State of wonder review

state of wonder review

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Election with fake news Since jfk was a liberal whose views were more in line with the progressive wing of Big Money, he was most vigorously opposed by the America firsters. Indeed, on the day of his assassination in Dallas, the son. Hunt had paid for a full page ad in the newspaper accusing Kennedy of treason. After the assassination, these same right-wing oilmen became prime suspects in the minds of many conspiracy theorists, because of their staunch opposition to kennedy all throughout his presidency, and because of their close ties with the intelligence and defense industries. The first book to accuse the entire deep State of the crime (although that term did not yet exist) was a curious book called Farewell America. It was written pseudonymously under the name james Hepburn, and published in Europe in 1968 by a fake publishing company calling itself Frontiers.

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The council on Foreign Relations two different sources of wealth. This division within the essay wealthy elite also existed during the kennedy years. At that time, right-wingers from the oil industry such. Hunt and Clint Murchison were some of the main proponents of the America first philosophy, against globalist organizations like the United Nations and the council on Foreign Relations, which they thought were too communistic. Since communism is, by definition, an internationalist ideology, the right has long opposed all forms of globalism. Since American industry and manufacturing were more powerful in the early 1960s than they are now, it follows that this America first wing of Big Money was more powerful and influential then. It is perhaps an irony that, while capitalism ultimately prevailed against communism in the great ideological battle of the 20th century, nonetheless it was New World Order globalism and not America first nationalism which prevailed in American governance. In Scotts view, Trump is not an outsider or opponent of the deep State, but rather a representative of this other wing of Big Money, which comes from manufacturing and, especially, from oil. Thus, the attacks on the party of davos the globalist wing of the ruling elite are not really populist in nature, but rather merely coming from the other wing of the same ruling elite. When Russia tried to hack.

Between revelation a crack rock and a hard place, as it were. The left hates Trump because they think hes a racist and a tyrant. But those in the deep State who oppose Trump do so not because they are champions of peace and equality, but because they want war with Russia and Iran, which will become world War 3 and will cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars. So, is the enemy of your enemy your friend, no matter how fiendish? Peter Dale Scott, in a recent article adapted from his book the American deep State, takes a nuanced approach in which he distinguishes between two factions within the deep State, which have co-existed for a long time. He writes of an old division within Big Money — roughly speaking, between those Trilateral Commission progressives, many flourishing from the new technologies of the global Internet, who wish the state to do more than at present about problems like wealth disparity, racial injustice and. It is an enduring struggle between America firsters and New World Order globalists, pitting, through nearly all of this 20th century, the industry-oriented (e.g. The national Association of Manufacturers) against the financial-oriented (e.g.

state of wonder review

State of, wonder by Ann Patchett

The secret government, which was based on revelations about the deep State that roles had emerged during the Iran-Contra scandal. At that time, john Kerry was a senator and was in charge of the investigation into contragate and its associated crimes. One of the things that they uncovered was massive cia involvement with drug trafficking, something which was later investigated further by journalist Gary webb, the subject of the 2014 movie kill the messenger. The only people who took webbs allegations seriously at the time were people on the left, some of whom had known for years that certain people in the intelligence agencies were involved in the drug trade, because of works like alfred McCoys The politics. Scott once remarked that When the. Was involved in covert operations in southeast Asia year in the 1960s and 1970s, we had a heroin epidemic on this continent. In the 1980s, when some of the same people were involved in a covert operation in Central America, we had a cocaine epidemic. Thats not a coincidence. But today, liberals and leftists who have historically been been opposed to the nefarious machinations of the deep State find themselves in a strange situation, which seems to present itself as a choice between rooting for Trump, whom they loathe, and rooting for the cocaine-dealing.

The unpopularity of the war, which split American society in two much in the way that Trumps election has, cost Johnson his reputation. He is reported to have said, in the White house, as anti-war protesters outside shouted, hey, hey, lbj, how many kids did you kill today, dont they know that Im with them? But they didnt know because, however much he may have been with them in spirit, in deed he had allied himself with the deep State and the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower had warned against. In 1968, johnson declined to run for re-election, certain that he would have lost. He lived the rest of his life as a recluse on his Texas ranch, growing his hair long like the hippies who protested against him. He died only five years later, in 1973, a broken and forlorn man. There has been a lot scholarship and investigative reporting about the deep State over the past decades, and most of it has come from the left. In the 1980s, bill moyers hosted a documentary called.

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state of wonder review

Review of, ann Patchett's, state

Or perhaps she tried. As Glenn Greenwald, who can hardly be accused of being a right-wing Trump shill, recently said : The cia and the farm intelligence community were vehemently in support of Clinton and vehemently opposed to Trump, from the beginning. And the reason was, was because they liked Hillary Clintons policies better than they liked Donald Trumps. One of the main priorities of the cia for the last five years has been a proxy war in Syria, designed to achieve regime change with the Assad regime. Hillary Clinton was not only for that, she was critical of Obama for not allowing it to go further, and wanted to impose a no-fly zone in Syria and confront the russians. Donald Trump took exactly the opposite view. He said we shouldnt care who rules Syria; we should allow the russians, and even help the russians, kill isis and al-qaeda and other people in Syria.

So, trumps agenda that he ran on was completely antithetical to what the cia wanted. Clintons was exactly what the cia wanted, and so they were behind her. And so, theyve been trying to undermine Trump for many months throughout the election. And now that he won, they are not just undermining him with leaks, but actively subverting him. Theres claims that theyre withholding information from him, on the grounds that they dont think he should have it and can be trusted with. They are empowering themselves to enact policy. As for Lyndon Johnson, he later came to have deep regrets about his decision to give them their damn war.

In negotiating with the soviets, messages were passed back and forth between soviet Ambassador Anatoly dobrynin or other soviet officials to other members of President Kennedys official family. The overtures to cuba were made through journalist Lisa howard, and also through Ambassador William Attwood. Historian Michael Beschloss, in an article on the back channel talks in the. New York times, writes that Attorney general Robert. Kennedy worried that such talks would leak and embarrass his brother on the eve of his 1964 re-election campaign, but the president quietly encouraged Attwood to pursue the matter.

The leaks of General Flynns communications with the russians, and their consequences, show that rfks worries were well-founded. Meanwhile, while jfk was using back channels to negotiate peace with the russians and possibly with the cubans as well, lyndon Johnson had his own back channel to the deep State. This is documented by john Newman in his aforementioned book, which has just been re-released in a second edition. Generals from the joint Chiefs of Staff bypassed the President and communicated with the vice-President instead, who was much more of a hawk on vietnam than Kennedy was. It took lyndon Johnson all of two days to reverse kennedys plans to withdraw from vietnam. He is alleged to have said to the joint Chiefs, just get me elected, and Ill give you your damn war. Perhaps Hillary Clinton should have made a similar deal with the powers that.

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In 1963, just months before his death, President Kennedy gave an historic speech at American University, outlining a vision for peaceful coexistence between the United States and the Russia. It featured prominently in Oliver Stones film. Jfk, and is worth watching in its entirety. Kennedy negotiated a peace with the russians during the missile crisis, and at the time of his death, he was making overtures to fidel Castro and also beginning to withdraw. Historians disagree about whether Kennedy was serious about peace with Cuba, as there were also plans for an all-out invasion of the island happening at the same time. But regarding vietnam, more and more support for the notion that jfk would not have escalated the conflict has emerged since this thesis was first developed by peter Dale Scott in the 1970s and then more extensively by john Newman in his 1992 book. Kennedy was a user of back channels for sensitive communications.

state of wonder review

Military support to the cias bungling bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, something that many in the cia never forgave him for. In 1962, during the cuban Missile Crisis, kennedy negotiated peace with Russian leader nikita Kruschev. This was against much of the advice coming from the deep State, who estimated that, although the United States would lose 80 of its population in a thermonuclear war, the russians would lose 100 of theirs. So, we would win. Kennedy rightfully recognized this as sheer insanity. At the same time that jfk was talking to Kruschev, cia agent Bill Harvey was ordering raids write on Cuba, in direct violation of Presidential directive, with the goal of provoking a missile launch by the russians so as to start a war. When the crisis ended, robert Kennedy had Harvey transferred out of the western hemisphere so that he couldnt cause any more such trouble. Harvey never forgave the kennedy brothers, and retained a bitter hatred of them for the rest of his life.

days or so i get a terrible headache. When jfk assumed office, he appointed his younger brother Robert as Attorney general, a move that was widely criticized as nepotism. Trump works closely with his daughter ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, and is criticized in the same way. But more important than any of this trivia, which is on the level of the. Kennedy-lincoln coincidences, is both mens opposition to the will of the deep State, specifically in regards to russia. The deep State, although Kennedy was elected in 1960 as a cold Warrior, he moved away from a hardline stance almost immediately after being elected. In 1961, he refused to provide.

The deep State is aptly summed up by journalist Jefferson Morley in a recent article. Alternet : The deep State is shorthand for the nexus of secretive intelligence agencies whose leaders and policies are not much affected by changes in the White house or the congress. While definitions vary, the deep State includes the cia, nsa, defense Intelligence Agency, and components of the State department, justice department, department of Homeland Security, and the armed forces. Morley is well-qualified to write about the deep State, as he is a veteran researcher on the jfk assassination, whose work on cia agent george joannides is one of the most important developments in that london case in the last twenty years, as I previously wrote. The very term deep state was coined by peter Dale Scott, a veteran researcher of the underbelly of American and world politics, and someone who, like morley, has done important work on the jfk case. The Playboy presidents, although liberals and leftists hate to admit it, there are incredible parallels between Trump and Kennedy. First, both men were independently wealthy when they ran for office, which meant that they were not as reliant upon special interest donations to fund their campaigns. Second, both men are known to have been quite fond of the ladies, their marriages to beautiful women notwithstanding.

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Taken from their website: household pets only; caged or on a plan leash not more than 6 feet. Written proof of rabies inoculation. Not allowed in pool area or on the gorge Trail. Pets are allowed on the Indian Trail and south Rim. Pets are allowed on the Indian Trail and south Rim Trail. For campers, if your site allows pets, there is a two-pet maximum. Theres a lot of talk these days about the deep State, especially among supporters of President Trump, some of whom believe that this deep State is working hard to destroy anyone loyal to Trump, both inside and outside of the government, and ultimately, trump himself. General Flynn was forced to resign after a media scandal surrounding his contacts with Russian ambassadors a scandal which, by most accounts, was highly exaggerated. After Flynns resignation, prominent neoconservative and neverTrumper Bill Kristol tweeted : More recently, trump supporter, mike cernovich was on, infoWars with Alex Jones claiming that the recent Milo yiannopolis scandal was also a deep State operation.

State of wonder review
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  6. Expect miracles when you read Ann Patchett's fiction. —new York times book. Award-winning, new York times bestselling author Ann Patchett returns with a provocative and assured novel of morality and miracles, science and sacrifice set in the Amazon rainforest. Amazon Best books of the month, june 2011:. State of Wonder, pharmaceutical researcher.

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