Fish farming business plan

fish farming business plan

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Can you raise your own eggs, fry, or fingerlings? Are you prepared to handle water quality problems? Can you make or purchase aeration equipment? Is the water temperature suitable all year for the fish you want to raise? Is dependable labor available? Are dependable services available for disease diagnosis? Do you have a source of supply for drugs and chemicals needed? Do you have equipment for storing feed?

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If you are considering fish farming, this essay checklist can help you determine whether a fish farming enterprise is feasible for your particular situation. The checklist, of course, does not cover all possibilities. Answering yes to most questions wont guarantee success, just as answering no wont mean automatic failure. The checklist does address the most important considerations. To have a good probability of success, most of your answers should be in the yes column when you begin a fish farming operation. Product Factors, are the facilities where you plan to raise your fish located near your residence to allow frequent and timely observations and necessary management adjustments? Can you acquire the skills necessary for fish farming at reasonable cost? Is it biologically feasible to raise the desired fish in your area? Do federal, state, and local regulations allow and encourage fish farming in your area? Are good quality feeds available at a competitive price? Are eggs, fry, or fingerlings available from local dealers?

These floating feeds can be produced locally with 100 per cent local raw materials. This is very good for the fishes as it stimulates and enhances their growth. Marketing/profitability, engaging in year catfish farming in Nigeria is a gold mine that can guarantee 100 per cent return on investment with 90 days pay back period. Despite the available local market for the cat fish, great opportunities exist for export of the fish, and its product line, the floating fish feed. Restaurant owners, hoteliers, individuals, hostel operators, and a lot more are in constant demand of the cat fish. So also are beer parlors and other places where fresh fish pepper soup are sold. Introduction, fish farming, or aquaculture, has attracted the attention of farmers, landowners, and investors as an alternative agriculture enterprise. Like other forms of farming, fish production involves capital investment, labor, management, and risks.

fish farming business plan

Fish, farming, business, plan

This can contain about 2,500 juvenile fishes, each fish costing between N10 to N30. In the second month, you business will need another pond to separate the fishes which have grown to table size. In the third month when the fishes are matured, you will need a third pond so that you can separate the fishes among the three ponds according to their sizes in the manner of first shoot out, second shoot out and the third shoot out. While this is going on, you should acquire another pond to start raising another set of juvenile fishes. Feeding: The best way to manage a mobile fish pond is to use floating feed. These are feeds that will float and not sink when you put them in water, so that you can easily monitor the fishes. To feed the fish, you throw the feed into the water, the feed will float and you will see the fishes coming up to eat.

They are: Fingerlings production: this is the breeding of fish from eggs fry into fingerlings. This is highly technical because it involves the collection of sexually mature fish and its fertilized eggs for incubation and the managing of the hatched fry into fingerlings. Please, this process needs total attention and care, and it is therefore being carried out by professionals who are specialists in this area. Production of table size fish: this is the growing of fish fingerlings into a table size for sale or consumption. This process is very profitable and less technical. So, i am recommending this method for a beginner cat fish farmer. The mobile fish pond is sold for about N60,000. For a start, one mobile pond measuring 15ft.5ft is enough.

Fish, farming, business, planning

fish farming business plan

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Through this financial implication analysis, you will know in the marathi long run how much you need are likely to make in profit. Today we will take a look at one method of catfish farming called mobile fish pond. Catfish Farming Using Mobile fish pound. The mobile pond is the latest technology in fish production. The uniqueness of this method is due to its portable, mobile and collapsible nature. It is a very simple and convenient fish production system.

With the mobile fish pond, you need not own a landed property or lease one in order to start your fish farm. A small space at the backyard of your house is enough for you to start. Being a tenant in a rented apartment does not matter as you can conveniently run this farm using one of your rooms without damaging the landlords house. With this latest method of catfish production, everyone can now own a fish pond and profit thereof. Production: There are two types of production applicable here.

Thirdly, buy and read books on fish farming. Catfish or fish faming in general is not like the conventional yam or cassava kind of farm where an untrained person can still do well. To be successful in fish farming, you need a hands on training and experience and you need to do research from time to time. Do the research in the fish farming business. Another thing you need to look at is your location for the farm.

You must study the conditions that surround your proposed location of the fish farm. You must take into account the source of water in the area and how much is flowing from it, what rate and the temperature of the water. You should also look into other naturally available resources around the area such as geothermal water from springs. Some fishes breed faster and better in warm water than others. You should also look into the conduciveness of the buildings and structures around the farm. After looking into the conditions of the environment, you also have to look at: the possible market for your fish harvest, the food chains. If after you have done your survey and you have seen that it is possible, you then look at the financial implication of setting up the farm. How much would everything cost and what would be the sources of the funds.

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They can however be cultured under the following methods. Starting a fish farming business requires a lot of knowledge, skill and shredder planning as the investor would have to look into a lot of variables to create room for success in the business. Though starting a fish farming business would require intensive study of both the actual technique in fish production as well as the expenses one has to invest for equipment, the fish farming business can prove to be a very profitable business venture as I have. Studying to start a fish farming business. The very first thing you need to do is to get as much as possible knowledge in fish culture. The fist thing I would recommend is that you attend a workshop or seminar on cat fish farming. Second, if there is a fish farm in your area, you can get some training from the fish farmer.

fish farming business plan

It will interest you to know also that the demand for Catfish in Nigeria is extraordinary so much so that the present supply is unable to meet the market demand by consumers. This is due to high nutritional value of catfish even as catfish pepper soup delicacy is on high demand in restaurants and bars across the country. This is big business for one to invest in in any part of the country. Catfishes are raised in controlled environments that help ease the increased demand for improved, quality protein sources to feed our ever increasing population. The catfish raised in the farm is always high in quality and is available all-year round at a price unaffected by external environmental conditions. The good thing about catfish is that it has high market value and it can survive where many cultivable species can not. More so, it has high growth rate, fine flavour, low bone content, and coupled essay with the fact that it feeds on a varieties of feed, makes it an excellent investment any day. The methods of rearing Catfish can be based on a number of criteria such as number of species cultured, technology of production and cultivation stages among others.

of the United States Agency for International development (usaid) indicate that Nigerians consume.5 million metric tons of fish worth 1 billion annually. Available statistics also has it that. You would have noticed that for so many years Nigeria has been importing fish to make up for the short fall in their domestic supplies. It is most certain that fish consumed in this country are mostly imported as frozen fish and those harvested from the seas. This no doubt is an economic problem to our dear country. But the solution is not far off, if only a lot of us will go into the ever profitable business of fish farming. So, today i will be discussing of this millionaire making business of fish farming, and catfish to be precise. The truth is that many fish species that we import are farm produced all over the world, but Catfish is taking the lead because of its uniqueness.

silverfish, silverside or silversides, skate, skelly, skipjack or skipjack tuna, sleeper or sleeper goby, smallmouth bass, the smelt, smooth hound, snapper, snipefish or bellows fish, snoek, snook, sockeye or red salmon, sole, solenette, spadefish, Spanish mackerel, sprat, squeteague, squirrelfish, steelhead, sterlet, stickleback, stingray, stone bass. canadian) cusk, trevally ( Austral. triggerfish, tripletail, trout, trunkfish, boxfish, or cowfish, tuna or tunny, turbot, vendace, wahoo, walleye, walleyed pike, or dory, weakfish, weever, whitebait, whitefish, whiting, wirrah, witch, wobbegong, wolffish or catfish, wrasse, yellow belly ( Austral. yellow jack, yellowtail, zander Extinct fish ceratodus, ostracoderm, placoderm). Observer, starting your Cat Fish Farming Business. By oyegue osagiator stanley last updated: 05/30/2011. Have you always dreamt of owning your very own fish farming business?

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Angle, net, cast, trawl, he learnt to fish in the river Cam. Look (for), search, delve, ferret, rummage, fossick (Austral. he fished in his pocket for the key. Fish for something seek, look for, angle for, try to get, hope for, hunt for, hint at, elicit, solicit, invite, search for, she may be fishing for a compliment. Fish something out pull out, produce, take out, extract, bring out, extricate, haul out, find She fished out a pair of his socks. Related words adjectives piscine, ichthyoid, ichthyic young fry, fingerling collective nouns shoal, draught, haul, run, catch habitation redd like ichthyomania see sharks, shellfish Fish Types of fish alewife, amberjack, anabantid, anabas, anableps, anchoveta, anchovy, plan angelfish, arapaima, archerfish, argentine, barbel, barracouta or (Austral.) hake, barracuda, barramunda. kokanee, labyrinth fish, lampern or river lamprey, lamprey or lamper eel, lancet fish, lantern fish, largemouth bass, latimeria, leatherjacket, lemon sole, lepidosiren, ling, lingcod, lionfish, loach, louvar, luderick, lumpfish or lumpsucker, lungfish, mackerel or (colloquial) shiner, manta, manta ray, devilfish, or devil ray, marlin. scup or northern porgy, sea bass, sea bream, sea horse, sea lamprey, sea perch, sea raven, sea robin, sea scorpion, sea snail or snailfish, sea trout, sergeant baker, sergeant major, shad, shanny, sheepshead, shiner, shovelnose, siamese fighting fish, sild, silver belly (.

Fish farming business plan
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  5. The farms have also served as laboratories where all farming experiences are shared. Plan works through 20 established Farmers Associations to assist farming families to learn new farming skills. Ensure you are buying from retailers that can guarantee their catch methods, farming and sourcing is sustainable. Extensive stakeholder consultation we launched a major review of fish sourcing in 2006. An area of fresh water for breeding fish as a business. If you want to start your own fish farming business then here is a guide to help you make your dreams come true.workshop or seminar on cat fish farming.

  6. Fishing Wisconsin The art of fish farming. The, fish, farm Environmental Permits coordinator may ask you to complete a questionnaire about how you plan to operate your existing or proposed fish farm. Aquaculture research seeking, fish, farmers. Students will complete the program with a business plan for their operation, tiu said. Like other forms of farming, fish production involves capital investment, labor, management, and risks. Do you know the price range and market stability of the fish you plan to produce?

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