Mobile phone good or bad essay

mobile phone good or bad essay

Competitor Analysis Of nokia mobile Phone marketing Essay

Some countries, provinces and states are considering banning hand mobile phone use whilst driving or require that a "hands-free" system be used. Many european countries and New York already require a "hands-free" device for mobile phone use in vehicles, and other. States and municipalities are following suit. As technology progresses and data demands have increased on the mobile network, the latest in scares is the 3G higher bandwidth towers. The network has sparked many health concerns and community outrage. Examples of such can be seen from headlines around the world; locals in the uk pulling down 3G masts, authorities in Denmark lobbying against the government's rollout of 3g networks to stop until a dispute is made, australia - sydney leichhardt protests banners were demonstrated. The spurt of protest appears to be the common reason for human fear, the unknown. There have been very little communications between governments and communities providing information about the introduction of 3G upgrades.

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A third standard, iden, is found exclusively in North America and is confined to use by the nextel network. It's believed that this network will eventually disappear as Nextel merges with Sprint pcs, a cdma carrier. Similarly, at t wireless's tdma network in North America is slowly being phased out as a result of its merger with Cingular, a gsm carrier. Main article: Mobile phone radiation and health. As with many new technologies, concerns have arisen about the effects on health from using a mobile telephone. There is little scientific evidence for an increase in certain types of rare tumors in long-time, heavy users. More recently a pan-European study provided significant evidence of dna damage under certain conditions. So far, however, the world health Organization Task force on emf effects on health has no definitive conclusion on the veracity of these allegations. (see also Electromagnetic radiation hazard). It is generally thought, however, that rf is incapable of producing any more than heating effects, as it is considered non-ionizing radiation, in other words that it lacks the energy to disrupt molecular bonds such as occurs in genetic mutations. Another controversial but perhaps more lethal health concern is the correlation with automobile accidents.

Probably more importantly, the wcdma air margaret interface has been designed with gsm compatibility in mind. It has a special mode of operation, known as punctured mode, in which, instead of transmitting continuously, the mobile is able to stop sending for a short period and try searching for gsm carriers in the area. This mode allows for safe inter-frequency handovers with channel measurements which can only be approximated using "pilot signals" in other cdma based systems. A final interesting case is that of mobiles covering the ds-wcdma and mc-cdma 3g variants of the cdma-2000 protocol. Initially, the chip rate of these phones was incompatible. As part of the negotiations related to patents, it was agreed to use compatible chip rates. This should mean that, despite the fact that the air and system interfaces are quite different, even on a philosophical level, much of the hardware for each system inside a phone should be common with differences being mostly confined to software. As can be deduced from the above, most mobile phone networks now use one of two standards, gsm or cdma.

mobile phone good or bad essay

Essay, advantages and disadvantages of using mobile

Beyond that, though, statement there are challenges at each level of integration. How difficult these challenges are depends on the differences between systems. The different variants of the gsm system have only different frequencies and so aren't even considered true multi-mode phones but rather are called multi-band phones. When talking about is-95/gsm multi-mode phones, for example, or amps/IS-95 phones, the base band processing is very different from system to system. This leads to real difficulties in component integration and so to larger phones. An interesting special case of multi-mode phones is the wcdma/gsm phone. The radio interfaces are very different from each other, but mobile to core network messaging has strong similarities, meaning that software sharing is quite easy.

Dual, tri or quad band) mobile phone is a phone which is designed to work on more than one gsm radio frequency. The multi-mode case occurs mostly in gsm which originated in the 900 mhz band, but expanded to other bands including 18Mhz bands. Some multi-mode phones can operate on analog networks as well (for example, dual band, tri-mode: amps 800 / cdma 800 / cdma 1900). Multi mode phones have been valuable to enable roaming but are now becoming most important in allowing the introduction of wcdma without customers having to give up the wide coverage of gsm. Almost every single true 3G phone sold is actually a wcdma/gsm dual-mode mobile. This is also true.75G phones such as those based on cdma-2000 or edge. The special challenge involved in producing a multi-mode mobile is in finding ways to share the components between the different standards. Obviously, the phone keypad and display should be shared, otherwise it would be hard to treat as one phone.

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mobile phone good or bad essay

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Newer models sometimes include a noise meter, a thermometer, a compass and many other exotic features. Many mobile phones support 'auto-roaming which permits the same phone to be used in multiple countries. For this to work, the operators of both countries must have a roaming agreement. Today, most models also allow for sending and receiving pictures and have a built-in digital camera. Sound and video recording is often also possible.

This gives rise to some concern about privacy, in view of possible voyeurism, for example in swimming pools. For this reason, saudi Arabia has entirely banned the sale of camera phones (although the country allows pilgrims on the hajj to bring in camera phones south Korea has ordered manufacturers to ensure that great all new handsets emit a beep whenever a picture is taken. Gps receivers are starting to appear integrated or connected (i.e. Using bluetooth) to cell phones, primarily to aid in dispatching emergency responders and road tow truck services. Newer models have included many features aimed toward personalisation, such as user defined and downloadable ring tones and logos, and interchangeable covers, which have helped in the uptake by the teenage market. Usually one can choose between a ring tone, a vibrating alert, or a combination of both. Multi-mode plan mobile phones, a multi-mode (a.k.a.

In most of Europe, wealthier parts of Asia, and Australasia, mobile phones are now virtually universal, with the majority (in some countries and age groups up to 100 percent) of the adult, teenage, and even child population owning one. They are less common in the United States — while widely used, market penetration is lower than elsewhere in the developed world (around 66 percent of the. Population as of 2003). Reasons advanced for this include incomplete coverage, a mixture of incompatible technical standards (many european nations and some Asian nations force the gsm standard by law on all phones, while in other Asian nations the cdma standard is enforced; in the United States and Canada. Prepaid or pay as you go services, common elsewhere, are far less common in the. S., and are much more expensive than comparable services in other countries.

The shortage of telephone numbers in the north American Numbering Plan (nanp and the lack of non-regional special telephone numbers for mobile services, means that the pricing system used elsewhere (calls cost more to make to a mobile, but are free to receive) cannot. The same technical issues affect mobile telephony in Canada, as it uses the same mix of incompatible standards as does the. S., and is also part of the nanp. Mobile phone features, mobile phones are designed to work on cellular networks and contain a standard set of services that allow phones of different types and in different countries to communicate with each other. Before the phone can be used, a subscription to a mobile phone operator (a.k.a. For phones on gsm networks, the operator will issue a sim card which contains the unique subscription and authentication parameters for that customer; alternatively, the carrier will put the customer's handset identifier into its subscriber database so that the handset can make calls on the. Once the sim card is inserted into the phone, services can be accessed. Mobile phones do not only support voice calls; they can also send and receive data and faxes (if a computer is attached send short messages (or "text messages see sms access wap services, and provide full Internet access using technologies such as gprs. Mobile phones usually have a clock and a calculator and often one can play some games on them.

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A mobile phone is a device which behaves as a normal telephone whilst being able to move over a wide area (compare cordless phone which acts as a telephone only within a limited range). Mobile phones allow connections to be made to the type telephone network, normally by directly dialling the other party's number on an inbuilt keypad. Most current mobile phones use book a combination of radio wave transmission and conventional telephone circuit switching, though packet switching is already in use for some parts of the mobile phone network, especially for services such as Internet access and wap. Some of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers include Alcatel, audiovox, kyocera (formerly the handset division of qualcomm lg, motorola, nokia, panasonic (Matsushita Electric Philips, samsung, sagem, sanyo, siemens, sk teletech, and Sony Ericsson. There are also specialist communication systems related to, but distinct from mobile phones, such as satellite phones and Professional Mobile radio. Worldwide deployment, mobile phones have a long and varied history that stretches back to the 1950s, with hand-held devices being available since 1983. Due to their low establishment costs and rapid deployment, mobile phone networks have since spread rapidly throughout the world, outstripping the growth of fixed telephony. Such networks can often be economic, even with a small customer base, as mobile network costs are mostly call volume related, while fixed-line telephony has a much higher subscriber related cost component.

mobile phone good or bad essay

We can also text, which is like sending letters in the old days, but text messages are faster to write and you receive them quicker. Pretty much everybody now uses their mobile phone to set an alarm clock in the morning, which is also a big plus. For teenagers, a mobile phone is a great pocket calculator and students find that really useful. A lot of people also listen to music on their phones, or these days our phones even have internet and people dont have to wait till they get home to check their e-mail, for example. Of course, there are also some disadvantages, but in my opinion, there are a lot less disadvantages the advantages. For example, people never send hand written letters anymore, which is sad, because it is really nice to receive a hand written letter. Actually, i cant think of any more disadvantages, because i think a mobile phone is nothing bad and it has no bad influence in our life, unlike computers. So, i dont see any danger that mobile phones are going to ruin us or something like that. I think they just serve us to make our life a little bit easier.

but we need to find a balance between mobile and face to face communication. We will writustom essay sample. Mobile phones in our life, for only.90/page, order Now. These days, mobile phones have a really big role in our life. We cannot imagine living and communicating without it because we are just really used. A lot of people will say that there are a lot of disadvantages of having a mobile phone these days, but lets not forget that there are plenty of advantages. For example, a really big advantage is that with mobile phones we can communicate with people all over the world, no matter where we are.

We can also listen to remote music, watch films, videos, read books and chat to our friends with the help of mobiles. It also helps us to stay in touch with people who are far away and with whom we can't meet for some reasons. It seems nothing can be better than having everything in just one little gadget. In fact not everything is so wonderful as it seems at the first sight. Just look at people around - they are obviously addicted to their mobiles like to drugs. Every second you see a person staring at his telephone screen. Children are playing games and applications in their mobiles instead of playing football or walking with friends.

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I think every person today has a mobile phone, even little children. For many people it is a necessary thing for everyday life. Moreover their whole life is in their mobile phone. As for me i can't imagine for my life without a telephone now. Lately mobile phones have become not only a thing which is used to call people but a lot more. Mobiles have taken the place of computers and laptops. A person can check emails, search for information thanks to the internet connection on mobile phones.

Mobile phone good or bad essay
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