Philips mammography tomosynthesis

philips mammography tomosynthesis

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What have been the benefits to-date both for the patients and providers? We were really aware that we wanted to make data-driven decisions in developing the campaign, so we created measurable objectives to learning new things. And, we have seen quantifiable impact. One thing that has really amazed and surprised us is seeing just how well our mobile ads fared in terms of our engagement rates. Compared to desktop ads on Facebook, mobile ads generated three times to seven times more impressions and had higher engagement rates, as well. We looked through the analytics to see the percentage of people visiting the scheduling page who came from a desktop or via a device. From november 2013 to february 2014, more than 20 came from a device, 30 from mobile, and 24 from tablet. Mobile access is an important thing across different industries, and its a growing part of the patient experience.

SenoClaire 3D Breast Tomosynthesis

They were clearly interested in a mammogram at Massachusetts General, but they werent ready to make an appointment. The social media campaign allowed them to participate in a conversation. We geo-targeted our ads on happyness Facebook to women above age 38 who live within an hours drive time from where we provide services. We were so amazed at the reaction. Maybe it had something to do with the way the ad was written, but we asked, Are you getting your mammogram? Hundreds commented to say yes that theyd been nervous about it, but that it saved their lives. Occasionally, a woman would comment that she chose not to have a mammogram and would share why. Admittedly, it was a challenge for us to just watch the conversation unfold, trying to decide when and if it would be appropriate for us to interject. But we let it self-regulate unless we needed to provide factual clarification or information about tomosynthesis or 3D mammography. We watched responses to comments that questioned the value of mammography. Most importantly, we saw women encourage other women to do this.

How and where do we find them? Two channels were essential: digital advertising on Facebook and google, and using google ad words. One of the things we learned was just how truly complicated the decision-making process. When looking to book a thesis mammography appointment, a patient may require multiple opportunities to engage with a healthcare provider. We were driving traffic with the primary call to action as putting in a request to schedule a mammography online, but its clear that not everyone who visits online is ready to make that step. There may be additional information-seeking actions that are necessary for them to take online. And, the social media component was fascinating. We saw the online dialogue unfold before our eyes. Patients were engaged with our healthcare providers online.

philips mammography tomosynthesis

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We wanted to measure the online appointment request forms. While we didnt know it at the time, a secondary piece presentation of insight emerged. It was the ability to better understand our audience. We looked at these online interactions and learned a lot more about the people visiting us in terms of who is consuming our content related to mammography and how they get. It was incredibly helpful from a marketing perspective. How was the program designed and implemented? We wanted to be able to look at those key pages on the website and think about how best to drive traffic.

We wanted to use digital campaigning to continue that momentum. November through February have traditionally been lower volume months for mammography, and we wanted to see if we could keep things rolling and see if we could grow our volume during that time period. A lot of the decision was data-driven. With something like this, we looked at the website traffic, and we knew that visits to our mammography site were really high in October. We wanted to see how we could keep the interest alive and continue to drive traffic to the scheduling page. What were your goals? We made a point to have a measurable objective how do we drive traffic to our screening mammography page.

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philips mammography tomosynthesis

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Most importantly, according to cathy garzio, ucsf radiology and biomedical imaging department administrative director, the greater online presence has improved both referring physician and patient understanding of what the department has to offer. Its this type of success the massachusetts General writing Hospital (MGH) radiology department is shooting for with presentation its new mymammo program, an initiative designed to disseminate information about the importance of mammography and encourage more women to schedule appointments for their yearly screening. Social media is a powerful tool in health care, especially to reach the right audiences. Any method to raise awareness for breast cancer and mammography is good for public health, said Garry Choy, md, an mgh radiologist who has published articles about the importance of social networking and media in radiology. Social networking is a simple and inexpensive tool radiologists can use, he said, to make an impact with a large volume of patients. It is my hope that more patients are reminded of the services we provide and what radiology and breast imaging can do for early detection of breast cancer, he said. By using all the tools at our disposal, including social media, perhaps we can prevent some more cases of breast cancer and save more lives.

Diagnostic Imaging spoke with the mgh radiology marketing staff about the decisions behind and implementation of the mymammo social networking campaign and its results. Marketing and website specialists Dana jessup and Kristen dean discussed the reasons behind the campaign, its goals and implementation, and how its impacted both patients and providers since launching in november 2013. So far, they said, the campaign has not only met its objectives, but the radiology department has gained valuable insight into its patient population. Why did Massachusetts General decide a social media campaign around mammography was necessary? Every October, breast cancer awareness month comes around, and we wanted to continue to raise that awareness around mammography.

Its about sharing information and staying connected with patients, colleagues, and referring physicians and its a necessity in todays healthcare environment. In fact, according to a recent study published. Academic Radiology, social networking is one of the most effective patient-engagement arrows radiologists have in their quiver. And ignoring it could put radiologists in a more isolated position. The alternative is that a radiologist becomes less connected compared to their colleagues, a dangerous situation in the current competitive healthcare environment, wrote lead study author William Auffermann, md, phd, a cardiac imaging radiologist at Emory University School of Medicine.

Consequently, online social networking services are a vital aspect of a radiologists career and may be readily incorporated into ones daily practice. Having a social networking presence is particularly vital when misinformation, such as incorrect data about radiation dose, can spread rapidly online. Still, social networking is a relatively new phenomenon for many providers. But its gaining ground. In October 2013, the University of California-san Francisco (ucsf) radiology department reported Facebook and Twitter use drove visits to its blog up by 218 to more than 28,000 annual hits. Article views were up 170 to nearly 36,000 yearly, and the department has more than 2,000 Twitter followers.

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Mr basics mri training - a solid foundation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging from the asrt! The complete mr basics curriculum is approved by the asrt for 16 ce credits or purchase any of the 12 modules separately. Whether youre trying to decide if mr is the specialty for you or you need to prepare for a lecture or exam, you can use this series to gain the expertise you need to succeed in the exciting medical field of magnetic resonance imaging. Asrt mr basics mri training mr basics Module 1: Fundamentals (1 CE) mr basics Module 2: Equipment and thesis Instrumentation (1 CE) mr basics Module 3: Radiofrequency and Gradients (1 CE) mr basics Module 4: Image Production Parameters (1.5 CE) mr basics Module 5: Contrast Media. Colorful images and engaging animations explain the basics of ct in an easy-to-follow format. Whether you are trying to decide if ct is the speciality for you or you need to prepare for a lecture or exam, you can use this series to get the practical knowledge you need to achieve your professional goals. This package includes all 12 modules and the practice test containing 83 questions. Total Credit hours:.0 List Price: 320 Member Price: 240.00 asrt ct basics: Module 1 - fundamentals (1 CE) Module 2 - equipment and Instrumentation (1 CE) Module 3 - data Acquisition (1 CE) Module 4 apple - image Processing and Reconstruction (1 CE) Module. For radiologists, social networking isnt about status updates, posting pictures, or sending out tweets.

philips mammography tomosynthesis

Module 10: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (1.25 CE). Module 11: Bonus Practice test (0 CE). Image Interpretation Series for us radiologic Technologists. The Image Interpretation series is an innovative, interactive e-learning resource available on the Philips learning Center for Radiologic holiday Technologists that will aid the radiologic Technologist in understanding image interpretation and the evaluations of x-rays. There are currently more than 37 courses covering the adult and pediatric musculoskeletal systems and the adult chest. The courses are approved for Category a continuing education (CE) credits by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (asrt). Radiology/X-ray courses and many more are available in our course catalog. Radiology/X-ray plain X-rays in the Adult/Pediatric from our course finder. For more information visit our, image Interpretation Series page.

(1.5 CE). Module 2: Digital Equipment and Image Production (1.5 CE). Module 3: Digital Image evaluation (1.25 CE). Module 4: Breast Anatomy (0.75 CE). Module 5: Pathology (1.75 ce module 6: Digital quality control and Regulations (2.0 CE). Module 7: Patient Care (1.75 CE). Module 8: Digital Procedures and Techniques (2.25 CE). Module 9: Breast Ultrasound (2 CE).

Ct registry review Series, this course series reviews the topics related to patient care, including evaluating vital signs, and identifying cycles of infection and ways to prevent infection; various contrast media used night in ct and contraindications, as well as negative reaction symptoms to contrast. Also presented are legal and ethical principles related to the ct profession. Complete these 5 self-study interactive review modules and earn.5 hours arrt category A/A Credit. Covered material - patient Care, physics instrumentation, Imaging Procedures, pathology and Anatomy. 1: ct registry review - section I: Patient Care review (1 Category a ce) 2: ct registry review - section II: Physics and Instrumentation Part 1 (1.5 Category a ce) 3: ct registry review - section iii: Physics instrumentation review Part ii (1.5 Category. Breast Imaging Essentials courses from the asrt! Breast Imaging Essentials is a new 10-module online course series from the asrt.

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The Philips Online learning Center often makes discounted and free online cme and ce programs available to healthcare professionals. In honor of Radiologic Technologists, nurses, sonographers and many other healthcare professionals we offer yardage discounted course bundles during recognition weeks and specialized trade shows. Take advantage of this cost-effective resource for discounted and free online learning. If you cant find what youre looking for, please review our full catalog of continuing medical education courses. Check back often to learn more about our latest discounted or free medical continuing education offers. please note: Self learning Activities may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. Arrt regulations state that an individual may not repeat a self-learning activity for credit if it was reported in the same biennium.

Philips mammography tomosynthesis
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  4. Mghs radiology department launched a social media campaign about the importance of mammography. Increased engagement and appointments.

  5. At Brepan we provide you with the most advanced technologies in the least amount of time. From production to pure R&D, we will support you in elevating your competitive advantage and efficiency. Our Pasadena, california huntington-Hill Imaging Center, Inc. Provides an inviting, comfortable setting where you can receive state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Radiology cme online bundle includes 3 comprehensive radiology review courses featuring nearly 200 lectures and covering 10 radiology subspecialty areas plus a 800 m gift card. Read the latest imaging news including issues of our clinical newsletters and find information about upcoming educational events for physicians.

  6. Org features a comprehensive list of faqs related to dense breast tissue, risk factors. We work for your health. Sjmc offers a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art medical diagnostic support. For 30 years Kotziamanis biodagnostics pioneers offering named health services to patients and doctors. Free medical continuing education courses and free online cme from Philips Online learning Center. Take advantage of our integrated network of expertise.

  7. Find your mammography unit easily amongst the 65 products from the leading brands (Villa sistemi, ms westfalia, ge,.) on MedicalExpo, the medical equipment specialist for your professional purchases. GEs SenoClaire 3D breast tomosynthesis gives you more clarity, more confidence, at low dose. Blue sky exchange- the trusted source for used and refurbished medical equipment. Transpara is a product for improving your mammography reading accuracy without slowing you down. Algorithms in Transpara use state of the art image analysis and revolutionary deep learning technology. Watertown, ny, june 7, 2017 Northern Radiology Imaging is pleased to announce it will begin providing state-of-the-art mammography service with its recent purchase of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis equipment (also known as 3d mammography).

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