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resume speaking engagements

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Our pilot site m/hyperscale was launched in early 2016 on Episerver (CMS) and Hubspot (inbound marketing tool). Head of Educational Programs community Architect, joyent : Managed joyent initiatives around education, driving revenue while helping joyent customers and staff to understand and be successful with joyent products and core technologies. Worked with instructors/course designers to create and launch joyents courses on Smartos internals, zfs, dtrace, and Cloud Performance. Handled all course administration (managing instructors, curriculum, courseware development and delivery course delivery, budgets, marketing, pr, sales, enrollment, billing, and student feedback. Concurrently: launched a developer and user community around SmartOS (a distribution of illumos, the open fork of the solaris operating system). Facilitated internal and external community communications (wrote the smartos. Org site/blog, managed/administered and wrote much of the wiki managed the human factors in open source communities (i.e., helping a bunch of strong personalities work together designed and managed technical events. For the core illumos kernel, worked with corporate and individual stakeholders to create and support a community.

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Architectural Proportioning and Decoration, perspective and Illusion, the history and Technique of pavement Art. LinkedIn, twitter, summary, i help technologies grow and thrive through a variety of marketing and community activities. Since 2010, ive been involved in cloud computing, promoting new technologies and building communities of developers and end users. My product experience spans consumer applications and devices, cloud services, expository and kernel features. My toolkit includes technical writing and editing, websites, blogs, mailing lists, open source and user communities, online forums, events, video, social media, content marketing, inbound marketing, ui design, technical support, and. I have lived in Asia, europe, and the. I speak multiple languages, paper and work well across cultures and geographies. Professional Experience, open source content lead, Amazon Web Services. I run the, aws open source blog and the @awsopen, twitter handle. Head of Digital Channel, Cloud Product Marketing, Ericsson : Digital marketing lead, developing strategy and managing execution of a new digital platform for marketing, customer support, and other features for Ericsson cloud products and services. Managing a team to create, produce, and analyze results of web content, blogs, and social media.

Kurt will explain how cultural misconceptions impact our understanding of creativity and therefore stifle innovation. Kurts comprehensive understanding enables him to offer a clear and concise talk on the business very nature of creativity, as well as illustrate how to apply it to the specific problems of innovation. In 2012, ibms study of global business leaders concluded that the world economy, and possibly the very fate of nations, now rests on understanding creativity and innovation. Kurts presentation is completely original and vital to both international and local business environments. Kurts resumé shows the depth of experience he brings to a meeting. He wont simply tell you what isnt working, but rather give you a new paradigm that will alter the way you think about your company or institution and its relationships. Understanding the principles and process behind creativity and innovation will allow you to manifest inventive solutions in your personal life and at work. Click on each image below for a lecture description: The nature of Creativity- 3 Lectures. Reawakening the renaissance-, an evening with Kurt Wenner, classical Drawing.

resume speaking engagements

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Papervision3d raleigh Durham Adobe User Group Discussed a popular 3D engine for Flash called Papervision3D. We went over how to create assets in a 3D tool called blender (modeling, texturing, and dates exporting). And then we covered how to bring these assets into Flash for manipulation. This presentation was given by Troy stratton, Iris Stratton, and myself. Flash Catalyst and Flex 4 Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group Discussed newly released beta software for the Flash platform. covered how to design/prototype an application in Flash Catalyst, and bring that over to Flex 4 for creating interaction and functionality. Cutting-Edge practical Insights on Creativity From a leading Global-to-local Thinker. Having been at the front of the international art scene for the past 35 years, kurt Wenners work has been seen by millions of people in more than 30 countries. By communicating cutting-edge ideas globally through innovative artwork and speaking engagements, hes gained great insight to cultural perceptions.

Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group, discussed how to use assets created in Flash in Flex 3 applications.  Presentation covers skinning, creating AS3 components, and basic graphical manipulation using the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS4. Physics in Flash, raleigh Durham Adobe User Group, discussed why developers may want to use physics engines in Flash and covered the pros and cons of several free engines.  I went into detail on Box2D and showed a few demos and explained how it works. Zinc Desktop tool for Flash, raleigh Durham Adobe User Group, discussed what Multidmedias Zinc is and why its a great choice to bring Flash to the desktop.  We went over using joysticks, embedding media, creating extensions, and more. Sound in Flash Raleigh Durham Adobe User Group Discussed a wide variety of topics under the umbrella of using sound in Flash.  This included embedding on the timeline and loading/playing sound with AS3.  Also went into advanced topics like visualization and creating sounds dynamically through code.

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resume speaking engagements

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Well then explored how to use this knowledge right in Flash for web, air, or mobile. I dissected my open source Flashamaphone project m/p/flashamaphone/ to help attendees learn these concepts, and showed off other similar audio engines. Html5 vs Flash Video: Choose wisely. Ncdevcon, raleigh September 17, 2011, in this session, ben will discuss the the differences in serving up your video content through Flash versus the html5 video tag. Each has pros and cons, and well discuss what is appropriate for different situations. Well also discuss using streaming or progressive video along with some popular video player libraries (both on the Flash and javascript sides). Well also get into how the html5 video tag works at the basic level and how you can leverage it if you choose to develop your own player.

Music and sound in Flex and Flash. Ncdevcon, raleigh may 22,2010, presented on various ways of working with sound in Flash and Flex. covered basics of digital signal processing for audio, creating sounds from scratch, and microphone manipulation. Also covered various ways to get more performance when processing lots of audio samples. Adobe fireworks CS4 for Beginners, raleigh Durham Adobe User Group, discussed Adobe fireworks features for designing and interactive prototyping for html sites and Flex applications. Using Flash Assets in Flex.

The keyboard is sooo 1990s, touch screen is sooo last year. Javascript Continuous Integration with google Closure and Jenkins. Triangle Area coldfusion User Group, durham nc april 19, 2012 cfObjective, minneapolis, mn may 19, 2012. A long time ago, ben learned, accepted, and loved continuous integration and Object-Oriented code organizationyou know with classes and packages and stuff. Then he had a decent sized javascript project and it all went to hell. Then Ben breathed a sigh of relief when he found google Closure and used it with ant and Hudson.

He was able to sort and separate his javascript into many many classes and packages which Closure was nice enough to compile together into a nice little package. Not only was it minified into one file so ben didnt have to fear the javascript Were not an oo language were Prototypical purists, but Closure also kindly pointed out the things that would probably fail. The browser also thanked him that it didnt have to download his entire library of like.js files all at once. Live instrumentation in Flash, ncdevcon, raleigh September 17, 2011, fitc @ Adobe max, la california october 22, 2011. This session will covered the basics of working with sound in Flash, and then how we to build on top of that to create rudimentary musical instruments on tablets and phones. Well explored, at a fundamental level how sound works, how to create sound at a certain frequency, and how those frequencies can be mapped to notes and chords.

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I took this and salon created a node. Js plugin to use gestures and skeletal data in a browser. In my presentation I talk about moving around to interact with the web, using natural user interaction, and some light javascript to interact with my plugin. Javascript fun with the ms kinect. Ncdevcon, raleigh September 30, 2012, on a whim, ben got a used xbox Kinect for. And now after a bit of setup hes controlling things on screen using just his hands (and possibly his feet) in mid air! Not only that, but by using the fantastic KinectJS project, we dont have to use c or c we can use javascript in a normal modern browser. The with keyboard is sooo 1980s.

resume speaking engagements

Js with Node webkit. One example included an AngularJS directive for doing face detection live with Opencv in Node. Panelist for Front End vs Backend cfObjective, minneapolis, mn may 15, 2014. This panel of myself and 3 other developers explored what the different barrie strengths and weaknesses of front end application were compared to the back end. Im kinda proud to say that I brought up the internet connected egg tray followed by the claim that front end and back end divisions were really just useless constructs especially for modern development with the internet of things. Sweatin to the web cfObjective, minneapolis, mn may 17, 2013. Refresh the Triangle, raleigh, nc may 23, 2012. Jsconf, Amelia island, Fl may 31, 2013. Following up with my love for the ms kinect and 3D depth sensing from the ncdevcon presentation i studied up on OpenNI: A free, open-source, cross platform 3D sensing sdk.

minneapolis, mn may 14, 2014. Html5devconf, san Francisco, ca may 22, 2014. This presentation was an exploration of past creative coding/multimedia platforms followed with the basic premise that Node. Js is the next up and coming creative platform. I explored using desktop application wrappers like node webkit and Atom-Shell. I also took ui frameworks and libraries that we are familiar with in our browsers and used them in Node.

Philly beer geek "Iron Brewer Iron Hill Brewery restaurant. Celebrity Chef reviews Competition, reading Terminal Market 120th Anniversary gala. Various Homebrew Competitions, barley legal Homebrew Club; queen of Hops. Guest, the marc Berman Radio show, wfdu-fm. Digest with Carl Kraus wond-am, click here to hear episode, the carl and Marty morning Show, wrat-fm. Masters of None, radio podcast. Html5 Buddy cops, forwardjs, san Francisco, ca february 4, 2015. This session explored Polymer and Atom-Shell as great technologies that go great together, much like buddy cops.

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Cable and web video segments may lack the slick production values of a local nbc or Fox tv station but when you can drink beer during interviews, hosting them is a lot more fun. No longer working in front of a tv news camera, im still in the broadcast world as a philadelphia/New Jersey video/radio host, contributor and guest. I also serve as a beer expert and speaker and as a judge at prestigious cooking and brewing competitions. Contributor, newsworks Tonight, whyy-fm, click here to watch interview, host. Click here to watch episode, still Crazy after all These legs beers, Click here to watch episode, keynote Speaker. Beer Cocktails, pairing beer and Chocolate, tropicana Atlantic City beer week "Beer Cocktails Steamtown beer music Fest "Pairing beer and Chocolate atlantic City beer music Festival. New Jersey beer History, atlantic City seafood Festival. Ales of the revolution, valley forge beer Festival. Featured Expert, beeradelphia, philly Philms, judge, the (Philadelphia) Inquirer Brew-vitational.

Resume speaking engagements
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You may have to work on an assigned essay for class, enter an essay contest or write essays for college admissions. Der book review liegt wöchentlich der Sonntagsausgabe der New York times bei, wird jedoch auch deutsch wikipedia.

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  1. for all speaking engagements for the deputy commissioner of the. Worked closely with senior management and sales teams to ensure. Recent Public Speaking Engagements August : Santa rosa city Schools Public development days aces and the Classroom. radio network, wyur radio, detroit usa radio network American Family, americas voice, national Cable network Speaking of Women.

  2. Conferences, publications, and Speaking Engagements Conferences, publications, and Speaking Engagements ( Resume appendix C). Click here to download my resumé talent/ Speaking. Brannons previous speaking engagements include: inquire about speaking availability and fees, please contact him at professor. smartos community manager my new Project Ben Rockwood deirdré Straughan: a conversation at lisa 09 Upcoming Speaking Engagements. rescue mission — january 2002 (Various speaking engagements with students, educators and parents on the enhancing of self-esteem.).

  3. form, speaking, engagements, examples of Cases Arbitrated Examples of Cases Mediated Articles. 2018 keynote on Contemporary Art and Community Practice Chinese University of Hong Kong mar viewpoints Lecture series University. Speaking Engagements : Delaware college of Art design, Drexel University,. Andrews School, School of Visual Arts, The Aldrich. cutting-edge ideas globally through innovative artwork and speaking engagements, hes gained great insight to cultural perceptions. Executed marketing campaign, involving press outreach, social media updates and speaking engagements, to support product launch.

  4. To book a speaking engagement with Rajiv, see the contact information page. He is happy to consider. Canadian us, speaking, engagements, architecting the technology résumé careerDoor hitech Career fair, metro convention Centre, toronto. Category Archives: Speaking, engagements. Speaking, engagements and tagged goals, presentations, speaking on December 17, 2008 by jason.

  5. Add your speaking resumé to your actual resumé, linkedIn, and your bio. Build your, resumé, even if youre not looking for a new job anytime soon, document your speaking engagements and the publications you. On a whim, ben got a used xbox Kinect for. And now after a bit of setup hes controlling things on screen using just his hands (and. Rajiv's Past, speaking, engagements.

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