Great real estate listing presentations

great real estate listing presentations

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I applied just one strategy shared and have locked down a new listing and beat out 3 other agents. Awesome by joanne gage Great Training! By Chad hauer Thank you for putting together this super comprehensive listing appointment training, pat! It was great to be able to witness multiple personality styles in presenting information and also see so many commonalities amongst top producing agents. Which really tells a powerful story in itself! Really appreciate your commitment to creating great content for the people that go to you for anything "Real Estate". This was a valuable course for myself and my team and i know that it will lead to better conversations and a higher level of converting listing leads into listings sold.

Real, estate, listing, presentations

Not only did I show up and snag the listing but I was able to price it correctly (thanks to this course) and get it sold in a week! I'm ready for the next! Thanks Pat for the awesome content! Certified Listing Agent review by jennifer Franklin-Rowe, this is a very good, in-depth course. I learned a lot of valuable information. Be prepared, it will take you a while to go through. It is extensive, but it is a resource you will always have and you can use it when you need. It's divided into different segments, so if there is a particular agent you identify with, you can follow their recordings essay and learn from them. Absolutely the best strategies to apply immediately! By sven skarie pat Hiban has chosen some of the nations top listing agents to come and share their secrets for how they capture alvin and win every listing that they want. The handouts alone are worth the price of admission - to copy their listing packages and apply them to your current branding.

I'm going to recommend it to everyone in my company. Each video was so informative with tons of concepts that I probably would have never learned anywhere else. Bravo to all of the participating Moguls of the industry. Best course i have taken For Growing In real Estate! By rebecca king, i'm always looking for courses to help me grow and learn as a realtor and this one is hands down the best i've found in my 14 years as an agent. It's the real deal, shows you exactly what top agents are saying, doing and bringing to a listing appointment. I used to say i hated listing appointments but now I'm excited by them. Since starting this program I have listed and sold my highest sales priced house to date. Before taking the course i would not resume have had the confidence to even go after a luxury market listing.

great real estate listing presentations

Listing, presentation for, real, estate

Now it times plan for you to compare different Listing Styles! Well done course by kevin Storjohann, i enjoyed the course a lot. I learned so much from each realtor on this course. There were a few who stood out as wow impressive. I would recommend this course to any real estate professional. There were things I learned that I would have never thought. I give it 5 out of paper 5 stars.

Learned lot's most importantly you must be confident. Ensure you prequalify to know the best strategy to and pick the three traits they want in a realtor. Go ahead, compare different Listing styles. By walter mielke, highly recommend this Best Listing course as a managing Broker in Vancouver, canada. Go ahead, compare different Listing, selling and Negotiating Styles. See how some listing styles work better for you and others do not work as well for you. Expect to work through it though. It took me at least 1 day for each part of this course. I took 89 pages of notes.

Real, estate, listing, presentation - difficult Seller

great real estate listing presentations

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The quickest way from point A to z is with. This is thee best listing training I have seen. By Christopher leon, i don't have much time; and neither do you, so here's the point: if you are serious about becoming a listing agent you need this course so you can model what other, clearly successful agents have accomplished, so you can mirror their. If you can't sell, this course will show you how and what to say to increase your chances tremendously and up'ing your conversions. From the 8 top selling agent personalities to choose from to model, to the multiple downloads available to implement in your business. Pat knows how to "squeeze the juice" out of each agent for every detail from the moment of inception (the call) to the very end when they are signing homework the listing agreement (the close). If you put the work in, watch this through and through, you should be able to say these words with such conviction, that if you were in a hell, no one could say no to buying your fire.

So glad I reached 100 in this course, and soon all the others. By niya thompson, very informative and useful information that can be immediately implemented! Thank you for this! I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactive course and gain a lot of great tips to win the listings. By dan Brown, so happy i got the chance to take the course!

I would tell myself, that will be me soon. This pass week i had a total of 14 properties pending with three of them closing last week. I know real estate is the long game but I believe i have made up a couple of years by listening to pat's podcast. The certified Lisiting Agent course was worth every penny. This course gave me a extream amount of confidence to take every listing that I want in the future.

Never again will I not have a plan going into a listing apportment. My goal is to be the number one listing agent in my market in the next two years. Thanks for all the help! Five stars by margaret Fantini, great, practical tips to put to use immediately. I love the live listing appointment format. Cla by martin Bosak, great content, providing for me a new ageant what things will come up during a listing appointment and how to maintain control of the appointment. Certified listing agent by Steve callahan. Great course to take. If you are a seasoned agent or new this will help you get your head in the game and a step up above the rest.

Real estate listing presentation template

Thanks for all the valuable content dates and I look forward to going legs through additional courses in the near future! Certified Listing Agent course by matt Lange. I was lucky enough to stumble across Pat's podcast shortly after I received my real estate license. The knowledge i gained in a short amount of time is priceless. I have only had my license for seven month but I feel like a gain years of experience listening to pat interview successful agents. Each podcast makes me more hungry to surpass the top agents in my market. I remember hearing other agents talk about having 10 plus pending at a time.

great real estate listing presentations

Buy today with One payment of 1297.00. Invest in yourself with 3 payments of 497. Course description, reviews (33 amazing course with Tons of Golden Nuggets! By jeremy qualley, from the legal start, i knew this was going to be a great course! When you're able to bring in 6-7 of some of the best agents in the country, the information is always going to be useful. I've already implemented some of the marketing they use along with the dialogue with the sellers and know i've secured a few listings because of that. My confidence levels have definitely increased as well which helps make me more professional!

listing appointments since i took the course. To be specific: 5 appointments, 5 new clients in 60 days! Do the math, it's worth every dollar. " - bill reig, versant realty, washington. Buddy Blake, the buddy Blake team, wilmington,.

Surpasses your average virtual Assistants efficiency and capacity. Fuses innovation with experience to help you reviews succeed in a competitive market. This team of experts known. Real Estate virtual Assistants are dedicated to making you a real estate leader in your area. Blending creativity with technology, realSupport Inc. Will assist you and/or your staff in whole or in part, temporarily or indefinitely. Phone: 847.705.1655 Fax: 847.589.

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RealSupport is more than just a team. Real Estate virtual Assistants - we are long an essential full support system for real estate agents and brokers. Our dedication to service is what defines. Nothing is more important to our team than our client's satisfaction through realizing their own success as it directly relates to the services we provide to them. Located just outside Chicago, realSupport Inc. Aids successful real estate agents and brokers all over the country by taking over their endless marketing efforts and serving as their all encompassing support system. Time is money, and realSupport Inc. Will save you both by assisting in all aspects of your marketing. From strategy to listing marketing efforts, lead management and generation, to website design, branding packages, social media marketing, copywriting and blogging - realSupport Inc.

Great real estate listing presentations
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