostered outstanding instances of the tableau style from at least. Afgrunden (1910) onward, and the danish cinema had few peers in the subtlety of its acting, lighting, set design, and intricate staging.

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our generation essay

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It seems to me that most directors who started before the 1910s (essentially in the mid-1900s) devoted themselves to refining the tableau tradition. The results were rewarding, but older filmmakers were slow to assimilate the new methods of the Americans. By contrast, the younger generation could look at the editing-based cinema of Hollywood with fresh eyes. Of course this account is rose a bit too neat. In my period layout, Griffith is notoriously in-between, launching his career in 1908 and quickly pioneered his own variants of the new methods. There were national time-lags as well.

Some filmmakers picked up American methods quite quickly, perhaps because they had had access to hollywood films fairly early. The crucial murder scene of Gances, mater Dolorosa (1917) is a tour de force of analytical editing that rivals anything then coming out of Hollywood. Sjöström is perhaps the model of the fast learner, having created one of the masterpieces of tableau cinema. Ingeborg Holm (1913) and only a few years later making. The girl from Stormycroft (1917) and, the outlaw and His Wife (1918 assured exercises in continuity editing.

Curtiz and Murnau were born in 1888; Lang, delluc, and lherbier were born in 1890. Gance, chaplin, and Dreyer were exact contemporaries, all born in 1889. Im not casting runes here. My point is that many directors debuting in the 1910s were young enough to have a fresh perspective on this new medium. They were the first movie generation, with films forming part of their childhood and adolescent experience.

As they came to maturity they saw cinema transformed into a popular narrative medium, sustained by lengthy fictional stories. Older filmmakers, like griffith, feuillade and Perret, had helped create this transformation, but in doing so they established their preferred routines of production and expression. The youngsters had somewhat different creative opportunities and choices. The tableau style and continuity filmmaking. Elsewhere ive argued that during the 1910s two broad styles were in play. There was a tableau style based in elaborate performance and staging in the single shot, while an editing-driven style relied on close views, scene breakdown, and crosscutting. During the 1910s the tableau approach, largely identified with European cinema, gave way to the editing-based one, spearheaded by us filmmakers. By the early 1920s, continuity filmmaking, as the Americans called it, was the default approach in most filmmaking countries.

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Granted, we now speak of the film-school or movie-brats generation of the 1970s, and we sometimes consider todays us independent filmmakers as part of the net or diy generation. Thinking this way is evidently more common in Asia: the Chinese have categorized directors as members of numbered generations, and the korean directors who made their breakthroughs in the 1990s and 2000s were considered part of the 386 generation—named after a computer chip and signaling. 2, still, were not generally accustomed to thinking about classic European or American film about history in generational terms. The directors we admire tend to be cut off from their cohorts. Both Michael Curtiz and Anthony mann were making films in the 1940s, but we seldom note that they were born twenty years apart. Often such things dont matter. Yet at times, i think, generation-based explanations are helpful. Once we look at the 1910s, we find some surprising synchronizations.

our generation essay

Along with these developments came the specialized trade press, film magazines, and movie merchandising—a film culture that remains with us today. Not least, there emerged a standardized approach to cinematic style, a way of presenting a story to maximize clarity and emotional power. The growth of film industries throughout the world at this period expanded job opportunities in all crafts. Some directors began relatively late in life; John Emerson directed his first film at forty-one, andre Antoine at fifty-eight. But most review of the creative talents entering the industry were young, men and women in their mid-twenties through early thirties. Throughout cinema history, youth matters. 1, we seldom think of directors in relation to age cohorts.

Carl Theodor Dreyer. All made their first films in a decade that now looks like the beginning of cinema as a mature art form. The President seems, in the context of Danish cinema of its moment, a notable experiment in a style that was just achieving international stature. Film as mass entertainment, circumstances proved favorable. During this decade filmmaking became the mass entertainment industry we know today. The major European film companies, though declining during World War i, still fostered innovative work. American cinema established its studio system and gained domination of world markets. The star system emerged, along with the multi-reel feature film. Film screenings, which had been brief and casual diversions, became well-organized spectacles consisting of full programs playing in well-appointed theatres.

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Our generation essay
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  2. My generation is more flexible, communicable and hard working, but less romantic than previous generation. Sure, we probably do watch more television than our. You are looking at the world s first free article and essay generation software that automatically construct unique random articles essays of any topic within less than 30 seconds. They were the first movie generation, with films forming part of their childhood and adolescent experience. This essay is an exemplary study of Dreyers distinctive use of contemporary cutting techniques.

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