Essay about health is better than wealth

essay about health is better than wealth

Essay on, health is, wealth for Children and Students

As far as i know many men and women are overweight. The most spreading illness today is obesity. One of the reasons is wrong food. Fast food is becoming more popular. If you want to be healthy and slim you should try to shorten fat products and fast food. Its necessary to eat the right food.

Health is better than, wealth, essay - 451 Words

I think keeping health is very important fidelity for everyone. Moreover health is one of the most urgent problems in the world now. Why is that so? There is nothing more important than health. «Health is above wealth» wise people say, because you cant be good at your studies or work well if you dont take care of your health. No doubt, everybody wants to biography live a long healthy life. Unfortunately, now it has become a dream. Because of the polluted environment people suffer a lot of diseases. And the best way to be healthy is to go in for sports. But many people dont take enough exercise to keep themselves healthy.

It is harder for fat people to get a good job, or even to make friends. If you want to do well, you must be thin. That's why i go in for sports on a regular basis. I have been doing aerobics for three years and I feel great. I am not enthusiastic about strict dieting, but I try to eat only low-fat food, and fruit and vegetables which are plan rich in vitamins. Personally i believe that regularity in life promotes our health. Sleeping eight or nine hours, getting up early, regul.

essay about health is better than wealth

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To my mind, the only way to stay healthy and to keep fit is by going in for sports. Among the benefits of regular exercise are a healthier heart, stronger bones, quicker reaction times and more resistance to various illnesses. Besides, you can eat and drink as much as you want because you are burning it all off. To be healthy, it is also very important to spend a lot of time in the open air. It is useful to go for a walk before going to bed, or to air the room. I think it is very important to be fit and healthy, and it is necessary to take care of your health. Being fat, in fact, can cause real problems.

Essay on, health is, wealth - important India

essay about health is better than wealth

Wealth, more Important, than, health, essay

There are a lot of ways to lose weight and avoid list gaining. Perhaps the most popular of them is following a diet. If you want to lose weight, you should cut out snacks and desserts, and cut down on fat. People have also become more aware of calories, the energy value of food. Some people count the number of calories they eat every day; so that they can try to take in fewer calories and lose weight. This is called a calorie-controlled diet.

Manufacturers are increasingly producing special foods with fewer calories for slimmers. But excessive dieting may be dangerous, too. Some people refuse to eat meat as they consider it harmful. They say a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of cancer and vegetarians live longer than others. I can't agree with them, because meat is an excellent source of good nutrition. In my opinion, it's wrong to put down a food simply because excessive amounts can cause health problems. Consumed in moderate amounts, meat is perfectly good for our health.

I don't smoke, because i don't want to have unhealthy skin and teeth and die young. Smoking and drinking are joined by less dangerous habits, such as skipping meals, eating unhealthy food, or even overeating. Of course, they are not quite as deadly as smoking or drinking alcohol, but they also affect our health. If we eat too much, we'll become obese, and obesity leads to serious health problems. A lot of people like drinking coca cola and coffee, and enjoy pizzas and hamburgers. But what is tasty is not always healthy.

Fast food makes you fat, that's why Americans are the fattest people in the world. N recent years eating habits have undergone a change. People are encouraged to eat less fat and more fibre. Fat is believed to be one of the major causes of obesity and heart disease. High fibre and low fat foods can now be found in all shops and supermarkets. Salads, beans, and fruit have taken the place of steak and ice cream. The fashion for health food is growing all the time. Many people feel they are too fat, even if their doctors disagree. And a lot of people try to improve their fitness.

Health, is, more Important, than, wealth, essay

To be healthy we business should avoid different bad habits that can affect our health. In my opinion, smoking and drinking too much alcohol, are the worst ones. It's common knowledge that smoking and drinking can shorten our lives dramatically. Smoking, for example, causes a number of heart and lung diseases, such as pneumonia, emphysema and cancer. Besides, it makes your teeth yellow and skin unhealthy. Fortunately, in recent essay years smoking has received a lot of bad publicity, and fewer people smoke nowadays. Some companies don't employ people who are smokers. Smoking has been banned in most public places because everyone agrees it does harm to our health.

essay about health is better than wealth

A sound Mind makes a sound Body. Remembering these thoughts would definitely give you ideas on how to keep yourself healthy. Keep yourself engaged with healthy thoughts; regular exercises and walk would help for sure. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of health. One who follows these and gains a healthy life is a wealthy person. Just before running after money compromising your health, time and happiness, remind yourself health statements is wealth. Incoming search terms: health is wealth health is 10 lines of health topic for health is wealth lines on health health is wealth creative writing lines about health essay health is wealth health is wealth 5 lines essay on health is wealth 10 lines (Visited. People nowadays are more health-conscious than they used. They understand that good health is above wealth.

peacefully of a serious illness just because he/she has money. Wealth is just a medium to live in luxury. Wealth in no way can help maintain your health to live a peaceful life. A wealthy man can buy a treadmill to burn his calories. He still needs to take even more efforts to gain results. To maintain a healthy life; one can simply follow the below thoughts: Early to bed; Early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and Wise. An Apple a day keeps the doctor Away.

A strong mind and healthy body makes a complete person. Our health can be easily maintained by our food habits and daily. It might sound silly to take care of health while we have lot of wealth to treat our sickness or diseases. A wise man would definitely realize that health is more important plan to survive; not wealth. We should never forget the saying. Prevention is better Than Cure. If we, ourselves, maintain our health there would be no necessity of treatments in future. So, we should learn that. Health is wealth : (Brief Essay).

Health is, wealth - your Home teacher, health is wealth : (Brief Essay )

Share this on WhatsApp, health is wealth : health is very important for everyone in our life. Health is wealth; health is more important than any other wealth we own. Maintaining our health keeps us fit throughout our life. We should eat healthy fruits and vegetables regularly supermarket to maintain our health. We should not ignore any of our health problems; it will lead to serious physical illness in future. Health is wealth : (Short Essay). Our life is a simple biological cycle which depends on what we eat to survive.

Essay about health is better than wealth
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  3. I can't agree with them, because meat is an excellent source of good nutrition.2004 When people care enough about something to do it well, those who do it best tend to be far better than everyone essay on health is wealth else. 5 good health is above wealth, health before wealth, wealth is nothing without. They are societal risk conditions, rather than individual risk factors.

  4. We should never forget the saying Prevention is better Than Cure. Essay, paragraph, dialog other Composition Writing. The billions in Nigeria but he is still stick to death for that case health is better than wealth. « health is above wealth » wise people say, because you cant be good at your studies or work well. A saying " health is better than wealth " obviously shows that people.

  5. Health is better than wealth. Health and intelligence — are two closely related aspects of human well being. May 2004 (This essay, diagnosis essay was originally published essay about job opportunities in Hackers painters.) health is wealth. Argumentative essay, health or wealth, which is better? Are clear that people who are healthy live longer and more happily than the rich people. Brief essay about, health is, wealth, health is, wealth, short essay about, health.

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